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Performance upgrades

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11 days ago
So some people have crappy pcs and lagout to below 2 fps. What if there was an auto script that toggles and removes all shiny when performance falls.

if fps<3 then
/water 0
/advmodelshading 0
/advmapshading 0

if fps>7 then
/advmodelshading 1
/advmapshading 1

if fps>14 then
/water 1

and removing all partciles too, tho dunno how
whatcha think?
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11 days ago
I can run this game without issues, but I've noticed that building selection boxes have a massive performance impact where my game started stuttering because I selected a large windfarm.
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11 days ago
good solution to the problem
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9 days ago
Such a widget could be made

unknownrankTinySpider can you send a screenshot of a selected wind farm?
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8 days ago
I made a minimal solution (GNU GPL v2). My widget sets high graphics at the beginning of a game. As long as performance is fine, it uses minimal power to check the performance. To save performance, actual FPS calculations are only done when performance becomes questionable. Then, it switches to medium graphics if FPS < 20 and back to high if FPS >= 30. The distance of 10 avoids oscillations. If FPS becomes < 3 for 50s, lowest settings are used and the widget deactivates itself to save performance.

The FPS detection framework works well. The settings can still be extended a lot: Currently, only advmapshading and water are changed. I left advmodelshading unaffected so that you can keep it at 1 to avoid visual bugs when using it in combination with outline or keep it at 0 if outline uses too much performance for you. I left shadows unaffected because removing shadows can sometimes cause a nil arithmetic bug in line 419 in gfx_commander_skins if cloaked coms are used.

My tests also showed that there are performance dips on game start, game end, finished com upgrade and large army selection.
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8 days ago

Replay: https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1390654

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/dDQhtxw
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7 days ago
Thanks, it looks like the graphics aren't bugged at least. Could you send debug screenshots? One with '/debug' toggled and another with the widget "Widget Profiler New" enabled while you select a windfarm?
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7 days ago
Debug: https://ibb.co/TWtQCs0

Profiler: https://ibb.co/WszFzWC
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5 days ago
What happens if you go ingame to Settings/Interface/Selection/Selection Shapes and click Toggle Selection Shapes? You'll have to untick Simple Settings in the bottom right to do this.
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5 days ago
No notable difference, I think it's caused by the economy link overlay, those circles that appear beneath energy/mexes. I can trigger the same stuttering with toggling F4 display, no selection needed. It's really an edge case situation, there's not normally these many windmills or a need to have them selected for long periods of time.
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4 days ago
I think at this point you'd have to go through the widget that draws those circles and mess with it until the problem goes away. It's possible that your graphics card isn't up to the fancy merging that goes on there. It's surprising that the selection shapes work fine though. What are your specs and have you tried updating your drivers? Perhaps a fallback mode that draws basic grid circles rather than merged ones would be worthwhile.
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