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Sunrise Dynasty Mission 3 Test 1

By AUrankSortale
Sunrise Dynasty Mission 3 Test 1

Players: 1
Map: Industrial Revolution v1
Game:Zero-K v1.4.10.2
Created:5 years ago
Changed: 5 years ago (revision 130)
Played: 23 times
Rated: 0 times
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5 years ago
Tested this. Have following complaints:
1) Having a cloakable commander with a "get into biovizier range" objective means that all the other units are plain unnecessary. It is quickest and easiest just to sneak around e v e r y t h i n g (except that flea pack).

Possibly the last line of defense could feature patrolling fleas, or even infiltrator or two. Or just strip that cloak.

2) Victory doesn't stop the starship counter.

3) Nothing else happens on victory (ofc i understand that's this is a WIP)

4) Should have some notification about when reinforcements have arrived, complete silence makes them easy to miss!

5) Should mention that the actual things you'll be hunting for would be pylons and not fusions/moho. A new player won't know that pylon links things, probably.
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updated the mission.

1. commander is not cloakable (I don't know how she can cloak).

2. Victory and defeat should stop all counter now.

3. Nothing will ever happen on Victory or Defeat until the full campaign is finished or the Devs decide to implement.

4. Added notification and sound (not sure if enough).

5. Added script about pylon (not sure if enough).
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5 years ago
Hehe, did another test.

1) Morphs are not locked for the player - so i lent myself to a Crabe, and then, using reclaim, a Scorpion.

2) Terraform is not locked. I considered using this to make a Crabe Spire, but then i made scorpion.

3) It is possible to just murder Biovizier with the Scorpion rather than "confront him" :P
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thank you for helping Anarchid. you have been a big help.

1. Morph is now disable.

2. Terraform is now disable.

3. it is not possible to kill Bio-Vizier as victory condition accept him to be lower than 1000 hp. (you will win before you kill him)
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5 years ago
Fail condition, time out, did not work for me.
I am liking these missions but they are way to hard for new players.
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5 years ago
Some how the countdown was deleted, new countdown replaced. ty GBrankfishfinger.

these mission are after 3 tutorial mission not to mention there are 2 ways to accomplish this mission

however, if later feedback indicate too high difficulty, I will make it easier.
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