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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions - Zero-K
(still under construction)


====1. I'm new to Zero-K. Where should I start?====
First you should read the [NewbieGuide "Newbie Guide"] and try some practice games against the AI.
You can also spectate some online games to see which things are significant. Some mission are designed for new player to get to know the interface and some basic gameplay ideas (e.g. Sandbox and 2v1. You can also access them from Zero-K lobby directly.

====2. How can I unlock commander modules?====
You have to visit the Zero-K Homepage (www.zero-k.info) and log in with your account. You can easily reach this page from the lobby through the "Home" tab.

====3. How do I gain rating? ====
You can gain rating (using the Elo rating) if you're winning multiplayer games. Based on you enemies' skill you will gain/lose more or less rating.

====4. How can I reach a new rank? How are they split?====
Rank system is based on user's level, which increases as you play:

====5. How much XP do I need to reach the next level?====
Mouse over the XP bar on the home page; the XP needed is displayed in the tooltip.
You can also calculate it yourself:

XP for next level = level `*` 80 + 20 `*` level^2
for instance:

====6. My FPS is low after some time have passed ingame. What can I do?====
Try to reduce your graphics settings. To do so, go to the Settings Tab on Zero-K Lobby and click Graphics Settings -> Run SpringSettings. Some system-intensive elements that you could tone down/disable are shadows and water type. Try a new game and probably change some settings again.

====7. I get ugly bubbles in the minimap/the whole screen flashbangs.====
Do you get bubbles like this?

This is a bug somewhere in Lua drawing with ATI/AMD and OpenGL.
Disable widgets that draw via F11 menu to find the problematic widget.
This should largely be fixed, if it still happens make a bugreport please.

====8. I have some game ideas. Where can I post them?====
Visit the Zero-K forum and pose your ideas in one of the sections.
Furthermore, you can create a new issue on our development site: https://github.com/ZeroK-RTS/Zero-K/issues

====9. What do all the ingame abbreviations mean?====
You can look up some abbreviations used ingame here in this list. Some abbreviations unrelated to the game can be looked up on this page. Another way is to ask players ingame.

====10. How can I support the game? Donations?====
On the one hand you can donate some coins so we can still pay the server costs. On the other hand you can support us by simply playing the game or hosting one of our web banners on your site. Thanks a lot! :-)

====11. How do I change my password? ====
Enter /changepassword <old password> <new password> in the lobby.

====12. I forgot my password / username. Help me pls!====
If you forgot your password / username please contact one of the server admins to receive your password / username. They will reset it to something and pm it to you.

====13. My game crashes/has graphical glitches. How do I fix it? ====
First check the troubleshooting FAQ on the Spring engine wiki and see if your issue is covered there. If you can't find a solution to the problem, you can file a bug report on our forum or Github development site.

====14. I have a bug report!====
You can post in the Help & Bugs subforum or make an issue report on Github (more technical). Please include diagnostic logs as appropriate; on the standard lobby client (Zero-K Lobby or ZKL) you can find them in Settings - look for the buttons "game diagnostic log" and "lobby diagnostic log." The former can also typically be found as infolog.txt in My Documents/My Games/Spring (Windows) or home/<username>/.spring (Linux).

====15. My question isn't answered here. Where can I ask my question?====
As above you can visit the forum and ask your question in one of the listed sections.<br>
You can also ask players ingame to get help.