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ZeroWars v2.0.5 Supported

By petturtle

made for zero-k
Size: 16 x 6


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13 days ago
Sometimes the big constructor doesn't spawn, which results in the waves not spawning.
See top right in this replay
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13 days ago

This is caused by spawning extremely close to the right edge of the Startbox.
Apparently the builder itself spawns a little bit to the right, which avoids the check for builders on a platform -> no wave spawn for that platform.

This is hopefully fixed in the next version and can be avoided by not spawning at the right edge of the startbox or !exit when you notice a small builder spawns.
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12 days ago
Was the OP strategy of spawning everyone on the same platform fixed?
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11 days ago
Maybe this was outlined earlier, but can someone explain the eco regarding ZW now?
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You make units, and each unit generates a different amount of energy, which it says on the unit. Cheaper units give more energy relative to their metal cost, so cheaper units can be used to build economy. When your wave spawns, you get metal equal to your energy income. Also, your hero gets metal by killing stuff.

The solution to the multiple-people-on-one-platform problem is to make it so the total income of all people on a platform combined, is the same for all platforms (if everyone makes the same units). This ensures that when a platform spawns, the wave is the same size regardless of which platform it is.

To do this it is first necessary to alter the initial metal amounts at the start of the game depending on how many people are on the platform. If there are 3 people on the platform, each should get 1/3 the normal starting amount, so the total metal for each platform at the start is the same.

After that, if each person gets the full metal income for their units at the same intervals - such as each player getting it with every wave - that should work out, if you don't consider the heroes. Due to the initial amounts being lower, each player on a crowded platform will have a fraction of the units, so their later income from those units will also be proportionately lower without the need for another adjustment.

Considering the heroes, hero income should be divided by the number of people on your platform.

Alternatively: give each player the same amount of income (if they make the same units), and spawn one player at a time instead of one platform.
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11 days ago
Also, your hero gets metal by killing stuff.

That got removed. You only get eco by building units atm.
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10 days ago

It seems thunderbirds do not attack, even if set to fire at will
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9 days ago
Ive seen TBs work but not work sometimes, temperamental. Thyre actually quite good with a few to counter shield spam which is the long game win tactic imo
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2 days ago
Some comments:

-Drone spam is too powerful at start, you can counter but only just and needs to be perfect.

-annoying waiting for hero to unlock after death, like its stuck, then gets enabled, needs indicator or something to say its not available yet.

-energy resource is irrelevant?
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