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Documentation on automated retreat system.


Robots are brave; sometimes a little too brave. Most of the time, it is better to restrain a foolhardy attack than to have to egg on units, but some games require a little more common sense from your minions.

The menu has a Set Retreat Zone button with the picture of a wrench in a circle. Click on it and then click on the map where you wish retreating units to go. A circle will mark the area. Multiple retreat zones can be set throughout the map and units will retreat to the nearest one. If no retreat zones are set, your damaged units will stay in battle.

Setting a retreat zone within an existing one will remove it. Holding shift while setting retreat zones will let you set/remove multiple zones without having to click on the ambulance each time.

Units have a button that will set them to retreat from battle to a retreat zone at 30%, 65% or 99% health. Right-click on the button to cancel the retreat order. When damaged, retreating units will show a medic symbol.


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