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Title: katastrophe's Battle
Host: DErankkatastrophe
Game version: Zero-K v1.9.3.1
Engine version: 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f
Started: 35 days ago
Duration: 18 minutes
Players: 1
Bots: True
Mission: False
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35 days ago
can someone tell me what cloaky is supposed to be good at right now?
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35 days ago
you got the spammy projectiles! You've got chaff artillary! You've got an untargetable anti-heavy! And in last, you've got Knight! Knight is an instant hit assault with a good chunky HP pool, so it can kill anything as well as retreat to repair!
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-spammy projectiles lose to:
- recluse
- badger
- rogue
- firewalker
no matter how many you build it seems.

chaff arty doesn`t hold fronts.

Knight and Spectre are powerful indeed. I just don`t see how they are so super-useful if you can`t gain map-control to afford them (or the e for sniper).

This is absolutely not about this particular game. Since i am not into 1v1 at the moment, is cloaky a good choice for any map in the current meta?

In clusterfuck it seems you are there for the mandatory cloakers. Then you can wait for others to do their job so you can swarm in with glaives or knights. But it feels more like a support-factory.
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35 days ago
Cloaked reaver/knight is mandatory in 1v1.
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15 days ago
Sling spam is said to be quite good if you can stop things running at you. Glaive with Imp is good for raiding and early defense. Knight can be a win condition. Knight/Reaver/Imp in cloakers are good. Phantom can make good attrition in the right game, although it is intentionally a bit niche because it can get degenerate fast. Ronin and Scythe are sort of in the same position.

In my experience cloaky is relatively hard to play against multiple AIs. I think this is because cloaky is geared towards the types of fights where both sides lose units, but with good play, cloaky loses less. This makes it difficult to play in games where you are much better than your opponents but start off outnumbered. Making 2x attrition isn't enough when there are three enemies.
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Thanks for your answer.
I mean, sure, I am not gonna complain that my army loses to armies 4x the value of mine. It`s more that I get all matchups really fast like that. And at the moment, none really feels comfortable. Ironically, i now find shields the easiest opponents somehow, but I guess that is because CAI doesn`t build Felon.
Anyway, another thing is that coms got buffed a lot since i started playing this specific kind of game... On a small map like this, they can exert a lot of pressure and map-control.
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