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hovercraft tutorial beta007

By snoke
what are hovercrafts and what are they good for? Can you eat this?

Beta 007

Players: 1
Map: FolsomDamCoreV0.95
Game:Zero-K v1.4.10.2
Created:7 years ago
Changed: 7 years ago (revision 6)
Played: 116 times
Rated: 0 times
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7 years ago
This is awful in about every way imaginable. You can't build things when you actually need them, you can't control any of your units so they suicide themselves, and then your fac gets killed by a dante because it takes like 2 minutes to build a penetrator and one minute for the dante to get to your base.

Also what's the point of having a sniper if you aren't countering it with daggers? Having the ai ally build fleas totally defeats the purpose of this mission.
+0 / -2
For a mission that only lets you watch without any kind of interaction it takes too long imo. 15 Minutes to watch Scalpel, Flea, Mace, Penetrator and Halberds doing fight move. A simple fix could be using nocost so the player doesn't have to wait 2 minutes for the Penetrator to be built..

The mission broke for me after I built 20 Halberds instead of five. (The first five halberds suicided succesfully, but then nothing happened)

I like how you are trying to show the effectiveness of having a scout in the enemy base as well as demonstrating the weaknesses of Sniper and Dante.
+2 / -0
7 years ago
Yeah, I think the main problem is not being able to control anything or make decisions.

Perhaps this format works better as a video? You could then narrate the important points and make the boring bits less boring.
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