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Robot Survival


Maintained by USrankPetTurtle
Last updated 16 months ago
Created 16 months ago
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13 months ago
Mod is fun issues with it sometimes cause crashs don't know why. Maybe with spawning since it everytime something spawns. prob needs update and also idk why but is it meant to be beatable if not I will just like to know.
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4 months ago
the mod bug ? every time the detri final go into base at start

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4 months ago
ok its not on every map
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4 months ago
Can bunker buster please cost more than 1 metal? It creates some rather poor interactions with avoid bad targets unitai ignoring it for being 1 metal
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15 days ago
Advise for players: for some reason, you need to reclaim a lot/everything, otherwise waves is going to be much harder and boss will attack you much sooner.
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15 days ago
Error: [LuaRules::RunCallInTraceback] error=2 (LUA_ERRRUN) callin=GameFrame trace=[Internal Lua error: Call failure] [string "luarules/gadgets/unithandlers/dgun.lua"]:63: attempt to compare number with nil
stack traceback:
[string "luarules/gadgets/unithandlers/dgun.lua"]:63: in function 'GameFrame'
[string "LuaRules/Gadgets/unit_handler.lua"]:31: in function 'GameFrame'
[string "LuaRules/gadgets.lua"]:989: in function <[string "LuaRules/gadgets.lua"]:987>
(tail call): ?
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For some reason, it doesn't show some wave units in UI sometimes.
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