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Commander Module DesignAUrankAdminAquanim1236 hours ago
B582724 2 on AlienDesert (Multiplayer)EErankAdminAnarchid922 hours ago
B568612 4 on Calamity 1.1 (Multiplayer)FIrank[ffc]921 days ago
Lame planet Wars,,,,....CArankxDrEADx3622 days ago
Planet RadiusUSrank_Shaman1525 days ago
War Sweeps the GalaxyAUrankAdminGoogleFrog2025 days ago
Planetwars Starts on June 23rdAUrankAdminGoogleFrog2727 days ago
Zero-K v1.6.5.6 - Balance and map updatesAUrankAdminGoogleFrog2029 days ago
Shielded Light TransportsGBrankdarloth35133 days ago
Player retentionPLrankzenfur10634 days ago
tanksNLrankFlorisXIV2443 days ago
Wouldn't return fire be better replaced with fire at will unless cloaked?CZrankpsaniac547 days ago
Summarise your ideal balance changesAUrankLyth40256 days ago
Everything revolves around spamming the same cheap and fast units every game = boringFIrankFabrizio1202 months ago
Is having "good" long range units healthy balance-wise?CZrankpsaniac232 months ago
B510686 2 on Wanderlust v03 (Multiplayer)GBrank[Fx]Drone42 months ago
Performance issue testingAUrankAdminGoogleFrog82 months ago
Help! I'm overrated!SErankGodde662 months ago
More Planetwars TestingAUrankAdminGoogleFrog322 months ago
SteamUSrankPowerGuy302 months ago
Zero-K is updating takes AGESRUrankFirepluk72 months ago
Plantwars metalCZrankpsaniac53 months ago
B495957 2 on Living Lands 4.1 (Multiplayer)SErankGodde53 months ago
B495677 24 on HighGroundsDeltaV1 (Multiplayer)CZrankpsaniac23 months ago
There is no way to download the gameCZrankpsaniac63 months ago
How to win PlanetwarsCZrankpsaniac93 months ago
Home Secretary of the Federation doesn't have the right to set energy prioritiesCZrankpsaniac43 months ago
Planet PoseidonCZrankpsaniac23 months ago
Planetwars TestingAUrankAdminGoogleFrog573 months ago
B492527 4 on Paradise Lost v2 (Multiplayer)PTrankraaar83 months ago
Page of 2 (58 records)