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14 days ago
Triggered by the thread on the new engine and FutureWars breaking, and changes to comms:

It hadn't really occurred to me that comm weapons were too strong. I guess? Happy to see my favorite comm weapon got a buff though. ;)

Trollcomms are a love-to-hate thing, but they are so very fun, I think ZK should further embrace the concept. Cousin BAR has really boring comms, it drives me nuts. (Along with some other things.)

It sure would be neat for there to be a better (more interesting) trollcomm path beyond level 5. Not more cost-effective mind you, just something that is available, and not a totally team-destroying waste. I would for example like to see small but steady upgrades to various properties with each level up, partially for aesthetic reasons. Longer term, I'd really like to understand and explore adding more weapons (as in, > 2). (Less playing, more writing code?)

I've toyed with this myself. Some code cleanup is called for IMO, so I made a PR which USrankShaman accepted into FW, in which a lot of verbose commander definition was replaced with a function. Is a version of this interesting for ZK? https://github.com/Arch-Shaman/ZK-Futurewars-Mod/pull/459 It would be restricted to changes in LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_commander_upgrade.lua (and one function call elsewhere), and generally tailored to replicate ZK behavior. Basically reduce code size, make it easier to tweak comms. One small step.

Note how it it set up perfectly to continue "free" property upgrades beyond lvl 5.

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