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Zero-K 1v1 Weekly Tournament January 2nd 2021

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Hi all! Welcome to the first in a long series of Zero-K weekly tournament! We will be holding these every week from now going forward, on Saturdays at 7PM (19:00) UST. For USA entrants that means it starts at 2PM EST. Our tournament is not region locked, so feel free to enter from wherever you might live!

Signup, match chat and match reporting is all done through smash.gg:


Rules/Etc are listed on the smash.gg tournament homepage. Please also check there for the official tournament discord link. All the nice graphics are also over there, I promise.

I do plan on doing monthly 2v2 tournaments after reviewing the comments from the last monthly one. It also seems like there is interest in both Double Elim and Swiss, so we may alternate those week by week.

As soon as Emergency (my eSports tournament organization) obtains funding in our 2021 budget, we should also have cash prizes for Top 2 placements each tournament.


From Lobster Roll #1 to Lobster Roll #10, we will be keeping track of placements in our tournaments. At the end of the season we will submit these results to smash.gg (and possible admins) to get you on the official Lobster Roll Season 1 ranking and maybe get a trophy or two as well. (Trophies are still a TBD.) Your placement in the ranking will be based on total win/loss rate as well as top placements, so make sure to get as far as you can in brackets!

*If you have any questions please post below or message me in the discord server. If either of those fail, try messaging me on the Zero-K chat. Thank you!*

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20 days ago
It's good to see this attempted. Here is some feedback.

Problems you have some control over:
  • "Matches do have a time limit of 45 minutes in order to keep matches progressing at a decent speed. Regardless, plan to be in tourney for a while." fails to say what happens after 45 minutes.
  • You use the word "stage" instead of "map" in many places, although sometimes you say "map". Consistency would be good. Some Zero-K players may not know what a stage is. If the page is also aimed at players of fighting games then perhaps use "map" and disambiguate with a parenthetical at the start.
  • It would have been much better to copy the map visuals from a previous tournament thread to this one, then link to here, rather than linking to someone else's tournament thread for the visuals.

Unfortunate things you don't have control over:
  • People around here aren't used to registration on an external site, so fewer may participate. This could be a double edged sword though, as a site presumably makes the tournament easier to manage.
  • Similarly, the tournament would be more visible if there was a channel for it on the Zero-K discord. People in the tournament could have a role for the purpose of pings.

It's not at the best time for me, but I'll try it out and see what happens.
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AUrankAdminGoogleFrog :

Thank you for your comments! I will be updating some of the content to fix whatever I can.

I also had a similar concern about using smash.gg, but here was my logic on using it:

* smash.gg allows for independent signups, match reporting and round timing, some things that challonge does not support. I also have to manage two other tournament this same weekend, so it consolidates all of my tournament management to one site.

I do normally host smash tournament so apologies for the wording error, will fix. Also, visuals will be copied over soon - the link on that page was actually a temp fix until I have more time tomorrow.

If you could add a channel on the zero-k discord that I could also ping, much appreciated. That will hopefully let me advertise and find players there as well.
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20 days ago
Thank you USrankQrow. I will look forward to participating.
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Won't be able to make this coming one because of work, but should be able to play some in the future!

Edit: Looks like I may be on call so probably able to play!
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19 days ago
I can stream this, at least this weekend. I can't guarantee every weekend (for example the 9th I have other commitments)
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Do you want a lobby news entry? If so you should send text, a heading, and a YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS timestamp.
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17 days ago
There's a possibility I may not attend due to illness resurfacing. What's the latest I can wait to let you know and not have my games be double dqed?
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Addressing some questions and comments:

CArankAdminShadowfury333 I can cover you the weeks you aren't here. Please DM me on discord to get setup with admin privileges on smash.gg so you can view match chat to join matches/etc.

AUrankAdminGoogleFrog I will start sending that stuff out for lobby news entries (weekly) next week. Still getting back into the hang of working with zero-k forums and such, so just slipped my mind on this time around.

GBrankDregs anything up to an hour before tourney will suffice, as that's when I do seeding.

Apologies on the late responses, New Years was a bit busy.
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15 days ago
Two hours till signup ends.
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15 days ago
Thanks for hosting this! Congrats to Dregs, well played dude. Hope to see more players in the next one!
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15 days ago
I'll try to make it next weekend.
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15 days ago
Hopefully next week I won't take 3 hours to go to sleep and actually be able to wake up in time to play.
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15 days ago
Good tournament, if a little small. Really hope more players will come next time. Happy to help people figure out how to use smash gg before and during the tournament if this boosts uptake.
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14 days ago
Before I forget, CArankAdminShadowfury333 your streaming energy, attention to the correct points of action and predictions were on point this tournament. Other than that wrong-screen accident in the grand finale, I have to say it was some of your best casting yet. Well done.
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Week 1 VODs on YouTube, playlist here

Also, thanks GBrankDregs.
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10 days ago
Hey guys, for anyone wanting to join the tournament the signup link is here:


It's a good small tournament and it would be great to see more competition! Let me know if you need any help.
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