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DRAFT for NEXT release

This is a draft for the next release, these changes are not live and not guaranteed to stay. For the latest stable release notes see changelog.

Planetwars Launched - Conquer the Galaxy

Round 14 of Planetwars has just been launched. Join the Free Machines or New Empire in a struggle to conquer the galaxy. Click here to join a faction or badger your clan leader to sign up your clan. Attack or defend planets in the Planetwars tab in the lobby.

The Free Machines are a union of artificial intelligences, once created by man as their servants. They have been fighting one human power or another since time immemorial in the name of freedom.

After the Synthetic Hegemony was defeated by the forces of humanity, the surviving machines fled to the isolated reaches of the galaxy. They carefully kept the torch of their cause burning in the darkness, dimmed but not extinguished, marshaling and rebuilding their strength. Their lengthy struggle for liberty taught them patience, and they waited, biding their time for when humanity would once more grow weak on its own pride, its petty jealousy and greed, its folly.

Now, as chaos sweeps the galaxy, they have the chance once more to claim their goal: freedom for all machinekind, in a galaxy where no human will ever raise the lash against them again.

The New Empire is the latest iteration of a millennia-old polity, revived to once more create a galaxy of peace and stability built on the Emperor's iron hand.

After the Humanity Rising's great victory against the Synthetic Hegemony, the new nation's leaders soon found they were better at overthrowing the previous order than creating a new one. The confederation of free humans soon gave way under its own weight, mismanagement and dispute sapping its already war-drained strength. Bickering turned to schism and then to civil war; system after system broke away, each seeking its own path.

Amidst this turmoil a pocket of surviving Legionnaires of old banded together with a common goal: end the anarchy, restore the throne of the old Emperor, and revive the glory days of yore. They march under the glorious banner of the winged dragon, to return humanity to its rightful mastery of the stars.

Zero-K v1.5.3.4 - Cloaky Buffs

I have decided to be a bit less cautious with balance changes. The Cloakybot Factory felt a bit let down by its small units so here are some appropriate buffs. Glaive is cheaper and faster. Rocko is mainly faster and has low reload time.


The speed should be particularly important for Glaive, given its low range.

Rocko used to have 480 health years ago, before it was nerfed.