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Install impossible... again

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6 days ago
Trying to instal the last version (as an low-ranked person, I don't use Steam), the lobby still "failing" to download the game version.

But this time, its not working. Looks like :

Zero-k updating to, with the little blue window.

And then all's failing : Everything the game try to download

at PlasmaDownloader.Packages.PackageDownloader+Repository+<>c__DisplayClass16_0.<Refresh>b__0 () [0x0002b] in <40ab475a02034af59685033bd25a2390>:0
Zero-K.exe Error: 0 : Error reading version list from https://repos.springrts.com/sbc: System.Net.WebException: Error: TrustFailure (Authentication failed, see inner exception.) ---> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: Authentication failed, see inner exception. ---> Mono.Btls.MonoBtlsException: Ssl error:1000007d:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED


Even the bunnies are failing

And it's ending with a "zkmenu:stable" failing to download.

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6 days ago
Trying to launch Zero-K (by the system menu).

The looby windows show. Can't see what version it is.

But the new game version still isn't here

Download windows

... connecting ...

Failed !

Come on !...

Tee shell window tell all "the Authentication failed"

and end by :

Chobby.exe Information: 0 : Chobbyla >> DownloadFileDone {"FileType":"RAPID","IsSuccess":false,"IsAborted":false,"Name":"Zero-K v1.9.11.1"}

Chobby.exe Information: 0 : Chobbyla << DownloadFile {"Name":"Zero-K v1.9.11.1","FileType":"MAP"}
Chobby.exe Information: 0 : starting download Zero-K v1.9.11.1
Chobby.exe Warning: 0 : Cannot download Zero-K v1.9.11.1, not registered or has no links
Chobby.exe Information: 0 : Chobbyla >> DownloadFileDone {"FileType":"MAP","IsSuccess":false,"IsAborted":false,"Name":"Zero-K v1.9.11.1"}


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5 days ago
Are you using the latest Zero-K.exe?
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5 days ago
It's working. Thanks for your help.
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