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6 years ago
Merry Christmas! Just a small update to keep your game experience in top shape for when Santa comes. Even for those of you who were more naughty than nice. Enjoy!


  • Flamethrower units do not avoid shooting friendlies (prone to labhax)
  • Djinn automatically deploys when idle
  • Restore old vehicle slopemods. They are now better at climbing hills.


  • New heatray impact GFX
  • Dante and Bantha have idle anims
  • Fixed some irregularities with Dante's flamethrower


  • Unit icons rotate to face camera
  • Improved bomber dive tooltip


  • Optimizations for terraform texture handler and reclaim HP handler
  • Image Preloader is always on; disables itself if running after game start
  • Units are instantly transferred when a player resigns using the give-when-afk system
  • Fix Thug error on death

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6 years ago
You are kicking ass
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6 years ago
They should dance the robot.
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6 years ago
Place 2 rogues vs 2 rogues.
Watch them dance the robot dance :D
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6 years ago
Thanks for the update.

Two quick questions:

On the picture, seems that Bantha has lost his head. Is it true?
2nd: why flamethrower units no longer avoid friendlies?

Have a nice day
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6 years ago
the bantha had an apointment with Mr.Gullutine

and you need friendly fire on flamethroweres to burn shit stuck in your lab and zombies
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