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Newbie Guide Continued

This is supposed to be chapter two of the Getting Started guides. The successor to NewbieGuide. Topics are taken only from DidYouKnow. Explanations here will help when creating DidYouKnow-loading screens. The emphasis lies on basics. Not tactics, strategies, complex game or engine concepts & such.

NOTE: everything work in progress here

Advanced Guide

This guide is supposed to continue where the Newbie Guide left off. It is supposed to provide helpful information for any new or experienced player who got the basics down and it is meant to fill little gaps of important fundamental knowledge that even some top players might have. With links to more in-depth tutorials an essential guide for everyone!


Unit states

(Existance of unit states + very basic ones)
For a complete guide refer to Unit States

Command queuing

You can queue any command (attack orders, build orders, movement orders, patrol orders, repair orders, etc).

To do so, hold down Shift and give one or several units multiple orders. Holding down the *Space key* will allow you to insert an order at the start of the queue. If you hold down the *Space key and the Shift key*, the command will be positioned so your units will have to spend as little time traveling in total as possible. Note that this calculation ignores obstacles, it's nowhere near perfect.

Factory repeat

You can set your factories to repeat unit production (see Unit States). Any units you queue will be at the end of the queue upon completion. Holding down the Alt key when queuing a unit will add this unit to the front of the queue and *not repeat* it.

If repeat is currently on, alt insert will place the new unit after the one currently being built.
here (r) means a unit will be put at the end of the queue upon completion - "repeated"

If repeat is off, the current unit will be pushed back one spot (removing all current progress as if it were canceled) and work on the new unit will start immediately.

Placing markers, drawing, erasing

Hold down the key *below Esc*. Depending or your keyboard this could be a tilde(~) a circumflex(^) or something else. With this key held down, use your mouse..

Custom formations

Simply select a command and draw a line anywhere on the battlefield using the *left mouse button*. With no command selected the *right mouse button* will draw a move formation. Depending on your unit selection, one of the following will happen:

Works for the following commands:

Attack, Fight, Jump, Move, Patrol, Unload

To use a custom formation Attack or Unload order, you have to hold down the Alt key while drawing a line.

Area commands

Area commands will order units to perform a task on every "reasonable" and visible target. To use them, select a command and *press and hold the left mouse button, then move your mouse to set the size of the area*. This works for the following unit orders:

Attack, Area attack, Reclaim, Repair, Resurrect

Retreat is a special case

Note that there are various modifiers available for these commands. (For now) refer to http://springrts.com/wiki/Using_Orders for further information.


Most buttons have a shortcut (hotkey). It is either displayed right on top of the button or revealed when hovered over. To edit shortcuts, hold down Space and *left click on the command menu*. This will bring up a list of existing shortcuts.

For further information refer to Custom Keys.


Further manuals and guides can be found on the Manual page and in the forum's Strategy and tips section.

Map views

Build modifiers

(For now) refer to http://springrts.com/wiki/Using_Orders#Building_Buildings