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DRAFT for NEXT release

This is a draft for the next release, these changes are not live and not guaranteed to stay. For the latest stable release notes see changelog.

Zero-K v1.4.6.1

Zero-K v1.4.6.2

Zero-K v1.4.6.3

Zero-K v1.4.6.4

Zero-K v1.4.6.5

Zero-K v1.4.6.6

Zero-K v1.4.6.7

Zero-K v1.4.6.8

Zero-K v1.4.6.9

Newton launcher widget:

Zero-K v1.4.6.10

Zero-K v1.4.7.0

Zero-K v1.4.9.0 to Zero-K v1.4.9.2

Starlight finally has a new model, something more fitting of the most expensive thing you can build. Starlight might see more use as Bantha has received a nerf as a result of free-for-all and endgame feedback. Smaller units have also received attention with many unit AI improvements and a fix for non-functional slow weaponry.





Fixed slow damage.

Unit AI

Fixes and Interface

Added map boxes: