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Which air unit counters tanks best?

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9 days ago
Hi. Cliver here, the rover fan and the tank enjoyer. I was looking for ways rovers can beat tanks in the early game. The mid game seems to be the hardest for the rovers, because I failed to pump out tanks fast enough to counter other tanks, and tanks don't synergize well with rovers (meaning that my best option is to commit to transitioning). So I was thinking of better transitioning forces.

I was thinking that rovers & tanks are usually plopped on flat maps. This means that advanced radars, when fielded, get unlimited vision range. This means that plane radars are not a necessity. Furthermore, every tank has massive health, so fire support is required.

So far, I think that the best choice is the gunship factory with mass harpies. Harpies have the range to deal with kodachis and ogres alike. Harpies are an effective defense tool. Harpies deal heavy damage to individual targets. Furthermore, their slow damage can allow heavier units to take favorable fights, say... ravagers. Or even let slower forces, like scorchers, to engage! Some might say that 20 harpies will lose to 5 thrashers, but I say, "3 harpies need 5 thrashers to be defeated." The tank opponent, no matter how many harpies I build, will be forced to overspend on vulnerable anti-air defenses other than ogres. At worst, the thumpers ettins?... tank flak will be yet another target to pick off.

My goal is not to destroy all of the enemy with gunships, just their tank army they were building from the start, which I left uncontested due to rover plays. After the army is destroyed, and metal is reclaimed, I can transition into a tank force myself.

Additional benefits of a gunship army:
- Gnats can invalidate heavy units
- A single charon can speed up retreat of rover assault units, ravagers
- Even if I don't plan to krow rush, the enemy will be wary of the potential threat
- Gunships have the most mobile (and effective) anti-air, rivaling rover anti-air.
- Revenants are an option
- an opportunity to use gunships more

- Gunships cannot dive deep into the enemy's base (especially with tanks. Rovers cover this weakness)
- Gunships are worse as spies (Rovers & tanks usually play on flat maps. Advanced radar gives infinite vision on flat maps. Flat maps lighten this weakness)

What do you folk think of this transition plan? Are there better options?
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9 days ago
this question is sort of like asking "out of two people.. who shot eachother first?" because gunships will loose vs mostly pure aa spam.. and tank will loose vs mostly anti ground spam.. so its a matter of who failed to scout?
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9 days ago
So the problem is that gunships generally operate off a longer loiter time and tanks also have the HP (mino) and flex AA (ogre) to force a long loiter at decent range.

Ettin will do quite well here, especially since it is so fast that it can just kite away with its long range and it has solid DPS, along with being hard to punish because an ogre might just slap you out of the sky before you can get closer to it. Also the ettin will tear apart any tight ball of GS. Ettin is not really vulnerable, it has solid HP and insane speed so you are not going to get to consider it just another target for harpy

I guess rev could sort of work against rovers and pick off injured minotaurs or even add cloak for sneaky plays, but that's kind of an everything counter...

Why are you using charon transport for rover, they are all decently quick enough and also not useful enough for drops (nobody does dominatrix or ripper drop lel)

Also krow can get ubercooked by tanks. A single cyc basically turns your krow into a guaranteed metal donation, ogres can sort of do OK against them, minotaurs unless they get hit by the cluster bomb just sponge damage

You're probably better off going air

1. Likho can kill ogre and ettin, while hammering a mino ball or taking out its ogre defenses for a quick scorcher swarm (they may spread out though so be cautious) and you usually get it home
2. Multiple phoenixes microed well can bake a mino ball a bit and kill its accompanying ogre
3. Raven might also be good at picking off ogre and ettin in big enough number? 3 raven for an ogre, 2 raven for an ettin (if the wiki doesnt lie lel)
4. Tbird may not be able to always stun minotaur (?) but it can, again, take out its ogre defenses
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I'm going to make this clear: I'm not planning to engage tank AA with air units.
Furthermore, no doom drops.

Otherwise, thanks for the tips. I'll consider investing metal into likhos to try and snipe the ogres.
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