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Planet Wars - some ideas

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8 years ago

PW is really great, i have some ideas that in my opinion can make it even better :)

1) Both sides should have "boss". Attacking side - player with most ships, defence - owner of planet (or clanmate) or this one with most influence there. Those players should have some rights - like kicking some players from his teams. For example if my ally (as owner of planet) start to destroy my buildings - normally i can do nothing. Also should have possibility to !exit in first 3 minutes for example without voting - for example if teams are uneven. Or have vote with x3 power? Dunno - just idea.

2) Smaller maps. PW maps are too huge, its hard to play 2vs2 for example... And with such big maps, battles can take 90 minutes, i think better for game will be playing more quicker battles than few long - it will result more dynamic galaxy.

3) Just an idea, probably need more work, how about structure named "Starbase" - if someone attack planet with it, it must first play on "Starbase" map (very small, chosen by those with metal-look, but not infinite resources) and if attacker win starbase is destroyed and then attacker can normally attack main planet. It could help to defend structures on planets and just fun :)

4) Custom clan commander - one commander slot, made by leader, to use by any clan member in any PW battle (in addition of course, not as only one) - something like "flagship" - it will add more "roleplay" and make clan more characteristic - and will be natural choice for low-lvls, working like in-planet techs for clan.

5) Please remove jumpgates - it's overall bad idea. Why bother with strategic conquests, watching borderlines etc if anyone can jump into any planet? I think it's bad idea in general.

well, thats all for now :)
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8 years ago
1. This is just asking for more abuse. kicking and exiting games is too easy already.

2. PW is meant for clan wars. Not small little 1v1 2v2 games. Maps should be big enough to sustain a lot of players.

3. You already have planetary defense grids and the like. Battles should have some risk and reward, not grind grind grind until you can finally battle again for anything useful.

4. Dunno how I feel about this one. Whats the point? I don't see how adding another custom comm for clans will do anything but require a whole crapton of work. If members of a clan were forced to use the "Clan Commander" for PW games and had to unlock stuff with technologies from planets it could be interesting.

5. Its a great idea. Jumpgates are limited, so its not like "anyone can jump into any planet" and it allows players who would be stuck against an unbreakable wall to do something useful.
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8 years ago
My original idea for tech was to make it unlock commander modules, for PW this would be the only source of modules. The reasoning behind this is the supposed low impact that a specific commander loadout has ingame.

But it could be a bit annoying if you constantly have to recheck which modules you can use in any given game.

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8 years ago
Note that jumpgates are currently broken a bit. They must be fixed/tweaked
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8 years ago
The most unbalanced thing in PW is favorization of no-life people playing spring 10hours/day or even more. Other people dont have a chance against them. It should be somehow fixed, like attack on planet allowed only when both attackers and defenders are in lobby or something.
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8 years ago
you mean peopel that play more should be punished just because you like whinging about everything?
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8 years ago
If you have concrete ideas how to improve it, post them. I have no idea how to make it need "defenders" What if defenders simply avoid playing until they have numerical advantage? It would lead to avoidance of battles and delaying tactics until you can assemble your people.
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8 years ago
1) Every sides should have "boss" !!!
Maybe it would be good to give a default team boss ( your rules ) and a option to change the team boss ( team only vote ) to change him or if he want to give his/her rights to another one.
But what is if he/she get kicked?

I don't think that it would remove the fun - I would like that idea seen tested.
( Exit in the first 3 minutes isn't easy - it's hard if it is 4v5 or some bad opponent peoples !!! )

A later exit is also hard if the team have "real peoples" and no "win bots" playing ;), but I understand that we can't effort so much "exit rights" at one person.

2) Smaller maps:
What's about a map with reduced size?

You are not the first person with this idea - we have discussed about 2 different sized maps for the same planet too.

But because they are random maps I don't know how you want to do that in the current setup.

3) "Starbase"

You spend so much ¢ into structures - and then some clans drops ships together at this planet ( especially if the targeted clan have only poor ressources ) and anything was for nothing...

It's cheaper to boost the IPs gained through structures than through buying IPs from locals.

It's even cheaper than to buy it very expensive from other players
( and sometimes you don't want them to get this IP boosts for there clan, but nobody else has IPs !!! )

I think there should be a way to protect the structures.
It would be funny to see ppls playing 1v1 against bots that they are allowed to fight FOR this planet's owner ( avoid noob games )

Maybe it's a lot of extra work...

4) Custom clan commander.

What's about uniforms? ;)
I like that a leader can share the com tech to others - let the leader choose one com setup that can everyone of this clan use in any battle.

( But replace "%name%" or something like that with the name of the player who's using the setup )

5) remove jumpgates

I don't want it seen removed, but maybe cheaper but you can only send units over 2 or 3 links?
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8 years ago
We were out of net for 1 day and now We see that one of imperial planets got conquered by NC and another was burned to ashes.

PW needs constant attention, 24h/day. If you arent nolife who spent most of daytime with computer, you cannot win PW.

How nice.
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8 years ago
Ah, and now We got a new idea. There should be break between switching map and possible start, because sometimes people want to engage enemy fleet to avoid fighting on this planet, but someone must do ninjastart and there is no time to kill this attacking fleet (yes, thats especially for you, Skuzzi, you tried to this so many times).
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8 years ago
why should I wait for you to kill my fleet when I want to play map?
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8 years ago
why is there an engage button?

I suggest that the lobby outputs something like this:
Welcome to Planet X owned by A, attacked by B with Z ships.
A, C and D are able to engage the fleed http://zero-k.info/PlanetWars/Planet/X#engageFleet

and a direct link to engage the Fleet !!!
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8 years ago
Very nice and simple idea.
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