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Updated Oct 25, 2014 by gnu...@o2.pl



Removed XP morphs. Bombers have to rearm before repair pads repair them. Naked Recon Comm no longer transportable by Valkyrie Inaccuracy no longer reduced by experience Planet Wars structures no longer flatten ground on spawn Stockpile and Morph obey slow and disarm Experience gain simplified Wrecks of jumping units now keep momentum and continue inertially Default comm is Strike Trainer instead of Junior

Time to wait for disconnected players: 75 s -> 150 s Time before default comm spawns: 30 s -> 15 s

Land units speed loss with depth per height: 10% -> 7% Grizzly: LoS 605 -> 660 Scalpel: LoS 484 -> 495 Radar: HP 81 -> 80 Sneaky Peet: HP 712 -> 700 Brawler: firing arc 140' -> 70', damage 21 -> 15 (DPS 196 -> 133)


Added Supreme Commander style camera to COFC. Added AZERTY layout option to KB Menu. Added SI system option to Context Menu Added victory counter Context Menu now shows Disarm, and AoE for crawling bombs Improved the Economy Panel and Fac Panel Some old helptexts updated Chat now shows cheating, desync, speed change and resign Widgets now have read access to more unit parameters Polish helptext translation for campaign commanders

Bug fixes

Long-burn Napalm increases the burn time correctly for High Caliber Napalm Artillery Context Menu now shows EMP damage correctly, and no longer shows fake weapons Unit Start State widget now able to set unit retreat state to "Off" DRP napalm and Pyro death now apply afterburn correctly Fix one enemy color looking green Sharing cloaked units now changes the cloak effect colour Context Menu now shows Archer damage properly Venom EMP obeys armor. Obedience is the correct behaviour. Support Commander levels 2/3/4 now show the correct BP in tooltip Placeholder no longer has instant self-destruction Air transports will now unload Skuttle and Tick correctly Grizzly no longer crashes when inserting its weapon into enemy hitbox Lightning visual effect now lasts correctly with newest engine Units will now fire at buried Stardusts correctly Air pads no longer drain energy when disabled

Release v1.2.9.0

This release brings new UI features, further sea balance tweaks, and a lot of bugfixes.


Some sea units have had their roles further defined, Sonar ranges were increased, and a few units became more reliable:

Raven: cannot target planes anymore.


  • Torpedo Range 120 -> 150
  • Turn rate 698 -> 740
  • Sonar 300 -> 350


  • Sonar 250 -> 400
Hunter: hits more reliably.
  • Projectile speed 160 -> 400
  • Increased projectile turn rate

Urchin: should be better at actual protection due to increased sonar.

  • Cost 100 -> 120
  • Sonar 320 -> 550
  • Sonar 280 -> 300
  • Torpedo turnrate 3000 -> 3600

Snake: should fire more reliably; oneshots other facs' raiders.

  • Health 600 -> 375
  • Turnrate 440 -> 600
  • Range 310 -> 290
  • Fire arc 45' -> 180'
  • Damage 250 + 500 slow -> 350 + 700 slow
  • Reloadtime 3.8 -> 7.5
  • Torpedo turnrate 12000 -> 20000

Crusader: refined its role as artillery.

  • Movement velocity 1.9 -> 1.7
  • Range 900 -> 1000
  • Projectile speed 300 -> 270

Enforcer: better at anti-unit bombardment.

  • Turn rate 190 -> 210
  • Range 660 -> 690
  • Reload time 6 -> 5.5
  • Cost 4000 -> 3800
  • Movement velocity 2.7 -> 2.2

Miscellaneous gameplay

  • crashing planes/gunships leave full wreckage instead of debris
  • idle self-repair standarized: most standard units except Banshee, Glaive, Scythe and Kodachi now take 60s to start regenerating at 5 HP/s
  • Djinn's Lamp placement channeling obeys status effects
  • Puppy leaves no wreckage
  • nuclear missiles no longer collide with features (eg. wreckage or trees)
  • sea units' tactical AI improved

Trainer Comms

There are new Trainer commanders available for selection, meant to help newbies get familiar with custom commanders. They're available for everyone in addition to their own custom commanders in the new selection menu.


Economy Panel

The new Economy Panel is now available. It is an alternative to the classic resource bars that puts focus on the resource flow. Make sure to try it out!

HUD Presets

Customizable HUD Presets have also been introduced, currently coming with a craft based preset for people used to more classic RTS UI, alongside the default one.


  • team colours are more distinct
  • added On/Off state to New Unit States
  • added Colourblind mode to resource display
  • Mission Objectives button goes grey if no unread objectives are present
  • added world tooltip delay for cursor tip
  • Facpanel now shows proper unit queue
  • Facpanel has drag'n'drop like integral
  • added pause/unpause messages to ProConsole chat
  • incomplete Protectors' coverage is shown with a washed out teal circle instead of a white one


  • fixed Outlaw closing allied Solars
  • fixed Outlaw wave being visually larger than actual AoE
  • fixed bombers set to "always low" rising after bombing
  • fixed Razor lacking wreckage
  • fixed Starlight working under EMP
  • fixed an OD exploit with Energy Investment Payback mode
  • fixed Djinn teleport not resetting progress on external movement (eg. transport or Newtons)
  • fixed Amph Regen ignoring slowdamage
  • fixed broken diacritics in some Polish translations
  • fixed slowdamage permanently reducing cons' repair speed and increasing resurrection speed
  • fixed resource generation for Mariner, Athena and most factories
  • fixed many hitvolumes
  • fixed Ada's Commander (campaign) leaving Strike wreckage
  • fixed terrain obscuring mex circles

Tourney and Balance Release v1.2.7.0

2v2 Tourney

The month's 2v2 tourney concluded this weekend. If you missed it (sadly, there were no news posted before it started), you can find more information about it in the tourney thread, view the results on Challonge, and review the commentated replays on ShadowFury's youtube channel.


This very has some small and no so small changes. The small changes are minor tweaks to bot factories and the large changes are to sea and gunships.


Bandit is due a minor buff and Dirtbag is now armed to add options to the Shieldbot opening. The aim is to increase Shieldbot diversity. This may involve an eventual Felon nerf.


  • Cost 35 -> 30
  • Is now armed with a 25 DPS melee attack.
  • Sight distance 200 -> 300


  • Cost 80 -> 75
  • Range 240 -> 245


  • Speed 1.5 -> 1.9


Jumpjets is becoming a reasonable factory but is carried by Pyro. The solution is to hobble the one trick pony. Pyro has only recently become a legitimate raider so this change is experimental.


  • Health 700 -> 620


  • Range 410 -> 420
  • Significantly increased turnrate and turret turnrate.


  • Cost 650 -> 600


Now that Planes work well we have set our sights on a reasonable Gunship factory. The main thrust of these changes is to make Gunship AA stand up to fighters so a Gunship switch is not instantly countered by opponents who simultaneously switch to Planes.

Plane HP and dedicated AA damage were both reduced by 9%. This effectively makes dedicated AA worse against Gunships and flex AA better against Planes. Krow HP was also reduced by 9% as it mostly interacts with dedicated AA.


  • Reload time 4s -> 5s
  • Deals 570 Slow Damage.

Brawler flies a bit higher and

  • Speed 4 -> 3.7
  • Range 500 -> 600
  • Weapon velocity 450 -> 420
  • Projectiles explode at range (like Flak, Warrior and Stardust).

Trident rework:

  • Cost 400 -> 270
  • Health 1500 -> 900
  • Shoots 540 burst damage with 10 second reload.
  • Speed 3.6 -> 3.8


Drones (Funnelweb, Companion, Reef):

  • Drones now spawn as nanoframes suspended above the parent unit.
  • The nanoframe builds itself and completes after 3 seconds.



  • Reload Time 2 -> 1.9
  • Damage 200 -> 220


Another minor Rocko nerf (the last one was 5% projectile velocity). This should be the last nerf for a long time.


  • Health 480 -> 450
  • Range 460 -> 455

General Sea Changes

Sea has been reworked with promises from RyMarq to track how it plays and make future improvements. Ships have been rewritten and the sea aspects of Amph and Hover have had changes as well.

Sonar ranges are now significantly lower. This is to increase the sneakiness of underwater units.

Sonar Station:

  • Cost 120 -> 40
  • Sonar Range 1600 -> 600

Urchin tweaked to be lighter. It is still powerful, but far less defining of sea gameplay.

  • Cost 160 -> 100
  • Range 590
  • Sonar Range 300
  • Damage 295 -> 180
  • Now has some AoE


Many ships with particularly low turn rates have had their turn rate increased to be more usable. Many more ships have been reworked.

Skeeter has has a disarm effect and slightly lower normal DPS.

Hunter has become more of a traditional riot unit. It has fairly traditional riot attributes such as AoE and low range. No longer will it dominate everything forced to travel in the water.

Snake is now properly setup as a raider. Less cost and lower stats with more speed.

Enforcer is now a powerful artillery/skirmish unit, capable of firing a salvo of powerful missiles at long range. Weak tracking makes it effectively countered by raiders and other fast units.

Typhoon is more of a traditional assault unit with a slower speed but powerful damage output and increased toughness.

Serpent is much cheaper so should see use earlier. Is now more cleanly countered by those units which can close on it, especially raiders like Duck and Snake. It has had most aspects of it reduced to compensate, including range and speed.


Most notable as far as amphib is concerned are the Sonar range reductions and improvements to the Claymore (which now effectively counters many of their units). The Scallop's underwater weapon is reworked into a salvo of easy to miss explosives.


  • Cost 210 -> 180

Scallops now fires a burst of explosives underwater. They gradually accelerate to high speed and have trouble tracking fast enemies.


Hover primarily had the Claymore adjusted to be more effective against underwater units.

Claymore is now less suicidal with an improved turnrate and slower depth charge. To compensate it deals less damage.

Zero-K v1.2.6.0



  • Rocket speed reduced by 5%

Gauss guns can now pierce water. This is to make Scrubber (now Dagger) useful in the sea. As a side effect the Gauss Turret is another form of anti-sub and wading Detriments no longer fear submarines.

Scrubber has been renamed to Dagger (to reduce the prevalence of Sc- names).

Gauss Turret can now shoot at aircraft.


  • Replaced Gauss Gun with a dual Glaive Gun.

Commander Gauss has been removed. Shock Rifle now converts from Light Particle Beam.

Duck, Scallop, Scalpel, Crusader (depthcharge), Hunter, Snake and Serpent no longer lead their target. This makes them better at shooting targets near their maximum range.


  • Health 240 -> 340
  • Range 240 -> 250
  • Added unit AI.


  • Health 1000 -> 900
  • Range 600 -> 520


  • Significantly increased the performance of the unit selection window.
  • Minor Unit AI optimization.
  • Minor Shield Link optimization.
  • Fixed Initial Queue crash.
  • Added a modoption to force Commander Junior.
  • Solars can no longer be forced open.
  • Reduced Hawk firing sound.

Zero-K v1.2.4.9

In this version we have Recon Commander nerfs and a bit of UI polish. By popular vote the Nuke Bomber is now Wyvern.

Commander Changes

The Bombard Commander is now called Siege Commander.

E-Cell and Torpedo Launcher have been removed.

All commanders:

  • Energy Income 8 -> 6

Support Comm:

  • Weapon Range bonus per level removed (if anything, Siege comm should do this).

Recon Comm:

  • Speed bonus removed (it has the best base speed and can jump).
  • Health 1800/2200/2800/3400/4000 -> 1600/2000/2500/3100/3800.
  • Can no longer use Range Modules.

Concussion Shell

  • Reload time 8s -> 15s (low reload time manual fire weapons are just micro sinks).
  • Range 500 -> 450


Jumpjet reload time is now affected by the appropriate status effects. Disarm and Paralysis pause reload time and Slow damage slows it down.

Claymore (the depthcharge hovercraft which barely makes it into this section):

  • Health 900 -> 1000
  • Range 180 -> 250
  • Increased projectile speed to make it able to hit things.


Chat now filters out error messages by default.

Set Target is now supported by split attack. Hold Ctrl while giving an area Set Target command to split the targets between your selected units.

Added a small command indicator effect. There is also an alternate visualization for custom formations which is disabled for performance reasons.

Commander construction can now be queued before the game starts.

Blurry Halo Unit Selections has more options for configuration.

Automatic Retreat is a lot more responsive. Additionally some units do special actions when they start to retreat.

  • Swifts will turn towards their destination and use Boost.
  • Halberds will set themselves to hold fire and cancel their target.
  • Jumpjet units will jump towards their retreat goal.


CAI now values its units slightly more by giving them access to the Automatic Retreat system. Damaged units will attempt to escape from combat. To compensate for the extra repairing (and general excessing) CAI now likes to make more Caretakers. It has also gained the ability to play the Amphibious Bot Factory.

Unit Renames

The following units have been renamed.

  • Rector -> Conjurer
  • Jethro -> Gremlin
  • Avenger -> Swift
  • Vamp -> Hawk
  • Shadow -> Raven
  • Stiletto -> Thunderbird
  • Licho -> Wyvern (by popular vote)


  • Claws (Wolverine mine) cloak.
  • Added repair pad energy build power to its description.
  • Fixed Faraday build time.
  • Fixed some bomber reloading weirdness.
  • Replay control now changes speed directly in all cases.

Zero-K v1.2.4.0

This version includes some nice unit AI improvements and continues the ongoing sea rework. There are some major changes to sea and the Amphibious factory should fare better on land. The most notable sea change is the addition of a depthcharge hovercraft, the Claymore, and the removal of Scalpels underwater missiles. The Claymore is quite a silly unit but we may as well try out something !Fun! before sea has any balance which can be broken.


Added Claymore - a somewhat suicidal antiswarm depthcharge hovercraft. It fires Roach-sized depthcharges at short range with the hope that whatever it is targeting is far enough underwater to prevent it from killing itself. It does less well against surface targets. On land it is able to drop the depthcharge which will bounce around for a few seconds before exploding.

Scalpel can no longer shoot into water.

Scallop Torpedo:

  • Damage 230 -> 140
  • Reload Time 3 -> 3.5

Scallop Shotgun:

  • DPS increased by 33%
  • Range 280 -> 300


  • Cost 150 -> 80
  • Health 400 -> 240
  • Speed 2.7 -> 2.8
  • Damage 430 -> 230


  • Health 1700 -> 1750
  • Range 280 -> 240


  • Health 1300 -> 1700
  • Speed 2.3 -> 2.4
  • Range 340 -> 260
  • Reload Time 5 -> 4.5
  • Has Crusader level AoE.


  • Cost 400 -> 350


  • Cost 700 -> 550


  • Damage 860 -> 950

Commander Torpedo:

  • Can target Hovercraft.
  • Damage 400 -> 220
  • Reload 5 -> 3.5
  • Range 350 -> 330

Repair Pads now drain energy when repairing. An individual pad has 2.5 Build Power.


  • Cost 320 -> 300
  • Health 320 -> 450
  • Fixed script, it will now aim more rapidly.
  • Updated description.

Unit AI


  • Air units are now diverted to Air Repair Pads when told to retreat.
  • Avengers use Boost when starting to retreat.
  • Jumpjet units Jump when starting to retreat.

Units skirmishing with Tactical AI now take height difference into account when determining how far away they should be from their target. Scallop now has different behaviour when underwater or on land to take advantage of its separate weapon characteristics.


  • Zombie mode can be played on any map via a modoption.
  • Active modoptions are displayed at the start of the game.
  • There is a modoption to mute spectators. This mostly deals with accidental abuse as lobby chat is still visible.
  • Puppy creation has a graphical effect.

Zero-K v1.2.3.7

This release messes with some underused Jumpjet units and makes Pyro less frustrating. There are some other minor things such as an easy way to split targets when using area attack. On the infrastructure front we have completely split 1v1 and Everything Else ELO.


Moderator is more expensive and now has a high reload time Disruptor Beam.

Pyro aims much faster and has a little overshoot.

Placeholder has a slightly smaller Area of Effect and significantly increased duration.


  • Speed 1.4 -> 1.8

Support Commanders Build Power increase has been flattened to +2 per level starting at level 1.

Minor Stuff

  • CTRL+area_attack will split target among selected unit.
  • There is a new marker 'ping' sound and the maximum number of marker sounds at once is 3.
  • New Heaving Particle Beam sound.
  • Blackdawn description: Heavy Raider/Riot Gunship -> Heavy Raider/Assault Gunship
  • A small window will pop-up to show active non-default modoptions.
  • Improvement for Edge Extension visual effects.


  • Fixed an Overdrive error.
  • Fixes for airplane rearming.
  • Removed lagmonitor at game end to prevent fluctuating unit transfer.
  • Morphing a unit no longer kills its drones.
  • Fixed Penetrator wreck.

Zero-K v1.2.3.0

Capture the Flag mode is now live and sea has received a significant rework. The Ship factory has been redesigned and torpedoes can hit hovercraft. Spiders have a new unit and there are some tweaks to other units. Performance should be improved, especially in the lategame.

New Spider Unit

The Redback has been added to act as a conventional riot unit for the Spider factory. It is armed with a particle beam. Beefy wheeled raiders will give it trouble so use terrain (and Venoms) to your advantage.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag mode can now be enabled. The default mode adds flag capture as a victory condition. Additionally there are options to add Commander respawn and flag based resource income. See the wiki page for more information: http://zero-k.info/Wiki/CaptureTheFlag

Sea Rework

All Ships and Subs are effectively new units so their changes will not be stated here. They are generally cheaper and have better defined roles.

Torpedoes can now hit hovercraft. Amphibious unit health regeneration is now based on water depth, not unit height. The main effect is that floating units heal at their full rate.

Balance Changes


  • Cost 350 -> 280


  • Health 1200 -> 1250


  • Damage 330 -> 310
  • Can shoot into water.
  • Always turns at full speed, this will significantly reduce time spent accelerating after small turns.


  • Range 155 -> 170


  • AoE 320 -> 352


  • Reload Time 2.5 -> 3
This was the value before the previous version. There was a small nerf to other attributes in the previous version and reload time was reduced accidentally.


  • Significantly improved overdrive performance. This will be noticeable lategame.
  • Razor's Kiss -> Razor
  • Disarm damage is transferred when you morph.
  • Capture hierarchy is preserved through morph.
  • Fixed Mace and Lotus beam stutter.
  • Minor unit selection shapes fixes.
  • Minor fixes to aircraft rearming.
  • Raise terraform snaps to increments of 6 when Alt is held. This is the height required to block vehicles.
  • Fixed a delay in updating the movement speed of slowed ground units.

Zero-K v1.2.2.9



  • Speed 3.7 -> 3.4
  • HP 1050 -> 980
  • Reduced target move error (it can hit fast land units).


  • AoE 128 -> 192.
  • Weapon velocity 400 -> 600.
  • Ground area damage 60 -> 20.
  • Ground area duration 300 -> 400.

Goliath now has 3x the RoF for it's slow beam but 1/3rd the damage. This reduces the degradation of slow damage between shots.


Damaged units decloak regardless of whether they are in LOS. Previously they would not decloak if no enemy would be able to see them. There may be some change to recloak timings.

The endgame stats window should no longer have missing players.

Fixed the "Skip pregame chatter" button on the replay control window.

Fixed some aircraft landing pad behaviour.

Zero-K v1.2.1.1

"new zk build has delicious balance... it feels wonderfull to play the game" - Kyubey

The main purpose of this release is to broaden Vehicle play to units beyond the Scorcher and to fix Panther. With a range reduction it is much less able to kite raiders, forcing the Vehicle player to invest in other counters. Panther has been significantly reworked because the unit was never well designed in the first place.

Feedback on these changes has been good so it is time for a release! Panther may not be done but it is a lot better than it was before.



  • Range 310 -> 270
  • Heatrays are more intelligent, when targeting they have an increased bias towards closer targets.


  • Reload time 2 -> 1.8 s
  • Speed 2 -> 2.2
  • Impulse 0.5 -> 0.6

Panther. Reverted to old version as base for the following changes:

  • Speed 3.9 -> 3.7
  • Damage 160 -> 220
  • EMP damage 800 -> 500
  • Reload time 2 -> 3
  • Has a death explosions with 256 AoE and 600 EMP damage


  • Initial impact AoE 72 -> 128 (to match ground burn AoE)
  • Projectile speed 320 -> 400


  • Damage 400 -> 430, this makes it 1 shot Mexes, Scorcher and itself.


  • Range 700 -> 420


Light Particle Beam

  • Damage 40 -> 41 - now one-shots Fleas
  • Range 385 -> 330
  • Cost 100 -> 50

Torpedo Launcher

  • Damage 180 -> 405 - one-shots Ducks
  • Reload time 1.2 -> 2.7

Slow Beam:

  • Range 400 -> 450
  • Reload time 1.5 -> 1.40625

Disruptor Beam

  • Real damage 250 -> 225


  • Comm literal nametags can be turned off in options
  • Edge Extension: Brightness can be configured when using realistic texture


  • Fixed incorrect display of unit names in tooltip with non-English languages
  • Fixed Core Selector buttons doing things even if moused was moved off button and released
  • Wind output is displayed in the tooltip during placement.
  • Added a numerical metal point display option.


  • New weapon sounds for Scallop as well as Commander HMG and Shotgun (thanks Superintendent).
  • New commander under attack siren sound.
  • Unit selection, order received and commander under attack volumes are configurable through the menu.


  • Clam renamed to Conch
  • Fixed Hermit being referred to by its old name in Spider Factory helptext

Zero-K v1.2.1.0

  • Commander Heat Ray damage 38 -> 41
  • Commander Disintegrator AoE 64 -> 48 (same as the Ultimatum Dintegrator AoE)
  • Minor fix to bloom widget
  • New Polish helptexts for several units

Zero-K v1.1.12.3

Large Shields:

  • Regeneration rate 57 -> 50 charge per second.


  • Cost 800 -> 760


  • Turret tolerance 180 -> 90 degrees
This makes it worse at fly-overs and at shooting aircraft.


  • Cost 600 -> 550


  • Damage 70 -> 80


  • Speed 3.9 -> 3.6
  • Normal Damage 160 -> 180
  • EMP Damage 800 -> 1600
  • Reload Time 2.5s -> 3s
  • Max Paralysis time 1s -> 2s

Fixed fixedwing and bomber unit type detection in gadgets for 95.0+. This was causing the "bombers fail to shoot" issue and probably some others but nobody noticed those.

Reduced debris damage 50 -> 20. This is mainly because debris damage was previously 0 and Blastwing became ridiculous.

Fixed Tick ejection from transports.

Amphibious units now automatically float when a transport is told to load them.

- Updated Bloom shader to use in-shader Gaussian distribution. This allows for resolution-independence, and seems to perform better, at least on 2-year-old or newer graphics cards.

- Removed Blur and Glow Amplifier settings, and Dilate pass setting from Bloom shader. Added Maximum Highlight Brightness setting, which sets the maximum brightness that will be added to the scene.

- Modified bloom thresholding to smoothly threshold. Pixels near the threshold add nearly nothing, and it scales linearly to Maximum Brightness.

Zero-K v1.1.12.0

This update includes a slight nerf to the Vehicle factory and some fairly dramatic changes to Jumpbots. Behind the scenes we are working on compatibility with the latest development versions of the engine.

Experimental Freaker change:

  • Cost 240 -> 160
  • BP 7.5 -> 5
  • Health 650 -> 550
  • Speed 2.25 -> 2.1
  • Armed with a Slowbeam which has about 1/2 the range and 1/4 the DPS of Moderator.

The Placeholder is now buildable from the Jumpbot Factory. It is a support unit designed to suck opposing units into a clump and prevent them from escaping. Once some units are stuck they can be destroyed by the many short range AoE or face-melting weapons at the Jump Factory's disposal.


  • Speed 2.95 -> 2.9
  • Projectile Speed 230 -> 215 (Thug is 200 for comparision).


  • Cost 140 -> 150
  • Damage 45 -> 40


  • Post-capture reload 8s -> 12s

Gauss Turret and Scrubber projectiles can only damage each unit they pass through once. Other Gauss projectiles will gain this behaviour when we move to the new engine because it is difficult to implement in 91.0.

Air transports have gained the ability to eject their cargo mid flight.

Kodachi projectile is now ballistic instead of a missile. Kodachi and Firewalker projectiles have new effects.

Damage dealt by flying debris has changed. The amount of debris from a Blastwing explosion has been tweaked to compensate.

The stop command no longer cancels Newton firezones. There is a dedicated command for this purpose.

Polish unit descriptions have been added for many units.

Zero-K v1.1.11.13


  • AoE 256 -> 192
  • Damage 2500 -> 2000

  • Brawler cost 850 -> 800
  • Multi-Stunner, +12.5% AoE, +25% spread, +100% duration, +8.5% damage
  • Disintegrator Gun, ~10% more reload time
  • Shock Rifle, 5% less range
  • SLAM, +43% reload time, +35% damage

Spidercon income 0.15 -> 0.225 in order to conform to the income standard used by all other cons (bp x 0.03). Standarized all facs' income to 0.25.

Zero-K v1.1.11.10-11

Revert to Zero-K v1.1.8.2 in an attempt to exterminate the desyncs once and for all.

Zero-K v1.1.11.9

  • Fixed vanishing nanolasers when LuaShaders was disabled
  • Fixed nanospray to aim at midpos instead of base pos

Zero-K v1.1.11.1-8

  • Fixed various issues with Ghost Site
  • Fixed various 95.0 compatibility issues
  • Fixed Flame Enhancer Module - doesn't stack for every other comm design in the battle that has one (counting multiple levels!!) and applies correctly for napalm artillery.
  • Funnelweb cost 6000 -> 4500

Zero-K v1.1.11.0

  • Fixed various units' hitvolumes.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with Spring 95.0.


  • Removed Gravity Lift Attack.
  • Reduced shield power to that of ordinary shields for the sake of consistency.
  • Removed cloak from large drone.
  • Added Stealth to both drones.
  • Health 16k -> 11k
  • Reduced drone spawn times.

Zero-K v1.1.10.9

  • Fixed a crash with Russian localization.

Zero-K v1.1.10.8

  • Fixed missing awards.

Zero-K v1.1.10.7

  • Restore models reverted in Zero-K v1.1.10.4.

Zero-K v1.1.10.6


  • Revert several gameplay features implemented or modified after v1.1.8.2 in an attempt to fix desyncs.
  • Stunned Starlights stop working.


  • Night view obscures fewer things.


  • New menu icons.
  • Fixed missing stats window in missions.
  • Replaced "press Enter to search" in menus with a proper button.
  • Improvements to blurry halo and factory panel.
  • Fixed some key conflicts with inserting commands.

Zero-K v1.1.10.5

  • Fixed the long-standing Licho jamming bug.

Zero-K v1.1.10.1-4

  • Reverted some model changes in an attempt to fix desyncs.
  • Implemented some Russian language support.
  • Moderator:
    • Cost 280 -> 220
    • Damage 220 -> 350
  • Point marker events in chat are now clickable.
  • Chat bubbles now off by default.

Zero-K v1.1.10.0

  • Fixed missions being completely broken.
    • Thanks to hmessadaa and mojjj for the report.
  • Chili facpanel: Fixed bug when spectating and selecting the factory of a new player. Added sound trigger for giant eraser click (needs a cooler sound).
  • Wreckages and other features are pushed out of factories as well; this fixes obstructions which prevent the factory from building.
    • Thanks to sfireman for inspiring this change.
  • Added a new "no Elo" modoption, for unranked games. Defaults to off.

Zero-K v1.1.9.1 to v1.1.9.9

It is easy to make releases when there is very little added since the most recent version. The changes are well understood and with the auto updater nobody is inconvenienced. It could be difficult to track the changes so here is a summary of the changes since v1.1.9.0.

Endgame Stats

We have a nice new endgame stats screen which fits with the rest of the UI. Currently it only displays the old stats but as soon as someone has the time it should be easy enough to slot new stats in.



  • Impulse reduced to 75%
  • Max Range 400 -> 300


  • Reload Time 3 -> 4
  • Damage 300 -> 400
  • Projectile homes.


  • Removed AoE
  • Reduced missile turnrate


  • Significantly reduced turn radius


  • Health 920 -> 1100
  • Reduced turn radius


  • Disarm time 13s -> 16s


  • Speed 7.8 -> 7.6


  • Increased aiming speed to match the old Chainsaw model.


  • Cost 7k -> 8k

Anti air now prefers to shoot at Bombers, then Gunships, then Fighters.


  • Fighters crash closer to their death location.
  • Fixed Chainsaw, Gauss and Amphib Factory hitvolumes.
  • Fixed crash in Space+Click in context menu for viewing death explosion.
  • Transported units increase teleport speed correctly.
  • Fixed graphical bug in Teleporter wire.
  • Feature-Unit collision now does damage to the unit as if it were in a Unit-

Unit collision.

  • Fixed Venom helptext.
  • Tweaked Detriment animation.
  • Update tooltip and helptext of Stiletto and Racketeer.
  • Fixed Vulture script crash.

Zero-K v1.1.9.0

In this version we've accumulated more changes than would be expected for 3 weeks work. On the visuals front we have a new Chainsaw model by aiphee and many new wreckages by Kerr. The Improved Newtons widget by Wolas has been added with improvement and modification. There are some small tweaks to balance as well as more major mechanics changes.

Balance Tweaks

The raiders for the Tank and Amphibious factories are now slightly more powerful although Duck lost it's homing. Archer has much better accuracy and reliability. Phoenix and Shadow have been buffed as part of the ongoing bomber rebalance. Krow is 10% cheaper.


The Shock Rifle, Disintegrator and Torpedo Launcher have been tweaked. SLAM Rocket has been reworked into a vertical launch weapon.


Scouting should be more 'interesting' now that we've blocked or nerfed some of the most powerful ways to scout. Athena has an increase decloak radius, Fighters have reduced LOS and Newton launched units have spherical LOS. Vulture has more LOS in an attempt to promote 'conventional' scouting.


Stiletto and Racketeer now deal their own kind of disable damage called Disarm. It acts exactly like EMP except that it does not prevent movement and units flash yellow instead of blue. If you're on the receiving end of a disarm attack you can choose to retreat or push onwards, this is better gameplay than a long EMP time Stiletto after which you can just sit back and watch your units die with chance to change the outcome.


The old Detriment was detrimental for FFA play so it now moves slower and hits softer. In addition to this air transports slow down when transporting very heavy units. A Vindicator transporting a Detriment moves at about 25% speed.


Venom - Gains some damage so it is easier to use vs Fleas

  • Deals 18 normal damage in addition to the EMP.


  • Cost 320 -> 300,
  • Turret turn rate increased.


  • Weapon velocity 260 -> 320.
  • Turret turn rate increased 60%.


  • Cost 180 -> 150.
  • Has the old inaccurate weapon.


  • Cost 250 -> 200
  • Speed 2.3 -> 2.5
  • Removed stream arc
  • Significantly improved accuracy
  • Added AoE


  • Cost 400 -> 360


  • Health 850 -> 920
  • Speed 7.6 -> 7.8


  • Cost 5k -> 4.5k


  • LOS 690 -> 520


  • LOS 790 -> 750


  • LOS 1200 -> 1400
  • Sonar 1200 -> 1400
  • Increased maneuverability


  • Decloak distance 50 -> 125

Detriment Changes:

  • Speed 1.626 -> 1.2
  • Gauss damage reduced 20%

Transports move more slowly when transporting heavy loads. A Vindicator with a Detriment moves at about 25% speed. A Vidicator with a Bantha or a Funnelweb moves at 50% speed. Most other units cause the transports to move between 80% and 100% speed.

Gibs (flying debri from unit explosions) now deals damage. It was accidentally removed. This change most affects Blastwing.


  • Cost 700 -> 600
  • Disarm instead of paralysis (see below)


  • Projectile homes
  • Disarm instead of paralysis (see below)

Disarm Status Effect

Stiletto and Racketeer now use the disarm status effect. Disarm is the same as EMP except that it does not disable movement. This aims to make the units more interesting while making them able to be balanced. There is more player interaction when your opponent has the option to retreat the disabled units.

Disarm stacks with EMP. Any disarm damage dealt is treated as if it is on top of the EMP damage taken by a unit. A partially EMPed unit is easier to disarm and a partially disarmed unit can be disarmed with some EMP damage.

Slow damage now affects metal and energy incomes. It is now easy to implement this so I did so.

Spherical Line of Sight

Ground units which are launched into the sky have reduced LOS which approximates a sphere. This is to nerf newton scouting


  • Shock rifle range down by 10% (now 630)
  • Commander Disintegrator reload time up by 12.5% (now 18 s)
  • Torpedo Launcher reload time down to 1.2 s for 150 damage per second (+67% to DPS)

SLAM Rocket reworked to a vertical launch missile artillery weapon

  • New name: "S.L.A.M."
  • Very long flight time (8-9 seconds on flat terrain)
  • Full damage on every unit in the 160-elmo area of effect
  • 1120 damage per missile while reloading takes 21 seconds


  • Scythe no longer smokes while damaged and cloaked.
  • Fixed rare overhead icon movement stutter.
  • Partially built and partially EMPed units no longer look fully EMPed.
  • Fixed terrain texture black stripes. Added update speed limit which should significantly improve fps while scouting large pieces of terraform.


New model for Chainsaw by aiphee!

New Wreck models for:

  • Bandit
  • Black Dawn
  • Bouy
  • Clam
  • Chainsaw (The New One)
  • Crane
  • Eraser
  • Flea
  • Gnat
  • Hunter
  • Leveler
  • Licho
  • Lotus
  • Rocko (Replaces Generic Wreck)
  • Scythe (Replaces Generic Wreck)
  • Storage
  • Starlight
  • Surfboard
  • Thug
  • Ultimatum
  • Valkyrie
  • Vindicator
  • Reef Wreck has been fixed

New animation for a firing Outlaw; the old wiggle has been removed.

Stiletto and Racketeer weapon effects are white to indicate that they disarm.

User Interface

Kamikaze damage statistics have been added to the contextual unit description windows.

Shield healthbar is now blue. Jump reload bar is now red (pinkish). This is to cut down on the number of teal bars.

The Improved Newtons widget has been added by default. It has an improved UI which works nicely with the command menu.

Zero-K v1.1.8.1

SLAM rocket nerf:

  • 17% less damage (now 680)
  • 12% less range (now 750)

Zero-K v1.1.8.0


  • New unit, the I Win Button (requires modoption). Good for speedy resolution of SpeedMetal games.
  • New Gauss turret model, by Anarchid.
  • Any cargo in a transport counts towards its Djinn teleport time.
  • Blastwing description: Bomb Drone -> Flying Bomb.
  • Fixed a crash in lag monitor that was preventing games from ending.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the shield link gadget.
  • Fixed Lups particles (jet flames, etc.) being duplicated when a unit is partially unbuilt then rebuilt.
    • Thanks to versus666 for the report.
  • Funnelweb requires unlocking to be built.


SLAM Rocket redesign:

  • Reload time increased to 20 from 12 (+67%)
  • Damage reduced to 820 from 1200 (-32%)
  • Launch angle increased to about 65 degrees (22.7 times more)
  • Area of effect radius increased by 150%
  • Area of effect strength coefficient increased by 50%
  • Projectile speed reduced by about 50%


  • Games played on silly maps no longer affect Elo or Elo weight (they still give XP).