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Volcanos, pt2.

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In reference to http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/36005 i would like to say one thing.

If you dont like something just press -1. If youre losing a discussion and truth gets to your bubble of lies - DONT CHEAT by removing whole thread. Especially when were talking about true god of love and wisdom, and not demigods of might and subjugation. Just because you dont like something like this:

which tells about true god, god of couples holding hands, the one you abondend in name of demigod of subjagation (and it was your choice, you know who you are, DONT LIE), just because you dont like it, you can press -1... for you cant remove it, as it stays forever - for it was before first word was spoken, regardless of your hate and jelousy for true love and kindess...

Another word of wisdom, running a lawnmower through dandelion field will only spread the seeds further... it gains you nothing... (:

That said, keep on serving your demigod of subjugation... he will give you a snack, made by the subjugated. Enjoy it, you earned it...

Now die inside even more by removing this post, for you know who you are.
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10 months ago
The previous thread is hardly a "discussion" about "truth", it's just your low coherence rambling full of unrelated videos. It's also not deleted, it's in the Asylum subforum, and as per https://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/35922 I'm directing you there if you want to continue on that topic. Consider this a formal warning not to make new threads in an attempt to move topics out of that subforum.

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