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32 high quality lobs at the same time

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What if there were 32 people who have a blue and higher rank and they're killing each other and getting fun?

I suggest to make an arrangment and come at the saturday (29.06) at 17:00 (GMT).
Want to invite all blue+ ranked true lobsters to join this epic game.
Please leave a comment if you are going to take a part. And tell your friends to come!

If all want to change the time or the day, i think there won't be any problems!

I believe we may see incredibly skillful play by that, which we have never seen before (except small lobbies)
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15 days ago
when you gather too many high rank, you see an inverse affect and we all play like red dwarf :D
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15 days ago
We all have a little lobster inside us that comes out when feels it's safe enough
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15 days ago
I'd be down for that
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15 days ago
We are all grey rank at heart, can i join :P?
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14 days ago
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13 days ago
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12 days ago
so, did this happen? time window was/is outside of my playing avaialbilities..
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10 days ago
Yes and no. Some people came but not more than usual.
Idk maybe the time was wrong or something.
Anyway I still think it may work. We could have a day about which everyone knows, the day when every blue+ lob comes to play with other blue+ lobs. Like not just by one time when someone wrote a post on the forum, but constantly.
I'm sure that we have enough people to do things like that and sure that we have enough people who would be enjoyed by that.

The main problem is to choose time and day. I think the time i suggested could be more suitable than it was.
And the second problem is to bring the information to everyone. Not all the players read the forum i guess.
So does anyone have better variants for the day we shall choose?
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