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Incandescence 2 Supported

By qray, TheMooseIsLoose

Rock island (~14x14) surrounded by lava. Up to 10 players (north west vs. south east) - metal income adjustable. Licence: Scripts GPL 2.0, map CC BY 3.0. Credits: Skybox - Beherith. Detail textures - Beherith, jylhis (http://jylhis.deviantart.com/). Volumetric clouds - Anarchid, jK. Lava - The_Yak, Knorke, Beherith, Anarchid, Audionautics, e__ (freesound.org), Kloot, [BoS]nixtux. Using map blueprint by jK.
Size: 16 x 16


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5 months ago
Refreshed qray's lavamap with @Ivand 's updated lava shader. Brighter tex, smaller archive size (40mb instead of 70)

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5 months ago
(edited 5 months ago)

looks nice.

In terms of gameplay, the terrain obstacles are wide and high enough to block skirmisher and artillery fire and allow shorter ranged units to use them as cover.

some suggestions:

- metal spots should contrast more with the terrain (for example, brighter center and darker outline). I also dislike the purple color.

- the orange "lava cracks" on the island look weird. The map might look better if they were removed

- translucent lava looks weird if you zoom somewhat close to it. It should be opaque

- the island itself should stick out more from the surrounding lava level. There's no point in having gently sloped lava beaches your units can run into by mistake and get cooked

Weapons explode on lava with water CEG (there's a relevant fix on the engine https://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=5993). Either way, an idea would be to not use water at all, use terrain type speed modifiers to stop units from going into it and apply the damage through lua instead.
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5 months ago
Looks great! I wished that there were more lava maps!
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5 months ago
Anakin I've got the high ground!
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5 months ago
lookin good
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5 months ago
Please report any issues with regards to new lava look on this map (Low FPS, compilation errors, visual artifacts, etc.) in this thread.
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4 months ago
map is fun should be played more
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2 months ago
How come speedmetal is good enough to be whitelisted in public hosts, but maps like this one are not?
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2 months ago
Because I missed the release. Supported.
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2 months ago
Downloads: 53
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Random mapvotemadness: over 9000
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