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ID A Name First Last Level Played Specced Posts AGS Ingame
393149USrankJack_Foxe75 minutes ago75 minutes ago00000 seconds
393148CArankneverkanever6 hours ago6 hours ago04002.82 hours
393147GBrankHdolf_Aitler6 hours ago6 hours ago04002.82 hours
393146USrankEven292813 hours ago13 hours ago00000 seconds
393145DErankSEGA_Empire16 hours ago16 hours ago00000 seconds
393144DErankMDigamma17 hours ago10 hours ago00000 seconds
393143DErankblackmans17 hours ago16 hours ago00000 seconds
393142USrankCuckSlayer22 hours ago21 hours ago14003.0108 minutes
393141unknownrankCuckSlyer22 hours ago22 hours ago00000 seconds
393140USrankJAZ24 hours ago8 hours ago00000 seconds
393139USrankMitotic28 hours ago28 hours ago00000 seconds
393138CHrankZenny33 hours ago9 hours ago46103.83 hours
393137FRrankHalicion33 hours ago33 hours ago00000 seconds
393136FRrankFeuilletHiver8833 hours ago18 hours ago34002.04 hours
393135CHrankFalconLeMechant35 hours ago12 hours ago46003.74 hours
Page of 5076 (76137 records)