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La Seine

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6 years ago
Has anyone here been to Paris?
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6 years ago
No. All the French players are a lie.
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6 years ago
ME! ME! why you want to know?

and: silly saski! there are french players and its not very risky to assume some of them might have been there. where you pull those halucinogenic ideas from?!!!
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Yes, as part of a student exchance.

Was a good time relaxing on the montmartre, enjoying the perspective.
Most common conersation up there: "Bonjour, ..." "Non" (If you didn't instantly dismiss people approaching you, you'd have a picture drawn of you).

We did lots of other stuff but this is probably the thing i remember most. Ok, we also, while searching for a boulangerie (bakery), discovered that the brothels in one street were simply numbered. That was pretty memorable, too, i have to say.

Why are you asking though?

Edit: Well, i always get to read the originating posts after the threads made because of them. Whatever.
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