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ZeroWars v1.401

By petturtle

made for zero-k
Size: 16 x 6


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East isn't spawning units. Here as well. Version unplayable.

Sidenote, bold subversion from core game... expect a lot of negative feedback due to big changes.
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9 days ago
New meta is trying your hardest to start on the west side
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9 days ago
Whichever team is the upper team in lobby seems to start in west.
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5 days ago
i like the new units but the overall experience was less fun than the older 1.32 version.
CM starting on the lane isn't a good idea. because CM are important, players rush defences first in the middle of the map. who gets middle of map first often win
we should get the choice of going there or not like in older version.
by the time one CM tries to take mid there would already be some potential threat running around while here all starting units get reckt by CM and basic defence.
in older version you would go eco and some units first which would start unit battles sooner and get chaotic way faster with a wider array of choices.

in conclusion, the new units , nexus design, anti air tower on the side are a plus. but gameplay wise older version is more fun. (like v1.32)
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