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Translating the game

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1 Hello! I'd like to know whether the game is translatable to any language. If that's the case, then I'd like to translate it to the Polish language. You can open the translation project on Transifex, and since it's an open-source game/project, it'll cost no money to translate it ( closed-source project translation costs money) . I think it'd be a win-win solution. I can ( pretty) reliably translate most of the game's content, but unit names would be troublesome for me. 1 Hello! I'd like to translate the game to the Polish language using Transifex ( https://www. transifex. com/ ) . However, in order to the Transifex project be 100% free, the game must not have any funding, revenue and/or commercialisation model, so I don't know whether it qualifies for the Transifex Open Source program.
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