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Zero-K v1.1.7.0 - Air Update

The main aim of this update is to fix planes (although this can't be done all at once). Bombers are a bit slower and the area attack bombers have been nerfed. Shadow is lighter all around and must now dive to attack if it wishes to have any chance to hit mobile units. Diving has the tradeoff of exposing the bomber to ground weaponry. Fighter battles should be more controllable with reduced fighter damage and the addition of an ability for Avenger.

Two new units have been added. Trident should even up the battlefield between planes and gunships while Funnelweb is a Jugglenaut replacement with more abilities.

Lastly shield penetration of Flamethrowers and Gauss has been removed. This is to normalise the power of shields and aid in their balance.

New Units

Trident - We finally have an AA gunship. This slow gunship missile spewing gunship should allow the gunship factory to stand up to planes.

Funnelweb - A replacement of the Jugglenaut with less cost and more abilities. In addition to the Jugglenaut abilities this unit has a fixed Gauss Gun, a shield with a large battery and spawns attack drones.

Air Balance


  • Cost 450 -> 300
  • CruiseAlt 200 -> 220
  • Health 1200 -> 800
  • Speed 8.8 -> 7.6
  • Damage 1200 -> 800
  • Messed with projectile, now it is very easy to avoid if shot from high up.
  • Reduced dive height.
  • By default Shadow will dive attack against mobile ground units.
The intention is to reduce some 1000 range HP hardcounters, increase possibility of attrition and add some interaction with mobile units. Accurate ground units (eg riots or raiders) can act as a deterrent for Shadow strikes on mobiles.


  • Cost 320 -> 400
  • Health 660 -> 700
  • Speed 10 -> 8
  • Burn time reduced by 33%


  • Cost 600 -> 700
  • Speed 10 -> 9


  • Speed 9.5 -> 7,8
  • Damage reduced by 19%


  • Health 350 -> 400
  • Missile Damage 220 -> 150
  • Added 5x speed boost special ability


  • Damage 400 -> 600
  • Health 300 -> 350

AA Nerfs

We aim to reduce the hardcounter relationships between air and AA so here are some preemptive nerfs to AA which was particularly good against bombers.


  • DPS reduced 5%


  • Cost 300 -> 380

Shield Penetration

Flamethrowers and Gauss Guns no longer penetrate shields. These hardcounters were just a crutch holding back shield balance which works for all factories.

Takeover Mode

Ivica in in the process of adding a gamemode in which players can capture additional units via point control. It is currently in development but is still playable in this stable. Full details are here: http://zero-k.info/Forum/Thread/5167


  • Added more visibility settings for commands. These are found in Settings/Interface/Command Visibility.
  • Unified F4 hotkey to show economy. F4 now shows overdrive grid, metal spots, geovents, and highlights reclaim.


  • Fixed metalconfigs for Brazillian_Battlefield_Remake_V2, Altored_Arctic
  • Reduced the value of megamexes in Aberdeen6v6_Fix, now worth 2.2

Zero-K v1.1.6.0

After a three-month delay, huge cost overruns and the resignation of the Czech president, a new Zero-K stable is finally out! This one makes long-awaited balance changes to some particularly notorious units, and swats a good number of the most annoying bugs. Enjoy!

(The engine update will have to wait a little longer, we're still getting some bugs worked out)



  • Damage 50 -> 20


  • HP 190 -> 200

Bandit (through many engine changes) ended up with DPS which was 20% too high. This has been fixed.


  • Cost: 1800 -> 2200
  • Range 1250 -> 1200
  • Aimpoint to make it less able to hide behind terraform walls


  • Now has disruptor beams each does 250 damage and 500 slow damage every 2 seconds (was 60 damage every 0.5 seconds)


  • HP 380 -> 450


  • HP 700 -> 840
  • Raw turnrate 329 -> 400


  • Changed mound shape such that bots cannot pass them. This alleviates the factory based hardcounter and forces Shieldbots to use Dirtbag more intelligently, mindless spam could hurt yourself. Impassible area is about the size of a Windmill.
  • Cost 20 -> 35
  • Multiple Dirtbags no longer spread out when jumping on a single point
  • Units bounce off mounds, it is now much harder to trap units by jumping on them. Quake (Seismic Missile) causes units to bounce around in the effected area as well.


  • Coverage 2000 -> 2500


  • Inherits land/fly state from factory


  • Fixed Leviathan tacnuke failing to fire
  • Allied units obstructing a factory will automatically get out of the way
  • Fixed a number of bugs with unit wreckages
  • Fixed lag monitor returning units captured by the enemy if the original owner lags
  • Fixed keybinds not working on first run
  • Fixed various mistakes in Award gadget
  • Carrier and commander drones are now captured along with their parent
  • CAI checks if a mex spot is reachable before trying to cap it
  • HLT fires from correct barrel
  • Fix to Lups distortion effect
  • Fix non-standard Spy self-destruct time


  • New awards: Loot & Pillage and Traffic Cop
  • Head Hunter award counts captures that last to the end of the game
  • "Overwhelming numerical advantage" threshold (when weaker team's units are revealed) occurs at 25:1 unit value ratio, instead of 100:1.
  • Hide comm processing debug messages
  • Map Edge Extension only enabled by default on High and Ultra graphics
  • Easy Facing only affects factories

Zero-K v1.1.4.0 with Spring 94.1

After fighting through a swarm of bugs we are ready to release a version of Zero-K compatible with Spring 94.1. We've been hard (and slow) at work fixing compatibility issues and working around new engine bugs. There are many important fixes in this engine version so hopefully it has been worthwhile.

Non-ZKL users will need to update their engine but with the appearance of Weblobby and static builds for Linux this should be easy.


Pathfinding around terrain has been significantly improved. This is most noticeable for units with low slope tolerance and large turning circle. Units get themselves stuck on terrain much less often.

Plane related bugs have been fixed. There should no longer be an occasional plane which misses the airpad and has to be reclaimed. Bombers can be given orders after an attack ground order without messing up their queue.

Area of effect damage is now based on distance to hitsphere instead of distance to the center of a unit. This makes a lot more sense and fixes issues involving large units not take damage unless hit directly.

Apparently the whole game should run significantly faster.

Other Changes

Bertha, Tremor, Pillager, Disco Rave Party, Behemoth, Warlord and Catapult no longer avoid terrain when aiming. This is either because they are good at knocking down walls or because they are too inaccurate and high trajectory for terrain to matter.

Gauss weapons deal predictable damage based on the footprint of the unit they are targeting. Scrubber damage has been increased from 90 to 110 to counteract this.

Chicken Swarmers can form writhing masses which packed densely enough. Watch out, they can flow over small barriers.


  • Modified overall mex values for Evergreen_Haven-Redux-v02, MountDustmoreV3, Riverbedv2
  • Reduced center supermexes for FolsomDamFinal, Deadlands, Motkottava_Nakkivahvero-v01
  • Moved metal spot from on top of geo spot in AquariusCrossing
  • Fixed missing metal spots in Atuminoa, Quoth v1
  • Fixed some structure hitvolumes which were large enough for attackers to hide inside.
  • Outlaw vibrates when firing.
  • Fixed crash while placing Missile Silo caused by some graphics cards.
  • Fixed some small, rare crashes or bugs (as always).

(Image to use: http://imgur.com/AmyQucO)

Zero-K v1.1.3.6

Major changes for this version are the ability to use priority for stockpile and morph, a Stiletto nerf and changes to the way keybinds are handled. There are also a lot of code changes a fixes.

The keybinds change has reset all keybinds. Players which modified keybinds through the ingame menu will need to rebind them. Players using uikeys.txt have a few options for keybind migration. More information is here https://code.google.com/p/zero-k/wiki/KeybindFile.


For now we are sticking with the old engine (91.0) because the update has many bugs which we cannot fix. Most of the bugs which we can fix have been fixed.

Most of the remaining bugs are graphical bugs or crash bugs which occur for some people and not others. We cannot test for these bugs. To prevent future releases like this we just need some players to occasionally try the BLEEDING EDGE host to make sure it still works. Players who experienced bugs in 93.2 should do this frequently for now such that we can actually get an engine release that works.

Morph & Stockpiling Priority

Now you can set priority to morph and weapon stockpiling just like regular construction priority.


Large Shields:

  • 5% less regen rate (60 -> 57 in all 3 cases).


  • Stun Time 15s -> 13s
  • EMP Damage reduced by 10%


  • Can fire underwater


  • Health 1300 -> 850


  • The new ZK keybinds system is now operational. See here for more information https://code.google.com/p/zero-k/wiki/KeybindFile
  • More keybind-able buttons added to EpicMenu interface.
  • EpicMenu also allows player to use the old ui_keys.txt instead of the new ZK_keys.lua. Go to Settings/Misc to set this option.
  • F4 now will also highlight ally wrecks in addition to enemy wrecks.
  • Build ETA text now has an outline for better visibility.
  • More buttons for unit visibility widgets in Settings/Graphics/Unit Visibility and Settings/Interface/Selection. ie: XrayShader, Outline, Halo, TeamPlatter and Spotter widget.
  • Shadow setting now uses a slider.
  • Added a "Select Next Player" button to Settings/Interface/Spectating.


Nuclear and Singularity explosions now create a bright lighting effect. This requires the engine settings MaxDynamicMapLight and MaxDynamicModelLight to be greater than 0.


  • Various improvements in COFC operation, such as smoother unit tracking.
  • Map Edge Extension widget can now draw a curvature effect for the region outside the playable map (VFX). The fog effect at the playable map edge can also now be toggled.
  • Added Commander Info (Comm-n-Elo Startpos. Info) widget that shows ally commander selection.
  • The KeyboardMenu now has buttons for building units.
  • The ShowAllCommands widget will now always show commands for current selection when "Show only on shift" is enabled. Its settings are now in Settings/Interface/Command Visibility.


  • Added custom metal spots for PizzaTime_v02.
  • Added custom metal spots for StormSiege_v3.
  • Added custom metal spots for Grts_Messa_008.


  • Fixed Space+Click on player list not working.
  • Rapier wreck now use new model instead of old one.
  • Fixed commander facing direction during gamestart.
  • Fixed Weaver wreck/debris giving 12/6 more metal than it should have.
  • Fixed CAI continuing to work when its team is killed.
  • Fixed rare case of unit exiting factory and not going idle (NoStuckInFactory widget).
  • Fixed chicken queen kill award. Now players can get the queen kill award.

Add experimental impulse jumpjet option to ModOption. Requires Spring93.1.1++ and therefore is not enabled by default.

Zero-K v1.1.2.0

Forget the new engine version, we're going in! New graphics, some long-awaited balance changes, and even a funky new GUI skin await in this February's stable.


  • New models for Crane, Rapier, Valkyrie and Vindicator by Exit_Wound
  • New EMP missile trails
  • New slowbeam, Halberd & Buoy impact FX
  • Add flashing effect when a unit is resurrected
  • Fixed Dominatrix beam position
  • Fixed Detriment triple gun animation
  • Fixed normals on amphibs and some jumpbots



  • Cost 1500 -> 1800
  • Reload time 8s -> 10s


  • Main cannon range 700 -> 650


  • No longer deforms ground


  • Fixed divergence between continuous and pulse beams at long range

Firefly (companion drone):

  • Health 160 -> 200

Newtons are less effective against gunships.

Valkyrie accelerates and ascends/descends much faster (general buff, nerfs transport launchers).

All aircraft can be ordered to manually land at airpads, not just bombers.

Anti-air missiles can be fired at much higher targets depending on the missile's flight time.


  • Jump reload time 18s -> 15s

Disco Rave Party:

  • Yellow shot damage 0 -> 800

Wreckages for Flea and Gnat. Now all non-suicidal units (not Claw, Tick, Roach, Blastwing, Puppy, Skuttle) should have wreckages.

Fixed some impulse values for weapons (in particular, this includes a buff for Leveler, commander Riot Cannon and Concussion Shell, Disco Rave Party and Zenith).


Singleplayer (non-modular) comms can morph to higher levels.

Hellfire Grenade:

  • Reload time 16s -> 12s

High Power Servos:

  • Speed bonus 10% -> 15%


  • Keybinds are now saved to LuaUI/Configs/zk_keys.lua, rather than being hidden in LuaUI/Configs
  • Resorted many menu options to make the menu less cluttered. As a side effect, some options may be reset.
  • New GUI skin: Twilight
  • Any unit's description window can be accessed through Help -> Unit Descriptions
  • Binding a key to a unit command also binds Shift+key, if it was not part of the original keyset
  • Camera mode selection uses radio buttons
  • Construction priority has a floating icon (when Shift is held)
  • Added option for selection window background color
  • Fixed cursor transparency under certain hardware settings
  • Fixed clickable areas on chat
  • Fixed negative healthbars
  • Auto Reclaim/Heal/Assist is now under Units category in list


  • CAI checks for enemies near mex spots before attempting to mex
  • Constructors with jumpjets will use them to escape enemies


  • Speed mode is now a modoption
  • New chicken defense, the Rafflesia static shield


  • Persistent messages are stored in history; look better in non-default skins


  • Advanced (COFC) camera handles more smoothly and reliably; resets state with just Ctrl+Alt+middleclick (previously Shift was needed as well)
  • Widget settings are backed up at each run

Zero-K v1.1.1.2

Lots of improvements were made over the month. UI optimizations, bugfixes, a few new features. But not all the changes are good, for there's something strange in the neighborhood...

New Halloween Ghost Possession gamemode (beta)

A galaxy is in danger, a new supernatural foe, ghosts possessing robots are stirring up trouble for it's rulers. In this gamemode, you are required not only to conquer the galaxy, but make sure not to fall to ghost possession and become a sword that kills your own allies!

The rules are simple, damage (lower health to 1/3) or emp (any amount) to unpossess any unit or structure. There are 5 difficulty levels. Just pick up one and play with or against your friends with this supernatural foe that picks neither side!


  • AFK players transfer metal along with units.
  • New set of loading screens.


  • Peashooter benefits from modules.
  • Fixed Bombard Commander build power.



  • Cost 100 -> 120

Sumo - Weapon replaced:

  • Scorpion style weapon.
  • 120 dps each
  • 320 range


  • Damage 178 -> 220
  • Health 550 -> 680


  • Pulse 8% slower
  • Reload time 0.9 -> 0.95

Jumping units retain velocity and trajectory on morph

Merl renamed to Impaler


  • There has been a framework update which should dramatically increase performance. As a side effect some things look a bit different.
  • Fixed a major performance leak.
  • Set target command uses a circle instead of a rectangle by default.
  • Added Newton defense range ring.
  • Added persistent buildspacing widget. Buildspacing is now saved on a per-unit basis.
  • Reverted A and F hotkey swap.


  • SetTarget commands are now lost within 10-15 seconds from mobile units which out of LOS/radar.
  • Fixed tactical AI failing to jink on approach when set to hold position.
  • Fixed Nuke Silo's lack of self-damage.
  • Fixed units getting stuck in factories when queued orders are completed.
  • Fixed some labhax cases.

Zero-K v1.1.1.1

A new commander has been added with model by CaptainBenz. The effect of the energy investment reimbursement system has been reduced.


  • New Bombard Commander
  • Battle Commander damage bonuses halved; removed artillery options.
  • Strike Commander range bonus replaced with speed bonus (same percentages).
  • New Rail Accelerator weapon mod for Gauss Rifle.
  • Integrated Radar Module cost 450 -> 300.

Overdrive Reimbursement

  • Maximum repayment rate from 80% to 50%.
  • Energy source repayment factor from 150% to 100%.


  • Fix for lagmonitor transfers.
  • Probable fix for overdrive irregularities.
  • Fix Singularity reactor hitbox which could cause labhax.


  • Changed tooltips for Attack and Fight to make sense for their new default hotkeys; F for attack ground and A for fight. This is in line with all other RTS which use A for attack move.
  • This change barely affects current players because hotkeys are only set to default upon a setting reset.

Zero-K v1.0.12.3


  • Flamethrower units do not avoid shooting friendlies (prone to labhax)
  • Djinn automatically deploys when idle
  • Restore old vehicle slopemods. They are now better at climbing hills.


  • New heatray impact GFX
  • Dante and Bantha have idle anims
  • Fixed some irregularities with Dante's flamethrower


  • Unit icons rotate to face camera
  • Improved bomber dive tooltip.


  • Optimizations for terraform texture handler and reclaim HP handler
  • Image Preloader is always on; disables itself if running after game start
  • Units are instantly transferred when a player resigns using the give-when-afk system.
  • Fix Thug error on death.

Zero-K v1.0.12.2


Comm shield normalized with Thug shield:

  • Power 1000 -> 1250
  • Regen 14 -> 16

Commander Assault Cannon damage 320 -> 360

Comm Plasma Artillery (all versions) does 1/15 more damage

Dante can no longer turn while firing salvo. This helps prevent friendly fire.

Doubled teleport speed.


Fixed drone unit transfer behavior. Capturing a drone or carrier does not affect any other units. You can end up with drones housed at hostile carrier.

Fixed rare bug in which jumpers would not move into jump range.

Jump command is now removed at the end of the jump. This means shift-queuing a self-d command at after a jump command has the desired effect.

Fixed the origin of lines drawn for teleport, capture, shield link and jumphet UI.

Fixed error upon Bantha death.

Screamer automatically stockpiles and does not display how many missiles are queued to be produced, only how many it has in storage.


  • Prettier Flea and Dart weapon hit effect.
  • Dirtbag has a jump animation.
  • Added map icons for missiles.
  • Increased Outlaw pulse transparency.
  • Added linking arc from teleport beacon to the unit it is teleporting.

Zero-K v1.0.12.0


Structures are impossible to cloak with the exception of Claw (Wolverine Mine) and Sneaky Pete. Additionally Sneaky Pete can now self-cloak.


  • HP 7k -> 6k.


  • Pulse propagates 4x faster.
  • Slow Damage 55 -> 75
  • Normal Damage 75 -> 50

Removed targetmoverror for Scallop, Venom, Faraday and Warrior. They are better at hitting small fast things.

Firewalker and Tremor will fire even if a feature is obstructing their "aim".

Battleship and Behemoth can target gunships.

Comm Slowbeam Weapon

  • Range 350 -> 400


  • Added Amphibious Factory to transport AI handling.
  • Commanders gained after the battle starts are now spawned in the middle of the startbox.
  • Single CAI spawns commanders in the middle of the startbox.
  • Multiple CAIs on a team will spread out commander spawn locations.
  • Fixed missing Blackdawn wreck.


  • New LLT model.
  • Tidal generators have a proper wreckage.
  • Rounded wheels for various Vehicles and Tanks.
  • Improved Detriment and Bantha walkscripts.
  • Messed with ally colours slightly.


  • Replaced chicken comm penalty with Commander Junior.
  • Added reasonable metal spot layout for Cooper Hill.
  • Added "wasMorphedTo" UnitRulesParam to indicate that unit creation was due to morph.

Zero-K v1.0.10.8

A moment of free time spawns a flurry of much needed fixes. Pathing should be improved. New wreck models by psimyn.


  • Outlaw decloaks while firing using the on/off toggle.
  • Rogue stands higher and is now much less prone to friendly fire.
  • Units no longer decloak when they vigorously bump wrecks.
  • Fixed bomber jamming.
  • Fixed Stiletto aiming AI. It can now be left to it's own devices if you do not feel the need to specify bombing run direction.
  • Blackdawn footprint 2x2 -> 3x3
  • Fixed some amphibious unit deaths, they were gibing to easily.


Increased Tank, Vehicle, Ship and Hover deceleration. They should become stuck less often.

Increase Tank and Vehicle slopemod to that of Hovercraft. They are now slower when climbing ramps. This change aims to make Tanks and Vehicles avoid areas which they can become stuck.

Applied a fix which should improve global pathfinding and make ramps update faster.



  • Shoulder weapon replaced with old vertical launch missile. The missile smooths terrain.

The changes to Rapier and Gnat are from 6 days ago.


  • Cost 70 -> 90
  • Speed 8 -> 7.5
  • Damage 320 -> 400
  • HP 175 -> 300
  • EMP time 7s -> 2.5s
  • Reduced strafe distances so it is consistently within range
  • Dramatically reduced accuracy. It is much worse against small units and turrets.


  • Range 340 -> 360


  • Added psimyn's wreck models for Angler, Archer, Duck, Djinn and Racketeer
  • Display DPS widget disables on F5 (gui hide).

Zero-K v1.0.10.2

After much debate, the Impulse Capacitor Restriction Act was passed in Parliament this morning over the vehement protests of the Non-Newtonian Physics Association.

Other important changes include several optimizations to the code and a large number of bugfixes.


  • Several bits of construction-monitoring code have been removed to speed the game up. As a side effect, boost starting resources have been removed from the game.
  • Fixes for gunship "impulse capacitors"
  • Muting players should work properly now
  • Fixed Serpent omnidirectional torpedoes
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to steal resources from allies by sharing a negative amount to them
  • Factories "push" enemy units out of their build areas more precisely
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to create a ZK mission in Mission Editor


  • Fixed a widget crash when Local Colors was disabled
  • Fixed advanced camera go-to-point behavior
  • Rejoin progress bar no longer steals clicks; is dockable
  • Terraform indicates expected total cost (usually an underestimate) in tooltip after construction starts (previously it only displayed before any work had been done on the terraform block)
  • Aircraft "land at" state icons have had their colors reversed; now "land at 30%" is red and "land at 80%" is green
  • Added "/cba clear" command to the Central Build AI widget to clear all build queues at once

Zero-K v1.0.9.11


  • Added Knorke's replay control widget.


  • Implement CaptainBenz's Detriment model.


  • Disable lagmonitor sharing of unit being built by factory.
  • Fixed extra second comm never spawning if you don't choose your comm type before game start.
  • Fixed coop mode bug, where a player could spawn comm two times if he didn't choose his comm before default comm spawned.
  • Stopped AIs that don't pick a comm type (such as NullAI) from using the same comm as the player and spawning after a delay (now they spawn immediately and with default comm).

Zero-K v1.0.9.7

Climbing higher.



  • Range 820 -> 840

Phoenix, reverted fire burn time nerf. AoE nerf stands.

  • Max on fire time 10s -> 15s


  • Can no longer resurrect
  • Health 800 -> 1300


  • Can now resurrect
  • Health 200 -> 400
  • Speed 9.17 -> 7
  • Cloak cost (3, 10) -> (2, 5) (moving, static)

Jumpjet units without visible thrusters can no longer jump while flying through the air. This includes Sumo, Skuttle, Dirtbag and Archangel. Pyro, Can, Freaker and Recon Commander can still jump from mid air.

Resurrect cost: 1.5x -> 1.25x energy and time


Reduced unit on fire effect particle count and removed smoke.

Terraform textures the map with a metal texture. This looks good, makes terraform more visible and indicates which units can walk on it.

  • Sparse squares as passable by everything.
  • Steeper slopes have dense squares and are not passable by vehicles.
  • Black walls are only passable by spiders.


  • Minimap "clear" button removes all drawings.
  • Minimap metal map button displays mexes and geos without changing map to black.
  • Changed default colors for line of sight view to be much more brighter and bound F4 to new metal map display.


  • Removed ATI/Intel driver checks and compat. options, most drivers now work fine.
  • Added multithreaded engine checkbox.

Engine Fixes

We have been using the new engine Spring 91.0 for a little while. It seems stable enough and comes with new fixes.

  • Crashing planes no longer fall through the map if stunned.
  • Beam Lasers and Lightning Guns are no longer blocked by stunned shields.
  • Lightning Guns can no longer shoot into water.
  • Fixed all the strange 'Defender does not fire' type behaviour.
  • Fixed rare issue with nanoframes reaching 100% health but not completing.


  • Weapon targeting should be a lot more intelligent.
  • No damage is dealt after an Outlaw dies. This is a workaround for allied units receiving damage from allied outlaws which die.
  • Fixed ATI minimap bug.
  • Reduced occurrence of bomber and gunship landing bugs.
  • Jumpjets no longer act as an impulse capacitor.
  • Fixed units sometimes not flashing blue when emped and the UI is disabled.
  • Fixed UI keys bug.

Zero-K v1.0.8.7

The constant cycle of improvements continues.

Note: many of these changes were in previous stables following v1.0.8.1, just not disclosed because they didn't merit news posts on their own.



  • HP 10k -> 9k


  • Replaced flamethrower with short ranged slow beam. 3x damage and reload time as that of Moderator.


  • Cannot eat map features.


  • AoE 256 -> 216
  • Max on fire time 15s -> 10s


  • Cost 200 -> 180


  • HP 300 -> 350
  • Missile Damage 200 -> 220
  • No longer auto targets ground units when patrolling.


  • Speed 10 -> 9.5


  • Speed 11 -> 12
  • HP 850 -> 950


  • HP 180 -> 240


  • Can build Djinn


  • Fixed checkbox rendering
  • Old energy icon is now used for unpowered units.
  • Metal spot data is shown in replays.
  • Minimap can be resized when not in tweak mode but it cannot be expanded to take up the whole view.


  • Fixed amph factory killing things touching its backside (such as morphing geos).
  • Fixed tactical AI which broke due to new engine compatibility.
  • Merl has a "don't fire at radar" toggle.
  • Melee chicken attacks are no longer blocked by shields.
  • Initial states configuration now handles cloaked units properly.
  • Clippy complains less about energy.

Zero-K v1.0.8.1

The tides are shifting.


Out of combat repair speed reduced to 2x build speed (from 3x).


  • Range 330 -> 400
  • Torpedo speed 120 -> 200, turnrate 30k -> 20k
  • AoE 40 -> 48
  • Turret turn rate 150 -> 300°/s


  • Floats


  • Range 270 -> 300


  • Depthcharge damage 165 -> 180; fixed GFX


  • Range 350 -> 300


  • Turret turn rate 120 -> 180°/s


  • Capture speed against target with 0% health increased to 3x normal (was 2x)


Due to technical issues, commanders are limited to four profiles, which can morph up to level 4. We hope to bring back the others soon!

Commanders start at level 0 with no modules. They can morph to level 1 for no cost beyond that of the modules.

Zero-K v1.0.7.8

Some stuff you asked for (and some you didn't but was a good idea anyway). Enjoy!


If there are two teams left and one has over 100x the assets of the other, the smaller team's units are permanently revealed (and any units outside the map bounds are killed outright).

Overdrive scheme can be changed in modoptions. The options are:

  • Investment Return (default): Energy sources give all OD income to their owner until they have paid for themselves, after which it gradually declines to the normal sharing rate. Lifetime ROI (not counting normal share) is 150%.
  • Delta-based: awards bonus metal based on change in contribution to the change in OD energy input, relative to three minutes ago.
  • 100% share
  • 50% share (previous)


  • Improved chat console
  • Optimizations for several widgets (particularly the Deluxe Player List)


  • Improved LOS mode - displays radar with a blue outline at the edge of coverage. Radar colors are completely configurable in Settings/Graphics/Radar View Colors.
  • New Shadow model
  • New CaptainBenz models for Hermit and Infiltrator.
  • Big mushroom cloud (from Silencer) dissipates faster
  • New map icons for several energy structures, particularly solar and geos
  • Tweaked some award icons


  • Banisher range 460 -> 430
  • Crasher damage 400 -> 320

Start resources reduced:

  • Resources 650 -> 400
  • Storage 1000 -> 500


  • Baseline comm pays 50 metal for its beam laser

Zero-K v1.0.7.3 + Spring 89.0




  • Cost 100 -> 90
  • Range 850 -> 880

New AA vehicle, the Crasher. High focus on speed at the expense of range.


  • Infinite beacon placement range.
  • Beacon loses LOS and death explosion.
  • Doubled beacon placement time.
  • Throughput increased 60%.


  • HP 260 -> 300

Commander Disintegrator weapon no longer drains shields (on top of passing through them).

Notable Engine Changes

Spring 89.0 has some new features and fixes.


  • Unbuilt units with full health can now be built properly.
  • Lightning guns can no longer shoot into water (funny that nobody noticed this).
  • Beamlasers and lightning cannons are no longer stopped by stunned shields.
  • Stunned aircraft no longer fall through the map if they die.
  • Kamikaze units with hold fire will now explode if they have an attack command and are near their target.
  • Maybe fixed some targeting bugs such as units not firing.

New features:

  • All builders now have a green circle for their buildrange.
  • Unseen terrain does not update. This was in previous versions but now the update blocks are much finer and closely match LOS.
  • Terrain update was implemented properly engine side. The terraform texture is now only blocked by some people with broken graphics so it has been reimplemented as a modoption.
  • Hitvolumes and aimpoints are more configurable so many have been fixed and improved.

New bugs:

  • Selecting and giving orders to units which are icons is now difficult.
  • New targeting bugs. Apparently this one is not serve and it may already be worked around.
  • Pathfinding is probably broken in different ways. A few tests showed that units are much more likely to become stuck on terrain.
  • Bombers with a fight or patrol command will not fire.


  • added new category of hosts - Experienced players
  • lowered size of teams autohost to 18
  • clan size limit is now 8->16


  • Zero-K starts as "borderless fullscreen" by default (for users with Zero-K lobby - you can change it in settings)
  • Workaround for always-full resource and health bars with Catalyst 12.6 drivers
  • Fixes for Take Reminder
  • Updated Recluse and Tarantula buildpics

Zero-K v

Beware of sharks when swimming.


  • Added menu buttons for Set Target and Cancel Target
  • Attack warning removed for spectators
  • Possible fix for some crashes
  • Fixes to rejoin progress bar


  • Shield distortion FX removed completely from Felon; visible on larger shields only on Ultra settings


  • Fixed commander napalm artillery
  • Rocket launcher reload 3.2 -> 3
  • Artillery conversion cost 350 -> 300
  • Heavy napalm artillery damage 75 -> 100



  • Health 1600 -> 1750
  • Turn rate 416 -> 480
  • Damage 360 -> 480
  • Range 430 -> 330
  • Reload 2.6 -> 4
  • AoE 16 -> 40
  • Slower and better turn rate for projectile.


  • Torp Damage 130 -> 110
  • Torp Range 460 -> 430
  • Regen 25 -> 10


  • Health 1100 -> 800
  • Regen 20 -> 10
  • Rez cost and time increased 25% (same for comms too)


  • Firing arc 180° -> 270°


  • Depthcharge AoE 32 -> 128


  • Damage 50 -> 45

Fixes to some turret aiming issues


  • Regularized some map metal configs


This release mainly exists to fix the invulnerable Annihilator change of v1.0.6.6. Rapier is also slightly de-nerfed and maybe people won't cringe when new players make Archer.



  • Revert range nerf (320 -> 340)
  • Reduce damage nerf (180 -> 190)
  • Speed nerf instead (4 -> 3.9)


  • Regens at 1/8th rate anywhere.
  • 33% more impulse.
  • 16% more damage.


  • Annihilator is no longer invulnerable to most weapon types.
  • Underwater health regen disabled for unbuilt and emped units.
  • Fixed mah partially drawn relay lazor.
  • Fixed some torpedo sounds that were accidentally played globally.
  • Fixed rare player list problem.



  • added visual engine config editor


  • new nicer user tooltips




  • DPS reduced 20%


  • DPS reduced 5%


Restored old HP values. Their maximum base HP is now the same as before.

  • Strike Commander 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000
  • Battle Commander 3000, 3800, 4900, 6000, 7200
  • Recon Commander 1800, 2300, 2800, 3400, 4000
  • Support Commander 2000, 2500, 3000, 3700, 4500


  • Range 250 -> 200
  • Reload time 12s -> 16s

Hellfire Grenade:

  • Halved AOE


  • Fixed Crabes that can become stuck on each other.
  • An arbitrary set of units no longer emit smoke when cloaked.
  • Chat bubbles are now smaller and only show on markers and ally chat.
  • Spectator chat is yellow by default.




  • HP 975 -> 1100.
  • Slows to 50% speed when firing weapons.


  • Missile damage 160 -> 200
  • Missile reload 4.5 -> 5.2
  • This is a 8% buff theoretical DPS buff


  • Range 340 -> 320
  • Damage 200 -> 180


  • Fire angle 120 -> 180 (Fire arc is now a half sphere).


  • Sight distance 350 -> 200 so it is no longer ridiculously good at scouting.


  • HP 1300 -> 1100

Valkyrie moves vertically twice as fast. This makes it faster to pickup and drop. Also nerfs stratosphere transports.

Scorcher and Push Newton prefer close targets. Pull Newton and Jugglenaut prefer far away targets.


Commanders now have five levels. Intrinsic bonuses (HP and special stats) are much lower than before; make up the difference with modules. New base morph costs are 100/400/200/300.

Heatray module:

  • Cost 125 -> 100

Napalm Grenade:

  • Cost 50 -> 125
  • Reload time 12 -> 16


  • Transportiee mass is taken into account when applying gravity gun impulse.
  • A transportiee hit by a gravity gun will transfer the impulse to the transporter, so it is now possible to launch larger things when they are in transports.

Note that Valkyrie has about 90 mass and Skuttle has 200 mass.


Newton icon DefenceRiot -> DefenceSupport to differentiate it from Stardust.

Hacksaw and Chainsaw AA icons have a bar behind them, they are "skirm aa". This is to differentiate the icon from Razor's Kiss and Cobra.


  • Fixed the most recent Hammer Thing.
  • Baseline comm can be selected after custom comm.
  • Fixed reclaim HP gadget. Reclaiming a unit no longer reduces it's health.
  • Fixed strange damage reduction when tilted for Sumo.
  • Windmills now face the opposite direction
  • Fixed Crabe death clone.
  • Fixed Clam build time.


  • High or Low construction priority overrides builder priority.
  • Esc cancels terraform drawing.
  • Moving order-type stipple for settarget lines.



  • Metal/energy reserve must now be enabled in options (Settings/Interface/Resource Bars. Metal and energy reserve can be set independently of each other with right-click.
  • Bots get their own name in tooltip and awards screen rather than that of owning player.
  • Clippy Comments: Rank limit defaults to off
  • Mex circles are drawn at sea level rather than sea floor



  • Speed 2.1 -> 2.2
  • Range 440 -> 450

Tremor. The DPS buff in v1.0.4.17 was written as 23% but was accidentally 66%. The buff since before v1.0.4.17 is now 12.5% more DPS with 50% more projectiles.

  • Range 1400 -> 1300
  • Damage 200 -> 135


  • Range 1400 -> 1500 (back to pre-nerf that was ages ago)


  • Speed 1.5 -> 1.4
  • HP 1250 -> 1200
  • 25% larger hit volume and model

Amphibious units heal when underwater (because salt water is good for metal). This is to make them better underwater while no better on land.

  • Clam 20 hp/s
  • Duck 10 hp/2
  • Archer 20 hp/s
  • Buoy 25 hp/s
  • Scallop 25 hp/s
  • Grizzly 40 hp/s
  • Angler 20 hp/s
  • Djinn 30 hp/s


  • Auto heals 10 hp/s after 5s of taking no damage (same as Glaive)


  • 2x deploy and undeploy time


  • Weapon velocity 1000 -> 850
  • Projectile looks pointier.


  • Shield radius 100 -> 120
  • Requires 0.3 seconds to charge up before firing
  • Shield regen rate 20 -> 18
  • Range 440 -> 430


  • Shield regen rate 18 -> 16


  • Shield regen rate 10 -> 9


  • Decloak distance 150 -> 160
  • Jump speed 6 -> 5.2
  • Jump height 200 -> 120
  • HP 320 -> 250


  • HP 120 -> 175
  • Range 240 -> 260


  • Sight distance 506 -> 520. Otherwise units with 450 range can sometimes shoot LLT without LLT being able to see it.


  • Cost 1250 -> 1200


  • Both guns can now shoot in all directions.


  • Fixed clearing of bomber airpad reservations
  • Unit should no longer be able to hide in shipyard's hitsphere
  • Fixed some script error messages
  • Playerlist no longer cuts off at bottom in FFA


  • Commander Cluster Bomb and Scorpion's multi-stunner will ignore features in their path



  • Autoforce waits 75 seconds for missing people (instead of 30) and will not act unless at least two teams have at least one connected player
  • Admin muting applies ingame as well as in lobby (but only if mute was applied before game started); individual player mutes to follow



  • Acceleration 0.154 -> 0.08, brake rate 3.75 -> 1.8
  • Speed 3.4 -> 3.3
  • Reduced bomb count by 5


  • Cost 1900 -> 2000
  • Range 430 -> 400
  • Normalized sight distance to weapon range (was too high)

Big Bertha

  • Cost 6000 -> 5000
  • HP 4200 -> 4800


  • Normalized sight distance to weapon range (was too high)


  • Weapon no longer craters


  • Unit selection screen displays unit reload times
  • Comm selection screen should no longer appear when spectating
  • A warning appears at start of game if lava is enabled


  • Redid defenses - now they draw from a common pool which fills with PAR and burrow kills
  • Base tech penalty for each burrow kill is 40 seconds (from 60)
  • White Dragon no longer stomps
  • Tweaked aggro coloring in panel


  • Fixed Crabe script errors
  • Modified Venom and Crabe map icons



  • Added a resurrection award
  • Added rising lava, controllable with modoptions



  • Cost 125 -> 140 (12%)
  • HP 500 -> 560 (12%)
  • Damage 32 -> 50 (56%)
  • Speed 2.5 -> 2.8


  • Missiles fire over 2.8s instead of all at once (Shadow will drop its bomb before being killed)
  • Reload time 8 -> 10


  • Missiles are exclusively EMP; can be fired in a volley
  • Loses the super optic blast


  • Doubled terrain smoothing effect


  • Leaves a smaller mound


  • Range 450 -> 440


  • Missile slower, turns better

All vehicles, tanks, hovers and ships accelerate 3x faster

Fixed some building yardmaps

Terraform costs half as much

All units prefer not to fire at unarmed targets (including Dirtbag and Razor's Kiss)


  • Changed comm teleport effect
  • Tweaked sumo texture


  • Added progress bar for midgame join/rejoin
  • Fixed a bug where mexes could be placed off their spots
  • Float and Fire at Radar can be hotkeyed
  • Pause screen no longer closed with right-click; Space-click for options instead
  • Kamikaze units aren't counted for resign on self-d
  • Minimum weapon reload time for healthbar display can be changed
  • Build ETA can be set to display only on holding down Shift
  • Fixes to pylon circle drawing



Metals spots has been tweaked slightly for automatic compatibility with more maps. In some cases a map was too broken for this so an override has been added.

Anti-gunship AA has been nerfed slightly in the continued attempt to make gunships more useful. Jethro is now a cloaky AA unit and hopefully some sort of Veh AA can fill Jethro's old role.

The main UI changes are grid hotkeys for factory units and Outlaw has a button to constantly fire as well as an improved effect.

Metal Spots


  • Size of minimap circle now independent of map size.
  • By using larger metal icons the income visualisation can handle income up to 1000.

There are now configs for:

  • Azure Rampart
  • Charlie in the Hills v2.1
  • EE-RiverGlade-v02
  • Lava And Two Hills
  • Porky_Islands
  • TheBeachBeta


  • May have fixed desync in finder algorithm.
  • Fixed metal mult modoption.
  • Slightly reduced spot merge detection range.
  • Mexes with less than 0.2 income are discarded.


Jethro (cloaky AA):

  • Now cloaks (0.1 static, 0.5 moving)
  • Cost 100 -> 150
  • DPS increased 50%
  • Range 760 -> 700
  • Speed 3.5 -> 2.9

Archangel (Jump AA):

  • EMG dps is back to what it was before the XP change. This is a reduction of 30% from last version.

Cobra and Copperhead (flak cannons):

  • DPS reduced 10% (to try and make Gunships better).

Quake (seismic missile):

  • Cost 500 -> 400


Factory build options now have grid layout hotkeys. These work a bit differently to structure grid hotkeys.

  • Unit creation only requires one key press.
  • The hotkeys are always active when Units tab and a factory is selected.
  • Modifiers Shift (5x) and Alt (insert at start of queue) modifiers work with these hotkeys.
  • These may conflict with how some current people like to use the UI so there is an is an option "Settings/Interface/Integral Menu/Disable Units Hotkeys" to turn it off.

Set Target and Cancel Target are now bindable through the menu Game/Commands tab.

Outlaw can be toggled on/off to constantly fire. Improved weapon gfx to be cleaner and more accurately depict the AoE speed.


  • Fixed some wreck names.
  • 'Anti-Armor' units are now called 'Anti-Heavy'
  • Gauss now shoots through wreckages (it was suppose to and has done so in the past).


Today we throw off the shackles of broken metalmap layouts and confusing extractor incomes. No more will otherwise good maps be unplayable and no one can miss the clearly displayed power of super mexes. Mex placement now has a UI, is limited to specific spots and is entirely configurable game side on a per-map basis.

As far as balance goes Gunship roles have been extremified and Tremor has received quite a buff.

Mex Placement

Mex placement is now limited to specific locations on the map.


  • Mex placement snaps to mex spots.
  • Spot line width and I-Beam count indicates income.
  • Spot colour indicates whether the spot is under allied control.

Mechanic Changes:

  • Mex constructor no longer receives 5% extra base income.
  • Metalmap view cannot be used to increase scout view range.
  • Mexes now start as soon as they are built (previously there was a 3s delay to gather resource data).


  • Cloud metal maps with large extractor radius are not supported. Examples are Bazillion Battlefield and Castles.
  • Those with small extractor radius still work. For example Duck and Speedmetal.
  • Game-side configs can be added to completely replace a metalmap. This can be used to fix the few liked cloud metalmaps and to fix maps that look good but have broken metalmaps.


  • Area Mex, Mex Snap and Prospector have been removed and partially merged into a single widget.
  • If you disable this widget you're stuffed.

Ready behaviour change

Start location can now be chosen at any time and there is no ready button. The game with start 4s after every player has chosen a start location.



  • AOE increased 11%
  • DPS increased 23%
  • Impacts smooths terrain.

Weapononised terrain smoothing is reduced for mid air explosions (as in when projectiles impact a shield high above the ground).

Seismic missile can shoot underwater.

Brawler. It should emphasise range and not being hit by most land units.

  • Speed 4.7 -> 4
  • Uses more of it's range while strafing.

Blackdawn. Should be hit and run with ground interaction.

  • Speed 4.65 -> 4.5
  • Health 2900 -> 3400
  • Cruise Altitude 210 -> 150 (to compare Banshee is at 100)
  • Range 450 -> 300

Rapier. If it is going to defend other gunships it needs to be able to keep up with them and deal reasonable damage.

  • Speed 3.8 -> 4
  • Health 1300 -> 1100
  • Damage 150 -> 200 (1 shot better vs Vamp)
  • Range 300 -> 340

Banshee. This just needs to be a bit better.

  • DPS increased 5%
  • Range increased by 20

Gnat. Needs to be less extreme "completely win or die".

  • Health 90 -> 120 (This is over the Defender boundary, am I mad????)
  • Range increased by 20

Strider Hub:

  • Costs 550 -> 600m (for consistency)


  • Added laser overcharge special weapon.


Structures in the build menu are ordered by cost.

Geo hightlight activates when build geo is selected. Geos are now drawn on the minimap with a big X.

Bombers now require repeat enabled to retain an attack command.


  • Rector repair speed was too high.
  • Mex, wind, carrier, HLT, defender, LLT aimvolume tweaks. Allied units are better at shooting past them.
  • Fix Dante script error.
  • Initial state "hold position" preset should work reliably.
  • Fixed Archangel DPS


GUI improvements:

  • new keyboard controlled main menu
  • new button under minimap to turn on simplified color scheme (all alies blue, all enemies red)
  • default interface skin is now carbon (you can change that in settings)
  • game treats placing start position as ready -> its enough if people place start position, no need to click ready. When all people place position, game starts.

Minor GUI changes:

  • removed "gesture menu" interference - added option to enable it for groups of units - default off
  • scrolling with smoothscroll off is "apple style"
  • there is now option to remember minimap mode (LOS/radar views etc)


  • all "teams" hosts now balance clan-mates together. Join same planetwars clan to play with your friend there.


  • Tremor has extra 100 range


  • default LOS/radar display has nicer colors
  • units no longer fire at targets they cannot see

v1.0.4.1 - v1.0.4.5

Quickmatch Improved and Enabled

The quick matching system 'Juggler' has had improvements and has been re-enabled. Juggler preferences can now be set with Zero-K lobby and defaults to Never. Preferences are used to automatically search/create organise games with people that also want to play that kind of game.

QuickMatch is activated by button in Zero-K lobby multiplayer tab or by joining autohosts with Stars.

People who cannot use Zero-K lobby can set their preferences on their home page - "Game preferences".

There are now 3 levels of TEAMS host, small medium and large. These hosts will automatically start a game if the number of players is within their desired range. Automatic starting can be postponed with the command '!postpone'. Games which are too small can still be manually started and if a game is too large it will be split into two games with players sorted by elo. The game sizes are:

  • Small 2v2 - 4v4
  • Medium 4v4 - 8v8
  • Large 5v5+

Please pay attention to this and configure your preferences based on your likes.

QuickMatch creates games from waiting people according to their preferences to satisfy greatest number of people.

1) It tries to make game of similar ELO skill. For 1v1 max ELO difference is 250 points.

2) It can only move you from your current game to new game if you like the new game type more than current game type, or same as current game type and moving you will allow other game to start, whilenot breaking current game.

3) Games where you are moved are always withing recommended player level for that game type (it will never move you to empty room alone etc).

Zero-K lobby/springies now also allow private hosting of unpassworded games.



  • Cost 550 -> 700
  • Build Speed 5 -> 10
With the previous BP change it became a bit hard to spend at game start. This factory change is experimental so feedback would be helpful.

Penetrator, Annihilator and Sharpshooter do not fire at radar dots by default. They completely refuse to fire at a radar dot unless their 'fire at radar' state toggle is enabled.


  • Slows to 75% speed while dropping bombs.

Jugglenaut gets an anti unit special weapon. It can pickup all ground units around it and throw them at anything nearby.


  • Cost 1900 -> 2200


  • Cost 2200 -> 1900
  • Jump range 300 -> 360
  • Gun damage up 20%
  • Stomp damage up 25%
  • Stomp AOE 300 -> 340 (diameter)

Dominatrix can capture Dominatrix. This can form trees of control that completely flip when the head is killed.


  • 3xish damage
  • faster projectile.


  • Range 550 -> 600


  • 25% faster resurrect speed. This is more of a fix because resurrect should drain 7.5 energy whereas due to an oversight it drained 6.

Commander torpedo DPS increased 50%.

Submerging a units in water puts out fires.

Overdrive Distribution

More overdrive metal is given to team members who contribute their energy. 50% of the overdrive distribution is weighted by how much energy a player contributes. The other 50% is distributed evenly between all players.

Base metal extraction sharing is unchanged, this is still evenly distributed.


In unit-unit collision both units take damage. As an aside they also take the same amount of damage (unless of course one is armoured).

Licho no longer collides with aircraft. This is to prevent mid-air catastrophes. Other aircraft are already set to not collide.

Units skid around a bit more and don't take so much damage from sliding along the ground. Technically put speed for fall damage only uses 50% of the tangential component of velocity to the ground. The speed reduction vector is also mostly in the direction of the normal.


Units should now stop to turn if given a movement order behind them. Slow turning units can now turn on the spot instead of wandering into turret range.

Lag Monitor

Units that the taker creates are not given to the afk player when they return. Exceptions are factories to give the afk player back their factory plop.

Afk players do not receive metal income. It is split between their teammates.

Removed sexism.


New explosion effects for Merl and Pillager.

LOS + Radar view has been recoloured. Most importantly areas with LOS and no radar are not dark blue.


There are now game Victory and Defeat triggered music tracks.

Changed Buoy and Halberd weapon sound effect.


  • Fixed tooltips for BP 5/6 change.
  • Fixed game over bug that would cause both teams to win if the last unit that died was a Puppy.
  • Puppy should get stuck underground less.
  • Puppy now takes 5s to self-d.
  • Initial States should now correctly set states when units are received from other teams.
  • Added buildpic for Bantha
  • Reordered a few build menu items to obey cost ordering.
  • Fixed Freaker description.
  • Pillager can now shoot in all directions because it would not turn itself to shoot.


Somehow quite a few changes made it into this version. The new flow field style pathing has been enabled for almost all units (even enemy units) to see if it is an improvement. An across the board 1/6th build power reduction is now being tested. Gravity gun behaviour should be a lot more consistent. In more mundane balance Bandit has had a small nerf and Djinn is significantly cheaper.



  • DPS reduced by 5%.
  • Removed autoheal.


  • Cost 1800 -> 800
  • Speed 1.2 -> 1.4

As an experimental change all build powers were reduced by 1/6th. Repair, reclaim, resurrect and construction effectively takes 20% longer.

Gravity gun and Water Cannon power increased by an unknown factor.

Gravity Guns

Replaced the purely engine dependant implementation of gravity beams with a gadget.

  • Impulse is a lot more predictable and balancable.
  • Planes, Ships and Gunships are now significantly affected by gravity guns.

Known impulse capacitors have been. But do not despair that unit launching is now impossible, the partial rewrite has dramatically increased the predictability and power of 'legitimate' unit cannons.

Unit collision damage has been partially reinstated for units with high speed. The high speed cutoff is required to prevent collision damage during normal movement. A fast unit is damaged as if it hit the ground with that speed, the collidee is not damaged.


Most push resistance was removed as an experiment to see if pathfinding will improve.

  • Enemy units can be shunted and flowed past in the same manner as allied units.
  • Crabe is the only push resistant unit. As it cannot be shunted around.

Disabled push resistance works fairly well in this version. In previous versions, packing units into a tight area was arming the mouse traps in a demonstration of fission. A little bump would cause a unit to wander 100s of elmos off it's position which would really screw up things like cloaker and mine placement.

With this engine version, instead of moving around units merely float about when pushed. This means a well placed shield or cloaker will not be affected too much. Cloaked units such as Flea, Roach and Tick will stay cloaked while pushed. Pillager and Slasher seem to be able to fire.

Removed some Stealth/Cloak ambiguity

The obscure ability of Spy and Skuttle to stealth while uncloaked has been removed. This was inconsistent with other cloaked units and completely undocumented.


  • Tweaked some cloakybot tracks to better fit their feet base.
  • Fixed Urchin gun position when placed in very shallow water.
  • Removed occasional console output about pylons.
  • Puppy no longer gathers wreckage while stunned or under construction.
  • Transport impulse capacitor.
  • Nanoframe impulse capacitor.
  • Bantha missile now has a reasonable size. The triple missile pack is probably going to be fireable with a manual weapon of some sort.
  • Fixed some unit tip misspellings.


Thanks CaptianBenz for the great new Bantha model. Apart from the model there are a reasonable number of small fixes. Lastly Spring 88.0 has been released, there are few new fixes in this one since the dev version. Now that there is an official release it should be easier for Linux users to find pre-complied packages.


Spring 88.0 has been released. There are few changes since the development version (87.0.1-68-g6cefe1d) that was previously used. ZKL users will update automatically and because this release is official there should be packages around for Linux users.

Pathfinding seems to have improved in this release and units are more prone to clump together.

The workaround for area commands is now completely removed.



  • 15% more damage
  • 15% more impulse


  • Missile range increased 800 -> 950 (This is to make it equal to laser, just a usability thing).


Gesture menu has a few more options that can be toggled through settings or with UIkeys.

  • Added a toggle to disable right-click to open.
  • Added a bindable UIkey that opens the menu that does not interact with the mouse.

Small Fixes

  • Fixed longstanding area mex bug related to queuing area mex and normally placed mexes together.
  • Shredder now has a range ring.
  • EMP healthbar and flash now displays for units on less than 1% health.
  • Fixed small bug in ferry point UI.
  • Fixed self-d detection with units that don't count. For example terraform points and wolverine mines.
  • Added proper wrecks for Grizzly and Djinn.
  • Fixed very rare pylon bug (I could only cause it by creating all units and destroying them in the same frame).
  • Might have fixed Dominatrix retargeting.
  • Moderator sound is now louder. An engine change appears to have reduced it's volume.


The last 3 stables mostly exist to move the Amphibious Bots towards balanced.


Spring 87.0.1-68-g6cefe1d is now in use for most of the autohosts

It looks like it will take a few days for the engine devs to release a version which fixes the issues in 87.0. Some of the bugs are very serve (such as the chicken crash) so the development build with many fixes is now is use for most autohosts. This is to make the game playable and also test the dev version for new bugs.

Users Zero-K Lobby do not have to worry because their engine will automatically update. Users of other lobbies on Windows could take this opportunity to update to ZKL. Linux users will have to compile the engine from source. There is still a host using 87.0.

The sea nanoframe workaround has been removed and the area command workaround defaults to off. It can be enabled with the enable 87 workarounds modoption.



  • Range 430 -> 450
  • Removed weapon AOE (it does not need this vs ships, prevents NOTA)
  • Slow damage 400 -> 250 (sak forgot to reduce when he increased ROF)
  • Reduced water drag, rise is faster. It rises so fast that on an average depth map (90 deep) it pops right of the water like a cork. This causes the first shot fired by Hunter to pass right underneath it.


  • HP 800 -> 650
  • Shield Regen 12 -> 10


  • Turn rate 500 -> 600


  • Speed 2.6 -> 2.7


  • Damage 600 -> 660
  • HP 640 -> 680 (because 1 shoting each other is a bit too extreme)
  • Range 440 -> 450 (still dancing around LLT range)


  • Cost 90 -> 85


  • Some amph units had area mex command.
  • Disabled AA micro until it is fixed.
  • Fixed some Pillager, Penetrator and Tremor targeting behaviour.

Torpedo Boat and Sub both have Bouncing torpedoes so they can shoot in very shallow water.


The latest engine release badly broke area reclaim, resurrect and repair behaviour. The main fix in v1.0.3.3 is a workaround of that bug that appears to work a lot of the time.

After fixing the last few obvious bugs jseah's static AA intelligence improvement is now enabled. Static AA now avoids overkill and is less baitable. It didn't quite make it into the main stable due to time constraints.

The last 3 versions mostly fix oversights in v1.0.3.0. Here is a summary:

  • Fix Penetrator damage (for a few games it did 6k damage, 2x too much).
  • Tweaked new Skeeter model waterline (it looked a bit too buoyant).
  • Fixed infinite duration damage over time fire.
  • Newton and Jugglenaut gravity beams can target Amphibious units.
  • Added factory guard toggle button for Amphibious factory.
  • The "whuwhuwhwhu" teleport sound is now played locally as intended. It will not be heard map wide.
  • Big Bertha can target gunships if you force it to and now prefers to target statics. It used to have no target preference.
  • Fixed small bug with jumpjet velocity prediction.
  • Fixed a rare and minor bug in CAI unit choice.


This is the biggest stable release for a long time with almost a month since the last one as there were a lot of changes that could not be partially implemented. The new Amphibious factory is arguably the biggest change and took significant development time. This release is congruent with an engine release so a lot of long standing bugs are fixed. This version also includes a months worth of small fixes and balance adjustments that is normal for a stable, the delay just means there are more of them at once.

New Factory: Amphibious Bots

The underwater amphibious bot factory has finally been added. There were always vague plans to flesh out the underwater combat ever since the rudimentary implementation in CA was removed.

This factory should diversify and flesh out the underwater combat in sea as well as acting as another flex factory on mixed sea-land maps. There are a few new unit concepts in this factory so it may even be land viable (similar to hovercraft). Remember, at this point balance is not expected!

Descriptions of the units can be found here: http://zero-k.info/Wiki/factorypage_amph

There is an amphibious teleporter with a short demonstration video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtFXN25NJTs


Athena is no longer ploppable. The major motivation is to remove the blind factory RPS and remove the extremely fast landgrab it creates.

Snake (Mainline Submarine) Damage and Health increased ~10%:

  • Damage 410 -> 450
  • Health 1250 -> 1400

Hunter (torpedo ship):

  • Health 1800 -> 1600

Halberd (Hovercraft Assault):

  • Range 300 -> 200
  • Shoots an energy pulse projectile instead of a missile.


  • Range 1050 -> 1020

Low ROF lasers now penetrate shields if the change is below beam damage/5. Put simply they are significantly worse at shield penetration. This affects Annihilator, Penetrator, Bantha, Stinger (HLT) and Grizzly.


  • Damage 700 -> 800


  • AOE 130 -> 144


  • Range 1140-> 1180

Hovercon, differentiated from Mason:

  • Speed 2.7 -> 2.8
  • HP 900 -> 800

Necro (Shieldbot Constructor):

  • Cannot Rez
  • HP 660 -> 800
  • Cost 130 -> 140
  • Shield 900 charge, 12 regen (worse per cost than Thug, equal would be 14)

Newton (Gravity Turret):

  • Reduced the occurrence of complete ineffectiveness.

Mobile cloaker and shield are now amphibious. Static cloaker and shield float.

Increased Sumo's usable range though at long range it has very low damage.


  • 18ish% cheaper.
  • The construction point of a terraform segment is placed on the segment boundary in the direction towards the constructors that have been told to construct it. The direction updates if the constructors move.

Re-added fall damage and it is now handled more consistently than previously.

  • Units are no longer elastic, they lose 70% of their velocity on a ground bounce.
  • Fall damage is based on velocity and mass and should be consistent.
  • Collisions between units cause no damage because such collisions can happen without flying through the air. This is clear to anyone who has played Hovercrafts.
  • Units take a proportion of their health in extra damage if they land outside the map. The damage linearly increases to 100% of their health from 0 up to 800 elmos beyond the map edge. Approximately Hammer range for reference.


Reduced easy chicken difficulty.


Added optional range display for selected units. Enable through Control -> Settings -> Defence Ranges -> Show selected units ranges.

Space+click on most UI elements now brings up the options window for that element.

Rector (Cloakbot Constructor) and Ultimatum (anti mech walker) automatically cloak when built be default. The initial states setting for personal cloak has been reset to default values.

Reordered factory tab and factory buildlists along more logical lines. The factory tab is grouped by type with easier factories to the left. Factory build lists has categories ordered internally by cost. These are: Constructor - Everything Else - Artillery - Anti Air - Mine - Unarmed.

Unit Renames

  • Firestorm -> Pheonix (Area Firebomber)
  • Necro -> Convict (Shieldbot Constructor)
  • Cudgel -> Hermit (Spider Assault)
  • Pit Bull -> Gauss (Popup Gauss Turret)


Torpedo fire sound effect is now dependant on whether the torpedo was fired above or below the water. Urchin (Torpedo Turret) now has a submerged gun when in floating mode.

Increased volume of ship unit replies.

Added 3 more music tracks by Denny Schneidemesser.


Fixed area cloaker effect. It now fades out towards the top instead of stopping at a hard edge.

New model for Skeeter (missile scout boat).

Dominatrix control line is now stippled.


Fixed artillery chase behaviour on idle and fight command. Arty only automatically gives itself an attack command for land attacking static defences.

  • It will stop and attack turrets, prevents walking into turret range.
  • It will not gain automatic attack commands on mobile units. Prevents walking into turret range if the enemy unit retreated.
  • Affected units are; Hammer, Penetrator, Merl, Wolverine, Pillager and Racketeer.

Fixed small problems with Krow, Dante, Sumo, Recon Commander and Mace turret and firing animations. These were caused by a model optimisation script.

Fixed cloak with shielded commanders. It is again impossible to cloak a commander which is carrying a shield.

Fixed small LLT overshoot exploit made possible by it's extendible barrel. The barrel extension animation has been removed.

Some prediction calculations now take jumpjet velocity into account.

Fixed queue loss on commander morph. May have fixed queue loss on unit transfer.


This release corresponds with an engine release (from 85.0 to 87.0). Here are some fixes that should be visible to players, full changelog is here https://github.com/spring/spring/blob/release/doc/changelog.txt

  • Fix Brawler/Blackdawn weapon jam when set to hold fire.
  • Fixed excessive unit bouncing while pathing (replaced with high frequency, inconsequential, bouncing).
  • Fixed permanent unit speed reduction after a "move at slowest speed in selection" command (Hold Ctrl and give a move comand).
  • Aircraft no longer take off and disappear if killed while landed.
  • Fixed a rare bug in which antinukes would fail to fire.
  • All terrain units no longer give up on move orders while climbing steep cliffs.
  • All BeamLasers could shoot through the surface of the water. This has been fixed and we're lucky noone noticed. Stiletto is now significantly better against ships because previously any beam that did not score a direct hit would explode on the sea floor. Now they explode on the sea surface so can hit via AOE.
  • Fixed rare invulnerability that would occur if a jumpjet unit becomes paralysed at the end of it's flight.
  • Units in transport are hittable again.
  • Reduced occurrence of jumpjet units becoming stuck on opponents.
  • Units under construction within factories are much easier to select.


Added CaptianBenz's Catapult model and updated some spider textures.

Fixed Initial States handing of Priority. All units have a Nanoframe Priority and constructors additionally have Constructor Priority.

Tactical AI:

  • AA, skirms all gunships.
  • Added enemy velocity prediction.
There are particularly noticeable improvement to poor turn rate units such as Dominatrix and Scalpel.

Reverted 25% Krow bomb reduction. That change was sneakily included in only in the previous stable.

Fixed CAI's windmill nanoframe spam.

Increased Panther's accuracy vs fast small units (Flea and Glaive).

Fixed bug where Outlaw would slow down allied repair.

Vindicator range reduction. Now it must fly over ground units to shoot them. It cannot snipe commanders with no retaliation.

  • The lasers now have spherical range
  • Range reduced 350 -> 300.

Added optional circular area command for manually bound Set Target commands. Fixed set target's overzealous target tracking when targeting a cloaked unit.

Fixed small command menu quirk that occurred when it was clicked on with a terraform command selected.



  • Mace range 370 -> 355
  • Scalpel projectile slightly faster and with less acceleration

Added hovering unit state icons:

  • Icons hover over units when shift is held to indicate firestate, movestate and armorstate.
  • Configure icon activation and size though "Settings -> Interface -> Hovering Icons"
  • Free Factory and Low Power icons are integrated into the system so prevent overlaps.


  • Changed extra cost function from area to perimter.
  • Thin wall cost is unchanged, large areas are cheaper.
  • Leveler, Banisher and Goliath projectiles smooth terrain.


  • Fixed missing debris for Gunship Factory.
  • Fixed state update upon unit transfer between teams.
  • Fixed core selector crash.
  • Possibly fixed occasional extra commander on rejoin.

Added a nice looking exit menu to workaround muffa's crash that could be triggered with the default engine exit menu.

Mobile Cloaker and Shield now flee enemies. As with all unit AI use hold position to enabled it only for the fight command and click the light bulb to always disable it.

Catapult can now target gunships.

Replaced extremely powerful CAI commanders with commanders that players could feasibly start a game with.


Version number++ because the number bloat was getting really silly.


  • Fixed smart retargeting of slow weapons
  • Fixed marker placement when units are transfered due to lag/AFK
  • Fixed solars closing and "under attack" sounds playing when "hit" by a friendly Outlaw
  • Aircraft factories float rather than resting on seafloor
  • Chicken: Replaced egg AI selections with a single egg modoption


  • Fixed an issue where missile cruiser had considerably lower stats than intended
  • Fixed torpedo frigates not having sonar
  • Fixed EMP missile homing when it should not
  • Screamer missiles are free to stockpile
  • Scorpion has a new multi-stunner special attack


  • Jumpjet GUI is drawn for queued orders even if the last order in the queue is such that the start position of jump is not precisely known (construction, area orders)
  • Removed the massively annoying blinking of point tracker
  • Initial States includes gunship strafe


  • Bigger Jack model


Kodiachi. Attempted to make it worse vs Raiders and Riots and a bit easier to use.

  • Doubled turret turn speed.
  • Turnrate 616 -> 750.
  • Damage 300 -> 120.
  • Groundfire duration 200 -> 300 (a static unit should receive the same damage
as before).
  • Range 250 -> 225

Outlaw. More range and slow to make it better vs the longer ranged raiders.

  • AOE: 512 -> 600 (this is diameter)
  • Wavefront speed reduced 40%. This makes it worse against fast low hp things
so it doesn't completely WTFOMG them.
  • Damage 100 -> 75
  • EdgeEffectiveness 0.75 -> 0.95 (better damage at range)
  • Reload Time: 0.9 -> 0.85
  • Slow Damage: 36 -> 55

Pyro. Was probably accidentally buffed with engine and prediction change.

  • Range 280 -> 260
  • DPS reduced 15%

Thug. Increased weight by ~12.5%

  • Cost: 160 -> 180
  • HP: 850 -> 960
  • Shield: 1100 -> 1250
  • Regen: 15 -> 18
  • Starting power 650 -> 850 (I think 2/3 starting sounds nice).
  • Damage 150 -> 170


  • Starting power 600 -> 800 (for consistent 2/3 with Thug)


  • Health 580 -> 660 (survives 1 Haxor)


  • Reverted Double ROF
  • Range 400 -> 460 instead



  • special 1v1, ffa, team and coop autohosts - do map picking and balancing automatically when you start and end game. Tag the maps!
  • each map can have starting commands set - like boxes, metalmult etc
  • server side unified springie admins
  • global mute, lobby ban and site ban penalties are now working
  • on starred autohosts use !map to let it pick next map


  • on "team" game autohosts smaller team players also get extra comm (not just on PW)



  • Added a voice command widget (Windows only)
  • Implemented the Strider hub. This builds all the units previously exclusive to the Athena (from which they have been removed), as well as the missile sub, battleship and carrier (no longer buildable at the shipyard).
  • (Re)added the Surfboard, a transport from which land units can fire
  • Fixed Missile Silo not working properly


  • Fixed aiming/firing issues with torpedo module


  • Fixed excessively fast teching in chicken
  • Fixed chickens inappropriately going after human/CAI players on their team
  • Chicken/burrow count rises less dramatically with playercount in large games
  • Speed Queen has more health


  • Playerlist is much slimmer now; uses icons instead of text for ping/CPU indicators. A numerical reading is still available from the mouseover tooltip. Also fixed some bugs with player display.
  • Core Selector: default number of buttons reduced from 8 to 6 (can be changed in settings). Comm selection hotkey more responsive.


Several fixes for important bugs in this quick post-Christmas update. Changelog includes v0.9.5.1 changes.


  • Fixed bombers trying to attack with no ammo
  • Fixed "Hadron collider" unit launching exploit. Buildings can no longer be placed in open factories.
  • Fixed Strike Commanders always having cloak
  • Jumping resets a unit's velocity again
  • Chicken: Fixed resetting of tech timer to its lowest possible value each time a burrow was killed
  • Slowing weapons now affect construction speed
  • Fixed Storage description
  • Healthbars cannot show negative health values.


  • Fixed Ctrl+C selection of commanders with more than one commander
  • Commanders can now have their initial fire and move state set through the menu. Game -> Unit AI -> Initial States -> Misc
  • Command menu tabs can be scrolled with [,] and [.]


  • Flamethrower weapons now lead their targets more reliably (as a side effect, they may look odd with LuaShaders off)
  • Catapult: cost 4000 -> 3500; AoE 96 -> 128; HP 4500 -> 4000
  • Thug beefier: HP 800 -> 850; Shield 1000 -> 1100; Shield regen 14 -> 15
  • Tick: Param time 30s -> 25s; Damage 4k -> 3.5k
  • Behemoth: cost 3000 -> 2500
  • Firewalker is more accurate
  • Bandit turret turns 55% faster


  • Pyro has a new texture
  • VR Grid no longer obscures weapon effects and the like
  • Behemoth has a flashier weapon effect


Christmas comes early for good boys and girls! Santa's bringing a new version, with lots of bugfixes and an awesome increase in framerate!

(Unfortunately, we also had to reset your widget settings and keybinds. Sorry about that. You should back up Documents/My Games/Spring/uikeys.txt if you modified it manually.)


  • Should no longer crash on default settings with Intel cards
  • Implemented a new terrain rendering system (much much faster)
  • Improved pathfinding


  • Added awards for building mexes and doing damage with commanders


  • Added a torpedo module


  • Felon: HP 1000 -> 1400, cost 700 -> 650
  • Dominatrix works faster on damaged units; cost 400 -> 420
  • Typhoon (corvette): HP 2400 -> 2200, damage per shot 11 -> 10
  • Shipyard HP increased 50% (4000 -> 6000)


  • New Welder (tank constructor) model
  • Fixed missing subs and precision bomber weapon effects when hitting underwater targets
  • Improved Skeeter, Pillager and Crabe weapon FX
  • Krow corpse scaled down to fit unit


  • Fixed crashes in player list and unit XP display
  • Added Map category to widget list



  • Linux desyncs should be fixed
  • Vehicles maintain speed on turning properly
  • Reduced pathfinding lag and improved "flow"
  • Heightmap changes (e.g. terraform) invisible outside LOS
  • Radar plane LOS not based on ground position
  • Players are no longer defeated if they lose all units (including /take) as long as their allyteam is alive.
  • Units target things that they can no longer see for a lot less time
  • Units no longer attack recently captured units
  • /advshading command replaced with /advunitshading; analogous /advmapshading command added (try this if you're experiencing lag or graphics-related crashes)
  • /dynamicsun command added - toggles dynamic sun shading. May be buggy, recommend disabling.

Large blocky map texture and extreme CPU drain from the start of the game are known issues that affect a few players. Try to fix these with '/advmapshading' and '/dynamicsun'. Otherwise update graphics drivers and if problems persist create a ticket.


  • It is now possible to set "Data folder" where all content is stored (maps, games, engine, configs, logs) -> for people who run c: on small SSD
  • Fixes to default configs


  • Fixed Spidermonkey egg issues
  • Commanders which forgo a weapon at level 1 can keep the free peashooter at level 3
  • Pylon locked


  • On-fire effect from Firewalker, Inferno and corresponding commander weapons much shorter (so it expires quickly if you leave the burning area)
  • Moderator does 33% less slow damage
  • Slow effect capped at 50%
  • Merl cost reduction (800 -> 700) and damage increased (650 -> 700)
  • Puppy range increase (145 -> 155) and health increase (60 -> 80)

New unit, Felon. A heavy shieldbot walker which uses shield charge to power it's fun.

  • 700 cost
  • Slow speed
  • Shielded
  • Accurate LLT range
  • It uses shield charge to fire, use with Thugs and reduce it's damage output by shooting it.
  • Discharge from full shield does 1600 damage in 2.4 seconds
  • DPS is 27 when drained and reliant on regen.


  • Hellfire Grenade burns a much larger area; reloads more slowly and costs more
  • Disruptor bomb does 25% more slow damage
  • Kodachi AoE down to almost what it used to be
  • Gauss rifle a bit stronger
  • Missile launcher range down (450 -> 415) - now requires two range modules to outrange LLTs
  • Standoff Rocket a bit cheaper


  • Fixes to VR grid; disabled on all default settings except maximum
  • Improved large napalm effects


  • Fixed many playerlist issues
  • Core selector should work in spectator mode
  • Fixed incorrect values reported by resource bar
  • Fixed randomness in music player



  • Fixed some bomber behaviour issues.
  • Fixed Scorpion not being radar invisible when cloaked.
  • Dominatrix has more speed; turret turns faster.


  • Assault Cannon and Missile Launcher do more damage and have more range.
  • Gauss Rifle reloads faster.
  • Slasher unpacks 20% faster.
  • Slow Beam and High Power Servos a bit cheaper.


  • A VR grid is drawn around the map.
  • Player list should work properly now.
  • "Night" effect: Start at dawn instead of midnight (configurable).


Chat fix. It is now always open by default and autohides if 'minimised'.

Module costs:

  • Hevy masheengun 100 -> 125
  • Rawket lawnchair 150 -> 125
  • Aerea sheelde 400 -> 450

Re-enabled target on the move.


Overdrive fix. It now should work entirely this time which is a first.


Decoupled reserve metal from storage structures, reserve is now controllable with a slider bar on the resource bar. Energy is also reserved at the metal reserve level, does not affect non-constructor energy drain.

Overdrive behaviour improvement (may fix a bug that occurs at high energy).

Scorpion fixes.

Added minimisation buttons to Minimap, Chat and Playerlist.



  • Playerlist ping goes up to 999 seconds (to show rejoin)
  • Chat and Playerlist have option to not hide on ESC
  • Healtbars in unit selection and tooltip are now colored.


  • Fixed patrol orders in gunship factory queue

New Stuff

  • Added Zenith, 30k cost superweapon that calls down reclaimable and hazardous asteroids.
  • Added Scorpion, 3k cost all terrain cloaky mech.
  • Added Assault Cannon and Missile Launcher commander weapons. Arty upgrades from Assault Cannon instead of riot.


EMP missile

  • Removed unintentional homing


  • speed 3 -> 3.5


  • health 1050 -> 1500 (now in line with Tarantula)
  • removed jump charge time.
  • Increased aim speed dramatically (4.5x) because it could aim much slower than turn. This was annoying to use and unrequired.
  • Made bullets fire properly on fixedwing (engine brokenness)


  • Fires properly on fixedwing (engine brokenness)


  • HP: 1250 -> 1200
  • Speed: 10 -> 8.8

Snake (light sub)

  • HP:1100 -> 1250 (2 shots from prec bomber and sniper sub)
Serpent (sniper sub)
  • Damage 1200->1100
  • HP:2600 -> 2300 (So that its HP can be cut while still 3-shooting other sniper subs).

Torpedo Frigate

  • HP: 1750->1800


  • storages now reserve the metal stored. To use it you need to set construction to high priority. Morphing or weapon reload (nuke) automatically taps from reserve.
  • clan icons and avatars are visible in lobby and ingame. New playerlist shows rank icons and clan icons too (only works 100% for people who use Zero-K lobby).
  • ingame GUI streamlined - playerlist, console with chat history and epic menu can be all displayed/hidden by pressing escape. Console appears when you start typing text. Important ally and enemy chat messages appear in bubbles.
  • text to speach is silent for spectators



  • Made some tweaks that should hopefully improve vehicle movement
  • Commanders of disconnected people spawn at 30s instead of 2 minutes
  • Bad target category improvements for Dominatrix and Reaper
  • Fixed shipyard footprint etc. issues
  • Chicken: changed some tooltips; added a new supporter chicken; made queen health scale with arrival time; added tech time floor
  • Removed reload bonus with xp.
  • Double commander recipient in planetwars now also has double storage. This is to prevent excess at the start of the game.
  • Added target setting on the move functionality. It can be completely controlled with hotkeys but by default it will keep a unit's target when an explicit attack command is cancelled by a move command.

Simplified armour system:

  • Razor's Kiss damage reduction 0.2 -> 0.25
  • Pitbull damage reduction 0.15 -> 0.25
  • Pitbull health 2250 -> 3000 to compensate
All armoured units now have 0.25 damage reduction. Crabe is the exception with 0.33.


  • Nano turret added to Unit AI -> Initial States menu under Static.
  • Changed style of terraform icons.


  • Krow bomb reload time 20s -> 30s
  • Hammer projectile even slower
  • Napalm missile and Firewalker:Ground fire duration increased 1.5x, DPS halved
  • Slight tracking added to prec bomber, it can hit subs that jitter out of the way
  • Venom damage 800 -> 600
  • Bantha cost 12000 -> 10500


  • New Shield texture, small jitter effect for large shields.
  • Added some pointless flashing lights to things


We've introduced some new models, and implemented a brand new (experimental) faction system for PlanetWars. Lots of other changes too, be sure to read the whole changelog!


New PlanetWars homeworld system:
  • each clan can select one empty planet as their home (if they have enough influence spread through galaxy on unocuppied planets). Influence is moved from those spread planets to new home.
  • at any point, clan can "consolidate" influence from spread unowned planets back to homeworld
  • only clan founder or people with rights can perform this action
  • free planets for clans after first battle removed


Introduced taxes:

  • influence generates $2 per 100 influence for owner

Introduced corruption:

  • corruption reduces planet income (mines and tax). Corruption depend on ratio between first and second clan influence

Introduced decay:

  • if there is a corruption on the planet,each clan loses 10 influence every turn

Changed fleet behavior:

  • fleet capacity - it does not represent max total ships anymore, but ships you can deploy at one planet. This fixes issue with jumpgates etc
  • bombing also reduces influence by 3% and 10% if there are no more structures


  • clan domination malus decreased and capped at -70
  • max clan size 8, no matter the player skill
  • game can be started again even if composition score is not good
  • mines nerfed


  • Added widget; Replace Cloak Con Orders (disabled by default). It turns repair and reclaim orders into move orders if given to a cloaked constructor. This is to prevent unfortunate accidental decloak when navigating a wreck field with Rectors or cloaked Commanders.

  • Added terraform tooltip that shows hotkeys for each type of command when using that command.
  • Tactical AI no longer activates when a unit is set to hold position and an attack command is given by the player (now it required fight to activate).
  • Fixed transport AI wait bug (transported units were sometimes kept in "waiting" state)
  • Added a new minimap icon for Pylon and adjusted the Geo/Fusion one. Some very small units, mostly mobile bombs, are now displayed as minimap icons at lower than default zoom levels.


Commander Modules:

  • Sheild drain 6 -> 12 (to be equal to mobile shield)
  • Energy cell back to correct value (+6e), cost reduced (250 -> 225).
  • Removed range bonus from Nanolathe

Commander Weapons: Dgun:

  • 12% more damage
  • 33% wider AOE
Gauss Rifle:
  • Range 450 -> 415.
Riot Cannon:
  • AOE 136 -> 128
  • Damage 250 -> 240
  • Range 290 -> 270
  • Range 320 -> 300

Almost all death explosions crater 12.5% less to make the terrain a bit more Vehicle friendly.


  • Cost 170 -> 200


  • Range 860 -> 820
  • Speed 1.72 -> 1.62


  • Shield regen rate 12 -> 14


  • Cost 420 -> 400
  • Capture decay rate 5% -> 4%/s
  • Delay before degrade 2 -> 5s


  • Missile range 520 -> 460
  • Cost 3600 -> 3500
  • Speed 1.7 -> 1.75

Tacnuke Missile:

  • AoE 128 -> 192


  • Cost 350 -> 320


  • Cost 500 -> 450


  • New model (Mr Bob)
  • Damage 300 -> 600
  • Reload 6 -> 10
  • Range 1650 -> 1850
  • Shot is slower and arcs


  • Flipped model (flys 'forwards'), restricted arcs. Can now only fire 2 guns at any point on the ground.
  • Damage increase 50% to compensate for arc loss.
  • Health 17000 -> 17500
  • Can fire missile storm below it every 20 seconds, manual fire.
  • Removed gravity beam, missile storm replaces it.

Fixed slow weapon interaction with Stiletto and Krow burst weapons, the burst is now slowed.


  • Spires do more damage
  • Burrows should no longer spawn in lava


New Recluse, Venom, Tarantula and Weaver models. by CaptainBenz.


  • Chicken: reduced Toad flooding; fixed Diggers and Spires; tube spawns based on aggression rating change for the previous wave rather than current total; fixed a div0 error
  • Rapier HP down some more (1400 -> 1300)
  • New animations for Glaive
  • Terraform spawns at ground height as visible to the player; fixed having LoS
  • HLT cost 400 -> 420; fixed wreckage value
  • Standardized comm hitvolumes
  • Fixed an error with slowbeam weapons
  • Fixed nanolaser flare
  • Fixed normalmaps for some units
  • Fixed jumpers leaving tracks on the ground while in midair
  • New jump animation for Archangel
  • Seismic missiles work against terraform in progress
  • Updated some unit descriptions


  • Nanospray converted to a nanolaser at lower graphical settings; works with Lua shaders off (e.g. minimum settings)
  • Modules
    • Reworked Plasma Artillery conversion:
      • Basic version has medium damage and rate of fire, with some inaccuracy (particularly against moving targets).
      • High Caliber Barrel makes it comparable to the old artillery module.
      • Napalm Warhead sets targets on fire briefly, but does not create a fire cloud. To get the fire cloud effect, both High Caliber Barrel and Napalm Warhead are required.
      • All combinations have a shorter base range than the old arty module.
    • Companion Drone will not fly further than 450 m from the parent commander (half of previous range).
    • Disruptor Beam no longer has a range advantage over Slowing Beam.
  • Gunships
    • Rapier HP 1500 -> 1400
    • Brawler HP 2400 -> 2800
    • Banshee can fire 60° off-axis (from 45°)
  • Chicken
    • Overhauled the system for greater transparency. A single value, the player aggression rating (aggro), controls chicken responses to tech.
      • Positive aggression ratings cause the chickens to spam more and produce defenses.
      • Negative aggression ratings cause the chickens to tech faster and produce more Toads. At sufficiently low values, the chickens can use special abilities to bypass defenses.
    • Added a new flyer chicken, the Roc.
  • Faraday delay between shots 2.4s -> 2.8s
  • Defender damage 110 -> 105
  • Crabe can cancel its curling before completion
  • Fixed an occasional error with Stiletto attack runs
  • Readded comm selection announcements
  • Advanced camera disabled by default


  • Fixed a general interface crash
  • Fixed several issues with Core Selector
  • Fixed factory build progress in main menu not displaying
  • Fixed high-level comms trying to fit into gaps they can't
  • Fixed Companion Drone doing 10% the damage it should
  • Fixed cruise missiles (from silo) not counting towards damage dealt
  • Jugglenaut no longer attempts to use its gravity guns on gunships
  • Shadow works properly when given a fight order while on Fire at Will
  • Jethro and Bantha do a bit more damage
  • Removed ally comm selection announcement
  • Planetwars: Buildings should no longer spawn in lava
  • Voting GUI now has a 1s delay between votes (to prevent spamming)


  • Game interface:
    • new "selector" bar, shows idle constructors, commanders factories
    • ally chat is automatically converted to speech (with Zero-K lobby)
    • chat bubbles stack to bottom, only ally chat and point bubbles appear
    • go to last alert button for minimap
    • only ally chat makes "ping" sound
    • changed default layout
    • main menu layout tweaks and improvements
    • bomber ammo icon displays for specs
  • Lobby:
    • removed rarely used features - quickmatching, follow, auto ready
    • page loading in progress indicator for browser
    • settings tab overhaul - easy way to pick one of graphics details presets
    • after engine crash, lobby offers to switch to minimal config
    • initial game resolution is set to match desktop resolution
    • Zero-K lobby now distributes proper default configs with bindings and settings optimized for ZK
  • PlanetWars:
    • team balancing tweaks
    • it is now possible to buy/sell influence from "locals" - at any time, at high (buy)/low (sell) prices
  • Unit properties:
    • Krow behavior fixed; now comes with a gravity gun
    • Stiletto attack run length reduced by 33%
    • Dante rocket salvo fires twice as fast (takes half as long to finish)
    • Concussion Shell has more AoE and impulse; Disruptor Bomb does a bit more damage
    • Plasma Containment Field no longer affects Heavy Machine Gun
    • Shadow dives to hit targets under shields by default; can be made to never dive, dive against any target, or to always fly at low altitude.
  • Misc:
    • replaced commander teleport effect at start of game with a better one
    • commanders grow dramatically in size with levels
    • fixed Chicken Suicidal difficulty


  • Fixed gravity guns targeting statics
  • Fixed edge-of-startbox bug
  • Fixed issue with Cloak Fire State applying to units it shouldn't
  • Licho HP 2800 -> 2600, range 700 -> 500
  • Ultimatum cloak cost 10/50 -> 8/24
  • PlanetWars: Numerically smaller team gets free comms assigned to best players to make up for the difference
  • Chicken
    • Burrow wave bonus down
    • Burrow queen time up
    • Queen
      • Base HP increased
      • HP reduced on early appearance
      • Retains paralyze and capture damage when morphing, can't morph when paralyzed
  • White Dragon drops an egg
  • AI picks its own comm instead of whatever parent player picked
  • Pit Bull uses a gauss cannon instead of the old rocket launcher
  • Bantha HP 35000 -> 36000
  • Cluster Bomb has a bit more range


Inverted commander icon scheme (commanders use the nice icon and Ultimatum uses the square shoulders ugly icon).

Skuttle impulse to 25% (that is assuming the impulse weapon attribute is linear).

Cursors for Jump and Special Weapon added.

Fixed commander wreckage tooltip. It now carries the commander name and space click shows modules and weapons.

Commander base cost 1600 -> 1200. This only affects things that attack vs cost (capture) and the value of wreckage.

Unit mass equation changed.

  • Old Mass = 9*(cost*0.5 + hp*0.1)^0.55
  • New Mass = 6.5*(cost*0.5 + hp*0.125)^0.6
Masses have changed by no more than 10%, cheap things are lighter and expensive ones are heavier.

Fixed Tick being left out of EMP resist change.

Remove automatic firestate change from Tick when it burrows or unburrows.

Removed Wolverine morphs since it can't get XP for them Scalpel can morph to Penetrator.


  • Speed 10 -> 8
  • Damage 400 -> 320

Reaper cost 900 -> 850

Puppy Range 120 -> 145 (originally 190)


  • Speed 2.707 -> 2.55
  • Cost 200 -> 280
  • Para Time 40s -> 35s
  • Cloak Cost while static: 0.2 -> 4 (Skuttle 5)
  • Cloak Cost while moving: 1 -> 12 (Skuttle 15)

Venom speed 2.85 -> 2.7

Rogue AOE 68 -> 75

Fixed Racketeer aiming issue.

'Medium' ships now go anywhere light ones can as medium and light is a hard distinction to make.


  • HP 900 -> 1100
  • Damage 500 -> 410

Reduced Recon Commander Chassis base HP:

  • 1: 2250 -> 1800
  • 2: 2750 -> 2400
  • 3: 3600 -> 3150
  • 4: 5000 -> 4000

Ultimatum healthbar no longer hidden from enemies.

Licho shot explodes when it reaches where the target was - stops the missile from flying around in the air. Can now shoot at fixed wing.

Jugglenaut has a laser fire sound and gravity beams now pass through shields (in line with the Newton change).

Fix for giving attack commands to enemy airpads with bombers.

Commander spawning fixes:

  • Fixed bug that gave players 2 commanders in a certain situation.
  • Default Commanders are now spawned 2 minutes into the game for all teams that have not yet spawned a commander.

Alternate Battlecom model in use to fix strange and rare desync bug (no visible change).

Units with shields are now completely unable to be cloaked because the shield is still visible. As such cloak module on a shielded commander will do nothing.

Removed Venom, Faraday and Tick EMP resist. No EMP resistance remains.

Fighters no longer collide.

Light transports can no longer carry commanders around. They can also not carry heavy things such as Sumo and Goliath. If you ever wonder whether something can be carried use this simple equlation 6.5*(cost*0.5 + hp*0.125)^0.6 > 365.

Added ingame structure spawns for planetwars. Structures built on planets now appear ingame for dirty mercenaries to pillage haphazardly.



Removed many special rules around commander (emp resist, hidden HP etc..)

Many module and weapon rebalanced, most notably:

  • Autorepair 25hp/s -> 20hp/s
  • Fixed Range and Damage adjustments (were cumulative)
  • Fixed Speed changes not stacking, will make many Adv HP actually slow people down
  • Heatray and Sunburst damage nerfs.

Changed EMP system. Paralysis percentage/time will not change when the unit is damaged. Paralysis threashold required to stun a unit is still based on current health.

Infiltrator EMP damage 15000 -> 8000 (as system changed)

Fixed Sumo and Gnat scripts.

Added a widget that allows players to individually configure the starting state of their mobile units through the menu.

Added Team Commends mode as a test, defaults to OFF. When enabled if at any time an ally team has no commander the entire ally team will explode.

Added new award: Share Bear. Share at least 5000 metal worth of units to a teammate and you're eligible to win. However, receiving units from teammates subtracts from your current score.


Many special behaviour rules removed for the commander:

  • No longer Fireproof (as in it could not be set on fire)
  • No longer 90% EMP resistent
  • Removed extreme heavyness (about 2x the value it should have had) will increase with levels, mass = ((cost/2 + health/10)^0.55)x9
  • Health is now unhidden from opponents.

Activatable weapon abilities (comm specials, dante) can now take units as targets instead of the ground below. This should make firing more reliable as when a unit is the target the shot will be aimed higher so will not be blocked by as many things. Also aircraft can now be aimed at.

Commander morph time = 20, 25, 30 dependant on level (increasing with level). This means drain rate is dependant on modules cost.

Pure slow weapons do half their slow damage to shields, composites (disruptor, purple bullet modules do just normal damage):

  • Moderator
  • Slow Beam weapon module


  • Plasma Containment Field adds %30 to weapon range regardless of the weapon type (only for the 3 weapons the module affects)
  • Autoflechette Mod reload time penatly -50% to -40%
  • Heatray damage 30 -> 25
  • Sunburst damage 2500 -> 2400
  • Concussion shell impulse less crazy, upped damage a bit to compensate. Loses the gauss effect.
  • Auto Repair rate 25 hp/s -> 20 hp/s
  • Decloak radius 100 -> 75, same as every other unit.
  • Fixed Range and Weapon percentage bonuses being cumulative
  • Fixed Speed changes not stacking. So Adv HP Slowdown works properly as does the Speed Increase Module.
  • Personal and Area Cloak modules set the decloak radius of the Commander to 150.
  • Napalm Warhead now causes Plasma Artillery to shoot Firewalker-like shots.
  • Gauss rifle weapon now shoots much faster and has more damage to compensate. As gauss deals damage to units as it passes through units this makes Gauss better against small things as they would only collide with the projectile once. This is similar to the fix for the Hovercraft Raider.

Some module costs also changed but these are updated without a version release so hard to keep track of.

Level 3 and 4 Commanders are more explosive.

Recon Commander Changes:

  • Loses Damage Bonus (was 5%, 10%, 15%)
  • Removed base speed increase with levels. Replaced with percentage speed increase; 7.5%, 15%, 30%. These numbers yield very similar speeds to the old base speed increase, the difference is only apparent when speed affecting modules are used on the Commander.

Changes to EMP system.

  • EMP percentage or time no longer changes when Health changes. As in no more repairing for faster regen or and taking damage does not increase paralysis time.
  • A unit is still easier to EMP when on low Health, EMP damage that needs to be dealt to a unit to stun it is still equal to it's current health.
  • So in effect dealing (or healing) normal damage to a unit scales EMP health such that the EMP percentage or timer does not change.

Infiltrator EMP damage 15000 -> 8000 (as system changed)

Fixed Sumo aiming for good, now using a mathematically thought out implementation instead of a random jumble of trig.

Fixed Gnat aiming script.

Fixed Blastwing producing energy when landed (negative cloak cost).

Fixed Line Of Sight for Recluse, Rogue and Commanders. LOS for units with less than 545.5 is always >= 1.1*weapon range.

  • Commanders now follow this rule, LOS maximum is 600.
  • Other 2 units just had LOS adjusted slightly to account for the small range changes they had a few versions ago.

Added new award: Share Bear. Share at least 5000 metal worth of units to a teammate and you're eligible to win. However, receiving units from teammates subtracts from your current score.

Space-clicking on a commander will display all modules it has, as well as its paid-for cost.

Blastwing back to fire at will be default.

Changed target catergories:

  • Penetrator and Annihilator now shoot at Fixedwing though they prefer not to.
  • Goliath, Blackdawn and Brawler now shoot at Fixedwing and Gunships, prefer not to. Brawler has fire tolerance (ability to fire sideways) 60 -> 50.
Brawler and Blackdawn were tested. Brawler is really bad against air, it misses all the time. Blackdawn is even worse except for against Krow as Krow is a large target.

Added a widget that allows players to individually configure the starting state of their mobile units (state when the unit is created or given to you). States include:

  • Firestate
  • Movestate
  • Cloak
  • Tactical AI
Found under Spanner -> Unit AI -> Initial States.

Finally removed Constructor buildable mine.

Added Team Commends mode as a test, defaults to OFF. When enabled if at any time an ally team has no commander the entire ally team will explode.

Goliath, Blackdawn and Brawler can now shoot at air.


Important changes:

  • Hopefully eliminated cloak field ATI bug for good
  • New unit, Disco Rave Party
  • Puppies much weaker
  • Bombers can be controlled after dropping bomb
  • Windmills turn into tidal generators on water
  • Multithread warning time increased to 30 seconds, does not disable interface
  • Fixed exploit where locked units could still be built without disabling the unlock system entirely
  • Multiple fixes to chicken; increased anti-lag threshold and allowed burrow spawning when anti-lag is on
  • Fixed allied CAI picking the player's commander for him/her
  • Commanders remain functional while morphing
  • Units become easier to paralyze when damage
    • Lightning units do a bit less paralyze damage to compensate
  • Vandal and Catapult do slightly more damage, Brawler and Tremor have slightly more range, Racketeer has more AoE and is cheaper
  • Krow slower, shorter range
  • Reworked seismic missile
  • Starlight requires no energy

Many modules have also received price tweaks over the past two weeks, so you may wish to check the available selection again.


  • Fixed Commander shield + 2 weapons
  • Fixed battle commander brokenness
  • Fixed crash due to some module combos
  • Nerfed Skuttle Damage 10k -> 8k
  • Nerfed Krow speed (93%) and range (87%)
  • Increased comm HMG range to Riot Gun range
  • Fixed jamming missing for commander cloaker
  • Potential workaround for teal fog bug
  • Using Licho OD which is apparently better than the 0.8.2 version.
  • Added Mr.Bob Screamer and Jump Factory model
  • Fixed Carrepairer's camera (apparently)
  • Fixed ferry points
  • Nuke now unlock, shieldbots swapped with cloakybots for unlock
  • Better interface for Auto Assist widget, state toggle and default setting

through menu.

  • Fixed mex overdrive failure to update income if a mex dies on a large raidius
map (Think Azure), this was never a feature.
  • Buffed commander rocket launcher
  • Classic comms are selectable if not on Springie
  • Land at command default to off for aircraft