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Dominatrix mechanics idea

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So, as i read unit descriptions in AI wars (back in this thread), i found the Leech Starship one particularly interesting, seeing as there's a lot of QQ about the current dominatrix mechanics.

Instead of the dominatrix immediately taking over units from capture damage, how about making capture only come to play on unit death? If the unit has taken sufficient capture damage, it'll come back as yours after death. Maybe with HP proportional to capture % (with some lower limit)?

In doing so, we could probably also get rid of the link to the dominatrix and make the entire thing less slippery slope'ish.

The only downside i see would be the question how the unit suddenly is alive again in the first place ("why can't i use that on my own units?").

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So what, my unit that fought against a Dom gets a "marked for conversion" thing on it? Is it permanent? Is it reversible? Do I just have this unit that I know is a ticking time-bomb that's going to convert when it dies?
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6 years ago
someone in a previous thread (that I started) suggested that the Dominatrix shoot "parasite" units (like the headcrabs from Half-Life) that would control the host. If they were shot off or damaged the host would revert to original owner. Over time the parasite burrows deeper/ becomes integrated into the host, giving the Dom's player permanent control.
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6 years ago
The "back from the dead" thing is kind of a deal-killer for me, yeah.

A simpler version (compared to both proposed and current systems) of interacting with damage would be: if at any point capture % exceeds health %, transfer unit. This still leaves two problems unsolved, though:

1) It doesn't tell us how Domi should fit in the role structure.
2) It doesn't tell us why we'd want a Borg assimilation mechanic in general. The closest analogue we have in ZK would be resurrection, which is... well, I suspect if this hadn't been in OTA/AA we'd never have added it.
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Capture should be removed and the domi should be given a new weapon, turned into a skirmisher and renamed. No trace of the abomination it is now should be left.

Capture in any form is one of those mechanics that may be workable but would require a ton of balance work.

I don't really like the idea of after death conversion. You could have a load of units being repaired after a battle where they were hit be a domi and an artillery shell hits them and suddenly your enemy has your entire army and you have nothing.
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6 years ago
There already is a modified Domi in the files, its weapon does all disable damages (slow, disarm and EMP) instead of capture. Maybe it'd be worth enabling it for a while for people to test?
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Wouldn't that make domi more equal to other units?

Can we not just limit the number of controlled units or controlled metal?
Or add a control distance?
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In previous episodes:

The supposed reason for domi existence is two-fold.
1) The LV factory lacks a skirmisher. Domi is supposedly the skirmisher.
2) The LV skirmisher should kinda be capable of killing the LV assault. However, LV assault is unconventional and has a knack for murdering conventional skirmishers. Thus, Dominatrix packs enough stopping power to stop a Ravager.

Pure Ravager Culture is undesirable, but in LV vs LV there's no real reason to build anything but Ravager once you can afford them. (though projectile speed nerf probably lends Scorchers a bit of lease). Dominatrix can, at times, work as a high-skill counter to Ravagers, so it remains loose in the field.

It has also been said that cars could get, in fact, two new units to replace Domi:
- An antiheavy, possibly of the disabler kind. Scorchers alone just don't cut it vs heavies that LV typically engages - say, Reaper.
- A conventional skirmisher of some sort, with a speed close to that of Ravager and a high-alpha attack granting it an interesting hit-and-run modus operandi of its own.
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6 years ago
-#- randoom neonstorming (: to give you some funny stuff to laugh at :) -#-

Domi shall create a wall at the edge of it's range and flatten the terrain in it's range.

Where domi overlaps the range of another, the wall does not appear.
The wall dies together with domi.
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