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Using the "game" menu you can quickly hotbind any key combos to almost any action or unit commands. For more advanced usage of hotkeys see this page: Keybind file

Selection Keys[edit]

Selection Keys are commands that quickly select groups of units. You can edit your selection keys in the game by navigating to Game > Selections.

Some selection key examples[edit]

  • Ctrl-C selects your commander and focuses on him. Forgot where your commander is? Hit Ctrl-C!
  • Z selects an idle builder. Pressing it multiple times cycles through your idle builders.
  • Ctrl-B selects all idle builders.
  • Ctrl-A selects all. Convenient in some situations, just please don't use Ctrl-D with this when the battle is still going.
  • Ctrl-Z selects all units of the same type as those in the current selection. The most used command, by many players. Very useful for keeping your army together, getting reinforcements, etc.

Auto grouping[edit]

Ever wished to have all fighters in group 7, all gunships in group 8, all raiders in 4 etc? Autogroup achieves just that..

  • Auto grouping is feature of ZK (widget)
    • Alt+number - makes permanent "auto group" out of currently selected unit types
  • New units then join that group when they first become idle.
    • Alt+~ - removes currently selected unit types from the autogrouping.
    • Ctrl+~ - selects ONE unit out of currently selected units (closest to your mouse cursor) and removes it from any groups (not removing type from auto group, just current unit from group).
  • Autogroup settings can be modified from the in-game menu: Menu -> Settings -> Interface -> Control Groups

Example use:

  • Select a Glaive and a Warrior and press _alt+1_.
  • From then on, new Glaives and Warriors will join group 1 when they first become idle (after reaching factory waypoint). You can press 1 to select them.
  • If you then want to add Zeuses to autogroup 1, select one and press alt+1.
  • If you then want to remove Glaives from autogroup 1, select one and press alt+~.