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Mod "Future Wars"; white squares from rocket tower

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14 days ago
Hi, I noticed a minor problem in "future wars 23.0".

The small rocket tower (named picket?) is shooting
rockets, which are not properly displayed.
They are replaced by white squares on the screen.

Can anyone reproduce this?
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14 days ago
That sounds like a missing resource. Perhaps try redownloading it. You should be able to find it in Zero-K/games.
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14 days ago
Hm, I just checked the older version "Future Wars 22.48".
Same issue.

So I don´t think redownloading will help.
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14 days ago
For what it's worth, they look like missiles for me with FW 23.0. Does this happen only in Future Wars for you?
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14 days ago
Normal Zero-K works fine.

Some versions ago Future Wars was okay, too.
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13 days ago
"Unit Level Ups V58" works fine, too.
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11 days ago
I renamed the file games\futurewars 0.23.0.sdz to enforce a redownload.
The file was downloaded again an still same issue.
"picket" is still shooting white squares instead of rockets,
(only) when i choose mod "future wars"

can anyone confirm?
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I managed to reproduce it. See if this file works for you:


Edit: Linked to the correct file..
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10 days ago
USrankRandomX: Thanks for your help.

I downloaded the file an put it into the games directory.
then renamed the orig v.23 to some temp name.

then i started zero-k and chose the future-war 23 mod,
hoping the v23.1 file would be used.

Alas, no.
The v23 was downloaded again and the file for v23.1 was ignored.

What can I do to really apply the v23.1 file=
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10 days ago
There's no need to rename anything. In the lobby, go to Options and click Select Mod. Then choose the 23.0.1 one. If you do Select Custom Mode, you will not see it because I have not uploaded it to the official repository.
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10 days ago
Ah, yes!

No more white squares!
Thank you.
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