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Zero-K metal measurements but they're american

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5 days ago
40 metal - scout (amount of metal)
120 - raider (amount of metal)
240 - heavy (amount of metal)
800 - factory (amount of metal)
3000 - strider (amount of metal)
12k - one trinity (amount of metal)
40k - superweapon (amount of metal)

might also add the next measurements
1 m - skirmish (amount of time, in-game)
10 m - (factory) switch (amount of time, in-game)
30 m - game (amount of time)
10 m - skirmish (amount of time, out-of-game)
2 m - one lobby (amount of time, out-of-game)

as for energy, I have yet to come up with something cool, so don't mind that i've got nothing bad to say.
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when your team is excessing 2 super weapons :(
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5 days ago
864 Energy - Aspisload
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Oh no!

I excessed a Conch to Djinn morph (600 metal)!!!
I excessed a Reef wreckage (1200 metal)!!!
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The imperial system works well in the modern age because we've had a definitive definition of a gram, a metre etc. for centuries.

A feet is a simple unit of measurement equal to approximately the length of an average human foot.
In roman times, a mile was defined as 1,000 paces. Eventually, this was formalised to 5,280 feet or roughly 2,000 paces.
A grain of weight is defined as the weight of a single seed of cereal. From this drams, ounces and pounds can all be derived.
A minim is defined as a singular drop of rain water. From this, all other measures of volume can be derived.
One thing these all have in common- YOU CAN MEASURE THEM FROM NOTHING!!!

Look I'm not saying the AmericanTM customary units are better all I'm saying is in the event of an irl nuke rush the US would be much better prepared.

this wouldn't happen if Australia switched to yards:
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