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Twin Lakes Park 1 Featured

By TheMooseIsLoose

Tall mountains and many passes. Large teams.
Size: 24 x 20


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22 months ago

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22 months ago
Supported. Produce some replays to get featured.
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22 months ago
looks really cool, maybe a smaller version for 1v1?

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22 months ago
Can maps get featured now? I thought that was unfeatured since steaming.
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22 months ago
The problems with touching feature status at release were:
  • Steam package would not contain campaign maps if they were not also featured. This prevented unfeaturing maps that were used in the campaign (which then prevented featuring a newer version due to the no-duplicates policy). This has been fixed in that there's a .txt file with an exception list which contains all the maps.
  • people need to have all the MM maps downloaded to queue up for MM. This is still valid, but I believe MMing a map just before a Steam content update is fine.
  • people doing !map in a populated room could put some downloading strain on the server, we couldn't risk that on release but should be fine now.
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14 months ago
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Map is now completely broken for some reason, game fails to start.

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[f=-000001] Error: [LuaRules::RunCallInTraceback] error=4 (LUA_ERRMEM) callin=LoadCode trace=[Internal Lua error: Call failure] not enough memory
[f=-000001] [LuaMemPool::LogStats][handle=LuaRules (unsynced)] index=18446744073709551615 {numAllocs[*],allocSums[*]}={0,0} {int,ext,rec}Allocs={0,15069745,0} {chunk,block}Bytes={0,0}
[f=-000001] [LuaMemPool::LogStats][handle=LuaRules (synced)] index=18446744073709551615 {numAllocs[*],allocSums[*]}={0,0} {int,ext,rec}Allocs={0,15069745,0} {chunk,block}Bytes={0,0}
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12 days ago
Wtf is wrong with the start "boxes"
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11 days ago
The start boxes attempt to constrain drop points to areas flat enough to build factories, unfortunately end result is just too small.
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