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Documentation of the smart Unit AI

Unit AI

Unit AI is the gadget implementation of the old Auto Skirm and Auto Swarm widgets. It automatically micros your units to kite enemies and dodge their fire as appropriate.

To use, simply give your units a Fight order. Upon encountering an enemy, they will take the appropriate action(s). Idle units on Maneuver or Roam will also be controlled by the Unit AI.

You can toggle the Unit AI for selected units with the lightbulb button.

How it works

When a unit encounters an enemy whose fire it can jink (a swarmiee), it will automatically move in a zigzag pattern to close in, then (depending on its range) circle strafe the target to continue avoiding its fire.<br>
When a unit encounters an enemy that could hurt it if they get too close (a skirmiee), it will automatically kite the target, moving away while remaining in weapons range.

In both cases, the enemies a unit will skirm or swarm depends on the weapons range of both parties. Additionally, units will not bother attempting to evade the fire of enemies with guided or instant-hit weapons.

Some cowardly units will also automatically flee from all armed enemies they see.

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