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Unit Classes Tutorial

By MYrankAdminHistidine
An introduction to unit classes in Zero-K.

Players: 1
Map: La Isla Bonita v1.1
Game:Zero-K $VERSION
Created:17 months ago
Changed: 9 months ago (revision 11)
Played: 12 times
Rated: 2 times
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17 months ago
Good tutorial. Some feedback:

-Features are all removed. Intentional? Maybe a good thing.

-Mission starts zoomed out very far, would be better if camera focused on the relevant units and targets

-Some objectives instruct the player to use attack move, but don't explain how do to this (Select units, A key, and left click)

-Warriors don't respond to being attacked, they just stand there and die

-Attempting to use attack move with the impaler results in it running away, spinning in circles, and not attacking anything

The last 2 may be unitAI issues, not specifically due to this mission
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17 months ago

- Features being removed is intentional, yeah (the trees were getting in the way).
- Attack move is already covered in UI tutorial, but a reminder could be useful.
- For the Impaler, perhaps I ought to just set it to Unit AI off instead of Hold Fire.
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17 months ago
- The tutorial states that the default attack move hotkey is F. It is not F, it is A.
- Try giving the Warriors some LOS on the Rockos, they might respond when attacked.
- The Bandit scares the Impaler away. Why is it there? Also, I cannot reproduce the Impaler spinning issue.

Overall, pretty good. Anti-heavy was an overlooked category though I am not sure it is needed/useful as heavies tend to have diverse counters depending on the unit.
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17 months ago
Fixed hotkey and warriors (and camera and Impaler AI in the revision before that, a few hours prior).

Bandit is there mostly to show that Impaler can't hit moving target. If that feels pointless I could take it out.
(Couldn't reproduce Bandit scaring away Impaler, its unit AI is turned off)
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