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Zero-K v1.2.7.11

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3 years ago
The main changes in this version are for the ongoing sea rework. Duck has significantly less range underwater which should make it counterable.


* Duck torpedo range halved.

* Claymore recieved a number of small buffs, most notably to its health. It has had its cost increase slightly to compensate.

* Snake has fast forwards firing torpedos. Now has skirmish AI.
* Hunter tweaked to have burst-fire effect, but similar behavior. Given slight impact to help slow down attacking raiders and repel floating amphibs.
* Skeeter is slightly faster.
* Crusader depth charges nerfed for tracking slightly.
* Typhoon gained damage increased slightly.

Urchin has slightly more sonar range.

Other Changes

Kamikaze units (Tick, Blastwing, Dirtbag, Roach, Skuttle, Puppy) drop wreckage.

Shield Link:
* The visualization is less spammy.
* Large shields are better at transferring charge between themselves.

Fixed Cloakybot Factory animation and Slasher aiming.
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3 years ago
Mighty ducks, no more.

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3 years ago

Should be interesting. I'm skeptical that this will fix naval, but it will certainly help.
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3 years ago
"Kamikaze units (Tick, Blastwing, Dirtbag, Roach, Skuttle, Puppy) drop wreckage"

This might be significant
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3 years ago
Multiplayer B283828 2 on Red Comet
Multiplayer B283831 2 on Red Comet
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3 years ago
Sonar needs to be expanded. It so small -.-
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3 years ago
you can just make adv radar for big sonar!
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3 years ago
Subs are really junky right now. They cannot hit anything.
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3 years ago
(edited 3 years ago)

Wait.... Puppies reclaim their own wrecks in order to recycle themselves into even more puppies? I feel as though this will make puppies even more of a snowballing monstrosity as they recycle each other. I'm gonna be making some jump facs now.

Also, how does the skuttle leave wreckage if it often vaporizes the com wreck anyways? I find it funny that you can smear some recon troll com into the dirt and all you'll get is a little bit of debris from the skuttle.
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3 years ago
(edited 3 years ago)

If units get vaporised that's a bug. All units should leave at least debris.
Of course, the debris might in turn get instantly vaporised by other explosions (say, Skuttle detonates Comm and Fusion -> Comm leaves debris, debris gets destroyed by Fusion explosion) but some debris should always remain from each series of explosions (from the unit that died last).
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