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(Suggestion) New Air Unit - 'Apostle' Shield Bomber

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* Apostle *
Metal: 400
HP: 1400
Speed: 6.5
Sight Range: 660
* Deployable Shield *
Shield HP: 1300
Regen: 16
Radius: 130
Timed Life: 20

* Tower * (Shield Drone)
HP: 300-400

This will be a new unit from the Airplane Factory, in the middle-range cost between the Phoenix and Shadow. It won't be able to kill anything - its function is entirely supportive.

What this bomber will do is deploy a little unit with timed-life (similar to Wolverine mines), which projects a small energy shield around itself. This will be used mainly to provide cover for advancing forces and defenses by dropping shields on top of armies or in the path of enemy fire. It is balanced by the shield being immobile (and the unit projecting said shield being destructible), as well as the bomber itself being slow and relatively vulnerable.

The bomber has to fly over its target to drop the bomb, similar to the Shadow. Landing on a shield will cause it to explode.

This will synergize well with, say, spiderbots or groups of skirmishers/artillery that need a little cover to help them advance, or in many different situations - the bomb can also be dropped on the surface of water for the same effect, to give the weak hovers and some ships a little extra support.
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6 years ago
20s * 16 regen = 320 charge.
max absorbed damage = ~1600

Shadows bomb does 1200 or 1250 damage, so it could protect friendly things from it, but without actually killing the enemy shadow.
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I'd like to see air shifting in a more supportive role in general, so I like this idea. Less bombers!
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6 years ago
I'd like to see air shifting in a more supportive role in general, so I like this idea.

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More Air diversity is nice.
I would like to see a Paratrooper unit, maybe even a new Fac just for Paratrooper,
current Land have 6 Fac, Sea have 3, and Air only have 2.

Maybe when PA get done we can copy the "space/orbital" unit idea and make a better 3rd Air Fac.
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6 years ago
Holy shit, my prediction about neonstorm eggs in players' brains was true! There are even infected people supporting this idea!
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6 years ago
I'd rather see it as a tacnuke. Missile silos need more lovin'.
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Problem: Missile Silo is one of two factories in game that doesn't have a constructor.

Solution: a Construction Missile!

A nanoturret distorted into a missile form. Its metal is white. Its nanoturret is sharp. Its extensible legs are long. Its feet are cylindrical so it can float. It is crazed for wreckage and debris. Beware its buildpower! Now you know why you fear the night.
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6 years ago
Guys, if you really want to add new units... you should consider forking zk.
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6 years ago
Exactly. There's plenty of room for a pile of utility-units in the Silo with Quake range. Just include a deployment delay where the unit is blind and vulnerable so that they can't be fired directly into porc as a spotter (since the devs seem to think that adding a spotter unit into the silo would make the silo too simple as a 1-stop porc-breaker shop).
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6 years ago
Athena have same cost that any missile and is a great spotter/spy, and not "one shot" too.
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6 years ago
@[DOOP]fortaleza> Paratrooper : Gunships/Transports.
Solution> Units cost only 80m more if you use Valkyries (the small transports).

For small transports it would be sometimes better if it could let units fall down instead of the long unload process.

If they would do something like this, we they would be better "planes" as instead of "gunships", because they can unload on the fly and need to reload.

And if we have such a unit in the plane factory, we only need a bomb wich spawns such a shield drone if it receives fall damage or with dgun.

CArankPxtl> I'd rather see it as a tacnuke. Missile silos need more lovin
> I wonder why we have no missile-silo gunship - no real range limit :)
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Transports is not really like Paratrooper.
Paratrooper, is more like in game begin when your Com fall from air, it only one way trip.
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6 years ago
the transports too, because the transports or units will get chased/shotdown if you try retreat from a decent player.

And what avoids that you use transports to retreat your paratroopers?

(Please close this discussion, it doesn't belong into this thread)
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I think there is more than enough support weaponry for ground units in the form of the EMP bomber, and I don't really feel like the game needs more shields or more free 'drone' units.
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I have the idea for new plane:
* Pounder (Siege Bomber)*
Cost: 500
Hit Points: 1500
Movement Speed (elmo/s): 270
Vision Radius (elmo): 660

* Seismic Bomb *
Damage: 10 (higher on buildings)
Range (elmo): 500
Area of Effect (elmo): 256
Projectile Speed (elmo/s): 400
Smooths ground

What this bomber will do is to launch a ground-shaking bomb that would do almost nothing to units, but it would severely damage the buildings (maybe even také down geo). As a side effect, it flattens the ground (simmilar to Quake).

It will be good as...you say it, siege bomber - it wreaks havoc in enemy base.
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8 months ago
Doing different amounts of damage vs buildings than vs mobile units goes against ZK's design principle of not having artificial armour types. If anything, this is done by low projectile speed that can be dodged by mobile units.
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8 months ago
The OP's idea is cool I like the idea of a defensive-support plane
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DErankBrackman That's not entirely correct - look at Jugglenaut. What plane could do would be drop a bomb that does small damage but adds impact/momentum to units around impact. This way it would be harmless to buildings but deadly to light units. The fact that this job is already (kind of) fulfilled by a phoenix is another matter.

Making single unit visit the cosmos could be achieved by dropping three projectiles in triangle around target simultaneously so the vector of ejection is mostly upwards. Sounds cancerous, I know :D.

@edit: oh wait, that's the opposite of what the OP suggested - low dmg to buildings high to units. That's right, this paradigm is not fulfilled by any air unit. The closest to it would be Shadow without dive mechanics, as Brackman said - slow and easy to dodge projectile.

Not that I like that suggestion apart from for some chillout mode like dukenukem or frenchflag. What I would like would be adding some impact to certain explosions like Balance Annihilation does. I have in mind Jugglenaut's jump explosion, Skuttle's explosion and maybe Crabe's shot.
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Eclipse was intended as an anti-structure bomber with an unguided, slow, ballistic projectile that can be dodged by anything faster than a storage.

IIRC it was felt that this is just a less useful Raven at the time it was introduced.
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