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Version 0.8.9

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7 years ago
Several significant changes, particularly to artillery comms and chicken mode. Take note!

* Nanospray converted to a nanolaser at lower graphical settings; works with Lua shaders off (e.g. minimum settings)
* Modules
  • Reworked Plasma Artillery conversion:
    • Basic version has medium damage and rate of fire, with some inaccuracy (particularly against moving targets).
    • High Caliber Barrel makes it comparable to the old artillery module.
    • Napalm Warhead sets targets on fire briefly, but does not create a fire cloud. To get the fire cloud effect, both High Caliber Barrel and Napalm Warhead are required.
    • All combinations have a shorter base range than the old arty module.
  • Companion Drone will not fly further than 450 m from the parent commander (half of previous range).
  • Disruptor Beam no longer has a range advantage over Slowing Beam.
* Gunships
  • Rapier HP 1500 -> 1400
  • Brawler HP 2400 -> 2800
  • Banshee can fire 60° off-axis (from 45°)
* Chicken
  • Overhauled the system for greater transparency. A single value, the player aggression rating (aggro), controls chicken responses to tech.
    • Positive aggression ratings cause the chickens to spam more and produce defenses.
    • Negative aggression ratings cause the chickens to tech faster and produce more Toads. At sufficiently low values, the chickens can use special abilities to bypass defenses.
  • Added a new flyer chicken, the Roc.
* Faraday delay between shots 2.4s -> 2.8s
* Defender damage 110 -> 105
* Crabe can cancel its curling before completion
* Fixed an occasional error with Stiletto attack runs
* Readded comm selection announcements
* Advanced camera disabled by default
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