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Vestige Revised 1.0

By CaptainKlutz

On the once lush planet of Regelith, the stardock of the capital sated the needs of its billions of residents. After the planet's core was fractured and catastrophically solidified during the Third Insurgence, not a soul has visited the barren world for a thousand years. Its atmosphere has been stripped by countless solar waves, and the remnants of the battle in orbit make insertion dangerous. Now it is flung into battle once again, in a skirmish to claim its ancient secrets in the archives of the landing pads. Revised after launch into a different enough map to warrant a second release.
Size: 20 x 10


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13 days ago
(edited 13 days ago)

Reduced height contrast, raised sea level, added decals, flipped map to friendlier angle, added centre mexes, removed centre tower, added 2 extra towers near the top-centres of both sides, added bot pathing into the sea, removed unpathable stairs
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12 days ago
(edited 12 days ago)

How much testing did the previous version had? Can this one just be featured? Also, did the cliffs get significantly shorter? I thought that the previous map looked striking but this is a bit flat. Perhaps the cliffs could be taller but not as extremely tall.
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12 days ago
This is a rather unique layout so I'd prefer to play some games on it beforehand.
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12 days ago
From the games I've played, the word this map could be summed up with is 'chokey'. Flatness is offset by the towers blocking line of sight and pathing, spiders are strong but not ridiculous, artillery is good on the flats but has huge trouble getting a clear shot to discourage spam. The centre is always heavily contested, especially the choke at the triangle tower to gain access to the middle arm, and also the two towers to the north-centre as they provide the only cover for mid. Chokiness is only accentuated by the 'void space' in between the arms of the map, as most ground units have no option to cross the deep water.

Sea play is viable. Amphibs have the option for slow flanks through water (see the end of B472092) and ships are very good and can raid a lot of mexes but are easily countered by most cons, able to build directly into the water around the choke points at the central arm and the 45 degree arm. These narrow water canals along the bottom of the map allow easy scouting of water-based raids and can shut down offensive ship play with sufficient investment. Hovers cannot access and exit the sea without a ramp, keeping them in check; otherwise, they would be ridiculous.

Gunships and air, in general, are pretty normal when used in the centre, but are very good when used to flank.

Players tend to start mainly on the lower arm, but with at least one person on the upper arm. Jump commander is very good for getting around and rushing the central arm.

Otherwise, map is fairly standard for current meta. Vehicles are on par with bots, with the small speedbumps towards the map's centre not discouraging most play. Sea and air switches have seen success, but a lot of frustrating chokepoint play may see players forego this map in favour of more conventional maps.
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12 days ago
(edited 12 days ago)

Making the various centre-bottom platform edges into the sea mostly hover passable would go some way to reducing the choke.

Perhaps reclaiming some of the south from the sea into more platform.

20 x 10 is unfortunately a very porc shape by definition even before you add in terrain.

If it can be done without damaging the textures too much, I think you'd get a lot of benefit from scaling down the height & texture maps and turning this into a 16x12 (more sea?)
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