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Godde wins 1v1 zero-K tourney

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4 years ago
Did it really surprise anyone? ;)

Both Drone and Godde were marching through the competetion, winning every single game.
Then they met in the final...

Tourney bracket, some replays etc can be found in thread:
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4 years ago
What matters is is the guy at the 2nd place (which should be considered 1st place because we all knew godde would win)
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4 years ago
(edited 4 years ago)

Both Drone and Godde pretty much crushed everybody else. They were clearly the best two players of the tourney.
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4 years ago
I had a feeling it would end up being me and Godde in the finals, I really wanted to put up a good fight but I ended up playing like shit

but even if I played good I would have lost, the titan game was a clear indication of me still not having fixed the flaws with my start build

The comet game was the most surprising, it made me realize ZK has it's own sort of play style and I'd just been playing like it was BA. When I saw Godde making air lab before he even had any ground units I was like wtf but now I understand why it makes sense because dominating the air is so much more important than I thought

The last game on Deadlands, I knew I would get outplayed on any big map so I wanted to try some small map tactic and the only thing I could think of was slasher spam on Deadlands which is something which has worked for me before, even though I knew slashers had been nerfed. Of course Godde had his own special tactics in mind which were 10x more appropriate for the map lol. This is also a clear lack of experience on my part, considering the only thing I could come up with was to spam a nerfed unit :p
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4 years ago
Well, this "lacking" experience still brought to the finals lol!
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