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Dealing with a player with better strategy

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I learned that my mindset was "I will increase my winning chance to 100%". But the reality was early raided, flanked, cheesed, arties, and stuck in the midgame phase!
I became slowly frustrated and lost my temper for it as I was getting a losing streak.

But I didn't put myself down. I always think of what could I learn from the loss and what could I do better.
I tried practicing with Steel_Blue and used his strategy and it worked. But after some time, it didn't work anymore as I tried it on Pootis.

So, I found out that they have a different strategy to counter mine. I have to learn from them and how can I counter them.
I need some tips on reading their strategy better and perhaps I will have multiple strategies to use.

But for now, I am not playing Zero-K for a while until my other stuff is stable. And I judge 1v1 as the same as the team game, not having a 100% chance to win.

And people and groups that have 100% winning are just fiction, not to mention, boring and disgusting plot armor.
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12 days ago
You will never win 100%. The variability in people, strategies and your own capabilities day to day will ensure losses. The best you can do is learn from your losses and be a good loser and a gracious winner.
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I hope there are two kinds of lobster in this game, the good lobster and the bad lobster
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12 days ago
"I need some tips on reading their strategy better and perhaps I will have multiple strategies to use."

Steel_Blue and Pootis are both stronger then me, so Im not sure I can help you against them specifically.
But I can tell you what I do when I have a strategical/operational/tactical problem(in Zero-K or in life) and dont know where to start, I just read a few of these proverbs in here and contemplate for maybe 3-5 min about how they might apply to my current problem. Doesnt always work, but quite often Ive come up with good ideas that way. There is a reason they still read Master Sun in military academies today...

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12 days ago
If you are already thinking about victory in probabilistic terms, then it may be a good idea to, instead of playing one strategy that gets hardcountered by one player or a community, to play a set of strategies with weighted random selection probabilities such that while you do not reach 100%, you still maximize the chance that the strategy you pick will end up countering that of the enemy.
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11 days ago
Try cheese. It may fail though...
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