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1 I fully understand that shit. . . this place is a cop bar siding with idiots and dobule set of rules for ones whos "in" and rest who just play recrationally. 1 [color=red]Repeat harassment - Moderation[/color]
2 \n
3 Talked with admins about banning you for some trivialities, on how it fucks up community, produced something as 3 a4 pages of text, but its like talking to cops here, who just smile and nod and say things as "sir" and "respectfully" to look in own eyes as somoene cool, and look for someething youll say that can be used against you, to use admin powers for own sexual release because they have nothing else in life... same as cops.
4 \n
5 Theres PA/TA on SpringLobby @moepmoep if you wanna have somethign similar, theres even a spaniard there as well (playing as me on potato computer), so you can scheme there vs catalunya together. (Viva la catalunya!)
6 \n
7 Hope youll find place as this:
8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2c17UAQKSU
9 \n
10 I remembered it being way less retarded than the copbar of here where everyone shits pants to do somethign cool and hide behind the rules all the time while being defacto self propelled piece of shit... (hi @_Shaman, lets make a deal, because you dont like what i say, stop being a self rpoelld peice of shit towards me and anothers who tell you to kill yourself, or to go and shoot the school, and i will stop sayin that if youll clean up your act, k? because snitching on me to admins will only further dig the hole youre in)
11 \n
12 Happy trails @moepmoep
13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpg1IvBo3fY