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To: Best Friend

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18 days ago
Long time ago, I had a friend. He showed me this game, and he was fun.

But... although his friendship was one thing that made my life great, it would not last. Because of us both.
I was annoying with my commands. He never complained. His pride combined with my wrath caused us both so much pain that we never spoke again.

Only now do I understand that his last complaints were not directed towards me, they were towards himself... He wished to never be seen as evil, and he succeeded, at the cost of lies. Only now am I able to forgive you, now that I see your sorrow.

If you're reading this, have the guts to forgive yourself, friend. I hope this song reaches you one day.

Although I wish we gave each other space, I'll never stop trying to amend our mistakes. That I made known to me.
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Nice text, hope he reads it and you both can move on and the pain will fade.
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