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Mechadansonia v1.02 Matchmaking pool

By Dregs

Once a vibrant island, Adansonia has now been claimed by the machines.
Size: 16 x 14


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18 days ago
Oil water makes F2 pathing vision sad

I had no idea this was possible and doesn't seem all that intuitive in-game:

I guess it shows up on the pathing vision minimap at least
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18 days ago
Oil water makes almost everything invisible. Amph unites are invisible. Their projectiles are invisible. Their selection circles are invisible. It should be toned down.

Also I think the sand in the middle is too bright, especially for cloaked units.
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18 days ago
Agree with the above and have noted all of these issues. Anyone is more than welcome to alter the brightness/water variables and re-submit the map to Aqua for alteration to the pool. I'm still in poor health and the 2020 map update gave me map burnout on a heavy level, which is one of two reasons why I'm not rushing to update this map. The other, less relevant to the aesthetic, reason is that I think the map is fundamentally flawed from a gameplay and factory balancing point of view.
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17 days ago
For reference:

I have not played it that much but I feel like the layout is an improvement on Adansonia. The land paths are slightly straighter. Also I like the blocky vs. sandy style.
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I made a sun and water override: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/commit/60c44f90f9ac93ae413d553e8776a7563ec97b30

it is possible to see units underwater and the shallow ripples reveal the shallow parts. The river looks a bit worse, but I did what I could with the parameters.
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16 days ago
Really appreciate you stepping in and sorting that out. It looks better than I imagined it might.
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