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This manual page explains Influence Points.

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Influence represent the military presence and control that each faction exerts on a planet. A faction takes control of a planet after it gains enough influence and is then able to upgrade and use the planet's infrastructure.

Influence is primarily affected by the results of major battles between Commanders. Additionally, controlled planets send reinforcements through the wormhole network to project a small amount of influence onto neighboring planets.

How do Influence Points work?

Influence Points determine planet control:

A faction may gain Influence Points by attacking a planet. The base IP gain is 35 modified as follows:

The final IP gained depends on the outcome of the battle and the state of the winning side's Commander Center.

The maximum IPs possible on a planet is 100. If the IP awarded to the attacker pushes the total over the limit, the IPs of the other faction is reduced to bring the total to 100.


Armies of opposing factions do not like to coexist and so when left alone will slowly annihilate each other. While more than one faction has IP on a planet every faction loses 1 IP there per turn.


Wormholes allow neighboring planets to help each other out (by helping them stay on or convert to the 'correct' side). Every turn, wormholes convert a small amount of neutral IP on their own and neighboring planets to the IP the faction that owns the wormhole. They cannot raise the faction's IP past 50 on a planet not owned by that faction, and thus cannot be used to capture planets. Wormholes have no effect on planets with no neutral IP.