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Basic GUI / Interface

Zero-K interface

The Zero-K interface is simply structured. See the image below and the related text to understand the basic interface view.


Number Explanation
1 Info Panel. Shows information about the selected unit (like health, build power etc).
2 Orders Panel. Includes Attack, Move, Fight, etc. This panel has 5 extra tabs for constructors, allowing you to build factories, Economic structures, Defenses, etc
3 Idle Constructors, Commander, and your factories production queue. If some of your constructors are idle the "M" will turn to yellow.
4 Player List. An overview of all participants in the game, also spectators. CPU load, Ping and alliance state are shown.
5 Message including chat and notification.
6 The resource bars show the metal/energy you have in storage, as well as your income and expenditure.
7 Menu. Open/Close it with "Esc". It allows you quit, change settings and move the interface.
8 Chat Log. Gives a history of notifications and chat.
9 Minimap. Units in combat will glow yellow, dying units red. You can issue orders here just as on the main screen. The buttons allow you to change the view (metal view, height view, etc).
10 This is the main playing area. Here you see a construction queue made with "shift".