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Cold Take #5 - Making Metal

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2 months ago
Zero-K players scale up their economies with mex overdrive, an evolution of metal makers that keeps territory important.

Read it here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/334920/view/3990819338898810107
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2 months ago
Reactors and metal makers combination leads to significant base dense buildings, it looks absurd and blows the whole base. Construction of separate reactors (Zero-K model) looks more harmonious. In other words building an economy in BAR style coming to the edge of madness.
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2 months ago
Man, as a porcer, I love metal makers. That said, I do recognize that no metalmakers and mexes requiring expand is the fundamentally better game design choice.
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2 months ago
Overdrive instead of metal makers is probably the single most important individual difference from BAR that makes ZK a better game.
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2 months ago
bar is an example and also not the first. there are at-least 50 rts with eco that can become self sufficient and all of them make you feel powerful because you can get to a point your eco wins the game.. but they all require turtle play and tend to end with both teams turtling and striking to kill eco.. often with long quiet moments.. and as mentioned normally in zero k turtle looses vs expand and harass.. being honest both are fun models but they appeal to there differences
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