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Lag pikes

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Anyone have problems with massive lag pikes when cpu and ping both suddenly becomes red and looby/spring freezes for several seconds? Some games there are no such problema but in some there is. One game can ran smootly but next one is unplayable because of lag pikes or they start appear after midgame while game start is ok. I never had such problem before, they appeared after last update. Its not just wooden PC problem. And i don't have old outdated graphic draivers. Also i switched off my Avast shields and no other programmas in background running.
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11 days ago
Try fiddling with Network Connection, Smooth Buffer and GC Rate in Settings -> Game in the main menu.
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11 days ago
when the game lags the cpu has to catch up and it sort of gets choppy.. network lag is a big thing i have like 300+ ping and its fine but more might become unplayable
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