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Vestige 1.0

By CaptainKlutz

On the once lush planet of Regelith, the stardock of the capital sated the needs of its billions of residents. After the planet's core was fractured and catastrophically solidified during the Third Insurgence, not a soul has visited the barren world for a thousand years. Its atmosphere has been stripped by countless solar waves, and the remnants of the battle in orbit make insertion dangerous. Now it is flung into battle once again, in a skirmish to claim its ancient secrets in the archives of the landing pads.
Size: 20 x 10


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12 months ago

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12 months ago
(edited 12 months ago)

I think the map should be rotated by 180°. Otherwise the default camera angle will make using the northern cliff and sea area a pain.

I really like the idea of the map. It looks very unique and interesting. I'm curious about how the strong elevation differences affect gameplay.
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12 months ago
You know what? I hadn't even thought about using the sea area lmao

And yeah if I do one like this again I'll definitely consider the angles before picking the worst one (at least you can spin it around in game)

One more screenshot for luck

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12 months ago
Nice looking map.


- map should be rotated by 180º, as Skasi wrote

- more variety of textures would be nice

- lower the height of the cliffs somewhat, some are too tall, maybe also align the edges with the heightmap grid
(the high sharp cliffs look particularly bad on low end machines : try to set ground detail to 80 and zoom out)

- spread out the metal spots a bit more on the clusters, a single extractor can cover all of them on some games

- add a few geothermals
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12 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, this idea was just one I came up with on the spot all of a sudden, I didn't want to spend much time on the map so that's why it lacks features, textures etc. Only spent ~6 hours overall

I'll definitely take your advice into the next maps I make though
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