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16 days ago
I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. What's the logic behind the ZeroWars and Units Level Ups autohosts one not being locked into ZeroWars maps and the other not playable against bots?
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It's because on autohosts you are allowed to call !map and change the map. This is because well... so you can change the map and not be playing on the same map over and over.
But you are not allowed to change the room type, because the teams room should stay teams

The result is that you can change the zerowars autohost to a map other than zerowars but you can't change the room type of the ULU autohost to something that you can have bots on

EDIT: as for why this hasn't been changed... probably because it's very complicated to do so and not high-prioity
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16 days ago
Probably configuration difficulties. You can host them yourself.
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16 days ago
Essentially, nobody has gone to the effort of implementing good settings in infra for every mod. Doing it in a robust and future-proof manner would not be terribly difficult but it would require a decent amount of infradev mana.
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