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No slowbeam to stop the zero-K race car

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6 years ago
This is obviously the best marketing plan yet.

1) Acquire formula race car
For example http://www.motorsportmarkt.de/bilder/rennfahrzeuge/formelfahrzeuge/formel-bmw-fb02-inkl-erstzteilpaket.html (*)

2) Apply paint to make car go faster.

4) World Champion.

5) ???

5) Everybody zero-k.

(*) cheaper is www.lfs.net
unzip this zip
http://knorke.darkstars.co.uk/spring%20cars,%20unpack%20into%20data%20skins%20folder.zip into data\skins\ folder. In garage click "new colours" and select the file.

For zK car I tried to use the same colors as on forum/site/units: black, white, dark-whatever, teal.
Is there some better zK related icons or logos or text that could be used as stickers?
Or official slogan and logo? I looked around wiki and SVN but did not really find anything. Even the eclipse logo I just took from top of web page. http://code.google.com/p/zero-k/wiki/AdLines or http://code.google.com/p/zero-k/wiki/Advertisement is not really useful..
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