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matchmaking & rank insecurity

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1 @cathartes but can't you see that you only lost 10 WHR? 1 @cathartes but can't you see that you only lost 10 WHR?
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3 Also WHR is garbage. It doesn't work when people are improving and they always do. Just at different paces. I don't have to play any games for weeks and if I win just a couple of games would equal the amount of daily grind.
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5 Tbh the current system simply promotes smurfing because of the way of how easy it is to gain ranking as a new player. The more you play the harder it is for you to climb. The system simply discourages players from playing the game. Oh yeah but true it is more accurate! Or is it? If I smurf and rank higher than my normal account is that smurf the accurate representation of my chance to win or is the old account with biased past record?
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7 The more you play the better you get at the game. Yet WHR just simply ignores that time and assumes that long term monthly improvements are more important.
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9 But hey I'm not a developer of this game and I clearly have no idea what I'm talking about.