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New computer, get crashes.

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32 days ago

Just freezes and crashes about every second game.

Any suggestions to fix?
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32 days ago
Ask around #support for other AMD users? Try random different drivers?
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32 days ago
I have a sapphire RX7800 XT Nitro+ and I also get random hangs and crashes. Usually the Adrenalin software reports a driver failure. Not sure whats wrong
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ive got exact same card, same issue

well 7800XT. something there i assume
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24 days ago
What power supply are you using? I had crashes with an AMD card and my PSU was just too weak...
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24 days ago

Its just ZK, other games work fine
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24 days ago
try windowed mode.. try a low resolution.. this will help narrow down if it is a memory bottleneck
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23 days ago
Anyone around with a bigger badder Radeon than than 7800XT? Its a pretty big modern card, and ZK is a pretty un-demanding workload. I can confirm that modern AMD stuff does run ZK with new drivers, been running a Radeon in my main ZK box for years. (Currently a RX5500, Windows 10, latest-ish drivers.)

OpenGL is rather legacy, and AMD perhaps isn't very focused on testing it. Could be a bug and popped up on newer hardware. (So, again, does anyone else have a latest-gen AMD GPU?)

One thing you could try, for lack of better options, is trying to get the card to render ZK more slowly (no doubt its waaaay beyond your screen refresh rate anyway). Maybe a really strict power limit on the GPU, or a limit on the clock speed. Is there a way to cap the framerate in ZK?
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22 days ago
Hi, I am using a modern speedy AMD RX6500 Graphics card and I can tell you my slower GTX 750 Ti did a better job at opengl in windows. Even though I don't experience any crashes in this particular game I experience crashes in other opengl games from time to time. Also when running 2 opengl applications at the same time I experience very low framerates or crashes. I had to restart zero-k several times to get a good framerate again, even had to abandon some team games.
Guess im gonna replace this card for a RTX 3050 or something.
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22 days ago
Ive tried many things:

A bunch of different zk settings.
windowed mode and not.
Adrenaline chill, but doesn't seem to work, still booms to over 300 fps at times.

Im kinda stumped, any new ideas?

I get freeze, black screen (like the gpu is resetting), hear a few extra zk sounds for a 2 seconds, then takes an extra 5-10 seconds to for screen to come back then crash report thing.

although my cpu went up to 70c, its rarely does that, but could be normal.

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22 days ago
The /vsync command in-game has some basic support for limiting max fps below your monitor's refresh rate. It's not great in that it would need to be run at the start of each match, but might be helpful for finding if there is a low enough FPS rate that it stops crashing

/vsync 2 would limit your frame rate to RefreshRate/2 fps
/vsync 3 for RefreshRate/3 fps, etc.
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22 days ago
try vs null ai let it run and give your com no orders.. wait the time it normaly takes to crash.. is it due to the complexity or simply the frame work of the game
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I upgraded from a 2070s (never had issues in ZK) to a 7900xtx and the game crashed a LOT.

I messed around with the settings and I am not crashing anymore. I forget which change I made thought because it's been a while.

Here are my current settings:

Ingame Display Mode: Fullscreen
Menu Displau Mode: Windowed
Graphics Driver Selected: AMD
ATI/Intel Compatibility: On
Anti Aliasing: Off
Aircraft Jets: On
Aircraft Wing Trails: On
Compatibility Mode: Off
Construction Effect: Cloud
Deferred Rendering: On
Experimental Interface Renderer: Off
Fancy Sky: Off
Particle Limit: 15000
Rock and Wreck Fade: On
Shader Detail: Medium
Shaders Affected by Water: Off
Shield Effect Shader: Default
Shadows: Units and Terrain
Shadow Map Size: 2048
Soft Particles: Enabled
Terrain Deftail: Medium
Unit Reflection Quality: Medium
Vegetation Detail: Medium
Vertical Sync: Off
Water Type: Bumpmapped
Water Quality: Medium

I've also had some really weird lobby issues since the upgrade. The text is flashing very rapidly and only displays permanently 3-4 seconds after it's been posted, so reading chat in lobby is very difficult.

Checking "Full speed draw updates" under the lobby settings solves the issue, but I think what that does is somewhat equivalent to unlocking FPS in lobby because my tower turns into a helicopter.

I unchecked "Full lobby updates" as well as "Minimize lobby updates" and that seems to fix it.

EDIT: And for the record, I vow no allegiance to any hardware vendor, but I regret my AMD purchase. I should have just went for either a 4090 or a 4080... whatever. Something that can do 3440x1440@60 stable with most settings on and that isn't AMD.

So many games crash with AMD. It's just an inferior manufacturer, unfortunately.
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21 days ago
Must have been ati/intel compatibility?
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21 days ago
VSYNC seemed to to work.

who knows why, but keeping fps to 60 has so far stopped any crashes.
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19 days ago
60 fps? seriously? Even my phone does 120 hz. With such a nice graphics card (opengl support isnt that great tho) it's time for a new high refresh monitor. Not a troll post, 120+ hz is so great you are really missing out. I am never going back to 60 hz, hope more notebooks will support it also.
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My perfectly-fine 60hz PC screen, and the PC attached, have outlived 3 phones at the cost of less than the single phone in my pocket. (More or less.)
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18 days ago
I think that in a double blind test, the odds of people correctly identifying setups at >60 FPS from between those locked at 60 (so long as it's stable 60), people would do no better than random.

>60 fps is just some sort of weird brag where you can say look at how cool I am that my setup can generate a totally useless numbers of images per second, but seeing that number going bigger makes you feel good. It dosn't have any functional basis.
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18 days ago
I expect higher refresh rates, and variable refresh rates, are pretty nice on a desktop screen. I've only tried it on a laptop, didn't really ever notice (I think it does up to 144hz). For ZK, give me the strongest single-thread CPU performance and I'll likely have no complaint about the rest of it.
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